You should just know now, that I'm not your ordinary average girl. Gee, I bet you've never heard that before. But I'm not like you, I can guarantee that, except maybe personality wise… but that's different.

Now if you are in fact like me in the personality aspect, you're probably as stubborn as hell and you don't believe me when I say 'I'm not like you.' So I'll tell you exactly why, and then maybe it'll get through that thick skull of yours that we aren't so much alike after all.

Well, a while back. Like a long while back, there were these people. We call them Ancients. And for some reason, along the lines of an apocalypse, they knew we had to change. Truth be told, no one really knows why we had to change, but, we just did. And there was a league of sorts; we call them the Scientists in our Ancient History books. The Scientists developed serums, five to be exact. They were the Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Electricity Serums. Each serum contained different contents. Contents that changed our physical beings, they gave us powers.

And they began to inject newborns with these serums, which gave them their powers that really showed up after their sixteenth birthday. Once all the non-injected people had died out, they split us into Legions, based on what serum we were injected with. And thus formed the Society.

The Society wasn't harsh, but they did set a few… guidelines. First one is that once we started to show signs of powers , we were to go to the next Initiates Entrance Day. What is an initiate you ask? Well, one I can tell you're also impatient, another trait of mine. We are looking more alike every second. Two, I was just getting to that part. An Initiate is the title one dawns from the moment you get your powers to the moment you become a certified Harnesser (one that has mastered their powers). And to become a Harnesser, you have to attend the Initiates Academy. Which is where everything ties back together.

Where was I? Oh yes, Society guidelines. Next on the list. Dating, marriage, and procreation. The fun stuff. Basically don't do it out of Legion. Simple enough.

At this point, you probably want to know what the heck the serums do in the first place; well I will not be the one to neglect telling you. Each serum possessor could summon and manipulate the name of their serum (the water could summon water; the Electricity could create lightning, the Earth could control plants and rocks, etc.) But there were other powers that we possess too. The Air can fly and turn invisible, the Fire are telepathic, the Electricity can create force fields, and the Earth have telekinetic abilities.

Now wait, your stubborn little brain is probably thinking, you said there were five serums, but you only told use the special abilities of four.

I'm glad you were paying attention, and trust me, I'm not holding anything back. Here's the thing, us Waters, yes by the way, I am a Water. We have no special abilities. The other Legions often label us as weak, and peacemakers. Which I'd like to call bullshit on, and thus ends the history lesson. And now, my story.