Wellllllllllllllll... this is a pretty gruesome story... that's all I got ta say... I must be feeling some type of way... Ha no just kidding! This is a prompt that was listed on my options sheet for creative writing. I decided to try my hand at it... so here it goes!

The Bliss of Ignorance...There isn't any

Walking around the Amazon Rain forest alone with only knowledge accumulated from reruns of National Geographic's :World's Deadliest, isn't easy- but it is fun. There's a certain restriction that leaves you when you travel alone and have to find your own way back. As I maneuvered through the moist landscape, I saw hundreds of species of birds, many plants and to my disdain, insects. I constantly shook my shoulders, hoping to scare off any hitchhikers. As fascinating as those creatures were,like any other dangerous animal, they were only fascinating from a distance. So far, that rule kept me safe. I walked for what seemed like only seconds, but as I glanced at my watch and then at the bits of sky that I could see through the canopy of green, I realized that wasn't the case. I sighed, ran my finger over the tip of a banana leaf, and turned in the direction I came. Walking back, I noticed that I was in just as much awe by the Rain forest Though I was taking the same path. As I was walking, I noticed a part of the ground that was sunken in near the middle- quicksand. I smirked and side- stepped around it. It reminded me of an episode I watched on Nat Geo. One about a spider whose prey had escaped. The narrator emphasized the failed attempt at dinner by saying:

" Not today, I guess." I laughed.

" Not today."

I laughed harder, eventually bursting into a plethora of giggles. I stumbled through the forest, disturbing the natural peace, scaring away potential food, and disrupting the midday rest. Something must have thought so as well, because in a split second, I felt a pain pierce its way through my lower calf. I was silenced immediately. I looked down in time to witness a giant black snake slither and shrink away under a rug of rotten leaves. I must have stepped on it. Or maybe I got too close to its home. However, that wasn't my main concern. An abundance of questions made themselves known. Is it venomous? Does it kill instantly? It there an anti-venom? My breathing suddenly became labored, but only out of my own doing. My own stress. Moments passed. Nothing major happened, but just in case, I stopped and sat against the bark of a large tree in the clearing. The moon peeked through the clouds as if to show its pity. I began to frantically list off things I knew about snakes. For starters, some were venomous and some were not- that's it? Was that really all I knew? I realized that I could only tell snakes by the symptoms of bites, how convenient. I screamed at myself until my head went numb. Along with my arms... and legs. I attempted to move, in vain. That's when my vision went crazy. It was blurry for a moment and as I fought to regain control, I did. However not haw I would have liked. My vision was now like a kaleidoscope. Circles and dots of the universal colors: Red, blue and yellow. I kept drifting in and out of consciousness, occasionally coughing violently. The most recent fit of coughs left hints of copper in my mouth, followed by the taste of a type of candy I was sure I never tasted. A bell, small, like the ones the bellhops used was the only sound. Over and over again it rang, it scared me more than my worst fears. Another involuntary rush of coughs followed by liquid copper, pushed its way through my throat, drowning the candy sweet taste. I felt lucid. I attempted to move again with no avail, and somehow found that not only was the copper coming through my mouth as if I had pneumonia, but also out of my ears and nose. As this unfolded, I began to answer my own questions by listing off the symptoms:

Paralysis ,disrupted vision, and uncontrolled coughing and bleeding. There was no known anti-venom. Death was slow, not always painful, but slow. I had been bitten by the Black Mamba. The deadliest snake in the world.

I felt hot liquid fall from my eyes. I was sure they were tears, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was also made of the same copper- like substance. That would explain why red was becoming the dominant color of my sight...