Something happened,

that tried to dimmen the light,

that turned white into black,

that aims for everlasting night.

It made life into death,

it turned joy into pain,

it turned love into hate,

turned sunshine into rain.

It caused us to change our minds,

to turn away from being sane,

and now we aren't safe,

to do anything.

It caused us to kill,

to feel all kinds of shame.

It's all for the thrill.

It wants us untame.

It peirces our hearts;

takes over our brains.

It wants us all dead.

It grips us in chains.

It burns us alive,

and makes all of us cry.

It wants us to suffer.

It won't let us fly.

But know in your heart,

that it will soon end.

We just have to believe.

We just have to bend.

No more will we hurt.

No more will we cry.

No more will we suffer.

No more will we die.

We will always feel loved.

We'll always be fine.

Our hearts will be pure.

All will be divine.

You may not think this now,

but you have to have faith.

Have hope for tomorrow.

Have hope you'll be safe.

And soon you will see,

that all will be right.

Joy will prevail,

and all will be bright.

Things will get better,

if just by a grain.

And when it is time,

Jesus will come again.