Chapter 31

I extended out both of my arms simultaneously, within the same instant, Colby and Jacob lost their grip on Nigel and flew backward. I grabbed Nigel's hand and bolted for the door. We cleared the door before more Army men came for us. I used my other hand to fend them off, either pushing them away or choking them. As fast as I could get rid of one person, three more appeared. I released Nigel's hand, (A) so he could help me, (B) so I could fight with two hands.

We diverted them from the Gymnasium, no need to bring the others into this, running farther and farther from the Village's central. Soon, we were blocked off by a wall of large men. "Damn," I muttered under my breath. I stopped short, and Nigel came up behind me, his hand barely grazing my waist.

"Miss Daniels, you are angering us. And you do not want that," a man said, he had cold eyes and a thick five o' clock shadow.

"Oh really," I gave him a malicious grin, "because I believe it is I whom you do not to anger,"

"You're a 16 year old girl who constantly deals with psychi problems, what's to be scared of?" the man sneered

"Oh shit," Nigel muttered, letting go of waist. I didn't move, instead I relaxed every muscle in my body, and I fell to the ground. I kept my eyes closed, and I listened to the ground. I could hear the faint gargle of water. I concentrated motionlessly, and built up as much water underneath the men as possible. Suddenly, I heard the sound of footsteps, they came closer. Great, more Army men. But I was wrong.

"What happened to Em?" I heard Harley cry.

"One of you shot her didn't you?" Anderson accused

"You coldhearted scum," Molly insulted


I nearly stirred, but realized this wasn't an out loud conversation. I opened my eyes to the misty world of telepathic communication. Kalvin?

Yes, it's me. Are you ok? Kalvin asked, looking slightly astounded

I'm fine. I told him

Did they hurt you? He turned his head in question.

No, not yet at least. I shrugged

You didn't hurt yourself did you? He narrowed his eyes

No! I snapped, feeling slightly enraged that he thought I was stupid enough to injure myself.

Well then why are you laying dead on the ground? His eyes narrowing further

I'm not dead! I threw my hands in the air. Besides, I don't think you can communicate with the dead!

I guess that's good. Kalvin nodded

No duh, I huffed, is Nigel ok?

Yeah, he's fine. He was just staring at your body. That's why I thought you might be dead. Kalvin remarked

Just trust me, I have a plan I told him, ignoring the slightly disturbing answer.

Said the crazy person.

Kalvin disconnected us, and I closed my eyes, continuing my act. Someone kneeled next to me, checking my pulse.

"She's gone," Kalvin announced. Goddamn it, Kalvin! Don't scare people like that! I thought to myself. After a few moments, I heard sighs of relief. Kalvin must have telepathically told them the truth.

I resumed my concentration on the water. The gargle went silent. I squinted my eyes shut. And bit my tongue. My palm facing the dirt, I felt a huge tug on my body.

WHOOSH! Like a giant water pressure cannon, or a geyser, or both, water erupted from the ground. This sent the Army men sky high, and I jumped to my feet.

"Em!" Harley, Molly, and Nigel cried out all at once. I gave them a half wave. Then I ran to the geyser, and I applied cold air to the water. Instantaneously freezing the geyser and everything it engulfed. With all my might, I air-threw the now frozen geyser over 500 yards away. I heard it shatter as it smacked the ground. Nigel ran up to my side.

"Now that's sexy," he grinned squeezing my hand.

"Em, you're alright!" Molly cried. She ran up and hugged me so strongly I thought my internal organs might liquefy.

"Not for long if you don't let go of me!" I croaked

"Let her go," laughed an unfamiliar voice. Molly released me, and I turned around. There stood a boy, barely taller than me. He looked dwarfed next to Anderson and Nigel.

"Who's this?" I asked Molly

"Ian," Molly blushed. I glanced over at Harley, an eyebrow raised. She nodded, and tried to contain her laughter.

"Hi, uh, Ian," I smirked a little. He had sandy hair and dark brown eyes. He was a little stocky, and not particularly muscular, but y'know whatever Molly wanted. He walked over to Molly, and I took a couple steps away from her.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance," he nodded politely

"Ok then," I looked around awkwardly, "you guys scan the perimeter to make sure they're all gone. Nigel come with me, I want to make sure we finished those guys off," I gestured toward where I threw the geyser.

"Cool," Anderson shrugged; he and Harley went off in one direction, and Molly and Ian in another. Nigel walked off in the direction of the geyser, I followed in suit. He took my hand, and smiled at me. I blushed a little and smiled back.

I might not have been accurate about the whole '500 yards' thing, because we walked on for what felt like much more than 500 yards, and the frozen geyser was still in the distance. It was visibly shattered. The longer we walked, the more the adrenaline weaned off. Soon, I was exhausted and remorse re-stabbed me for about the millionth time.

What if they're not dead, what if they come for us?

Well sweetheart, not sure if you could fight that one off.

It was right, I'm not sure if I could carry on fighting like I did.

"Nigel," I said, interrupting the mid-afternoon silence.

"Yeah?" he turned to me, his green eyes intent on my face.

"What if they aren't dead," I looked ahead, I couldn't bear turning to face him.

"Well then we'll just have to keep fighting, won't we," he shoved me lightly.

"I don't know if I can," I admitted

"Aw, come on. You were so kick-ass!" I could see Nigel smiling out of the corner of my eye.

"I was mad," I blushed, shrugging a little.

"Like the Hulk!" he laughed. I looked up at him eagerly, he like the Ancient theory of superheroes! And the Ancient Avengers.

"I think I might be in l-"

Nigel pointed to something, cutting me off. We were there. The broken ice everywhere. Parts of people in the shattered ice. I bit my tongue. Don't get upset, don't freak out. But some people weren't shattered, they were unconscious, but they were alive. I took a step backward, and ran into something that felt like a boulder. I turned around. There stood my greatest enemy, the haunter of my nightmares, the cause of my minor insanity. Only standing at her normal 5 feet, was a person I thought was gone forever. Sent off, disposed of, no more. There stood Zel.