Fuzzy Harlequin Lights

I trilled softly, singing as a bird does as it flies over the beautiful vistas of the Northeast, flicking my long carnation pink tongue back and forth in my open mouth to mimic the songs of nature. Slowly, unhurriedly, I swayed back and forth, my indescribably glorious bluebonnet dress falling over my pale, almost celeste-colored skin. Colorful shapes clustered around my celadon blue slippers, twittering and squealing for me to sing again.

My transparent, cerulean wings twitched back and forth as I let out a deliciously beauteous laugh, that sounded of bells and the hymns of the magical creatures flying above me.

"Oh, Linnea, we pray you to sing again!" Aureliusz, my rather irritating cousin, gazed up at me with eyes as golden as the sun that shone down upon us.

Khloris simpered faintly, perusing the words in the teal book that she held in front of her, her honeydew green fingers slowly running down the pages. "Aure, we pray that you will hush and let your elder sister have a bit of a rest, no?" She murmured haughtily, focusing her chartreuse eyes upon the boy.

Aureliusz turned his pleading eyes upon me once more. I laughed sweetly, bending down and planting a quick kiss on his forehead. "Another time, mazarine. I am too tired now. Go play with the others, oui?"

He sniveled, a pout curling his beige lips upwards, but pranced off with a grin, his clothes rippling up and down in the fresh spring atmosphere. He bellowed viciously like a lion cub. My younger cousins squawked in mock terror as they scuttered in different directions, pretending to ostracize him.

"We will have to depart soon," Khloris noted, leafing through the book. "Rainbows do not last long."

"Let's enjoy this time while we can, sis," I responded quickly. "We colors gather together so little these days. Our love for one another has been dormant, so why not enjoy this spell when we can?"

"Sing, you mean?" She let out a huff of testiness. "Yes, shan't we?"

Before I could answer her, Phoinix bounded up to me, a mystifying apparatus in his hands. I scrutinized it, puzzled. "Whatever is it?"

He produced a high pitched giggle. "I think the humans call it a microscope! They use it in laboratories! And it's scarlet, which means it's mine, right, Linnea? Right?"

"Of course, my dear Phoi…"

"That boy just gets more and more jocular with each passing day, does he not?" A brief flash of a tangerine shade danced tantalizingly at the edge of my gaze, inciting a rare spark of excitement in my heart.

"Aha! I knew you were hiding somewhere, Saffron Vermillion!" I let out a soft, triumphant chirrup as I whirled around to face my favorite family member. Not to mention, a fair lover. I saw Khloris roll her eyes, snap her book shut and walk off towards Phoinix.

Does that make sense to you humans? We shouldn't even be divulging these secrets to you, seeing as our ancestors have kept them hidden for years and years; ever since Noah's ark landed on a dry area and the God sent us to dance over them, promising that the land would never be destroyed by water again.

We are colors; literally colors. Usually we are found in nature, governing what colors we represent. We have a fine amount of servants as well, whom we leave on the ground when we come up to the heavens to shine down hope to those wretched and forlorn mendicants.

But of course, we had to produce more colors to make the world more realistic, more alluring to the aesthetic human's eye. So our several of our lesser servants 'became one' with another, creating all sorts of pigments to fill up Earth. And of course, we major colors had to do that as well. When all possible colorations were made, all the faeries decided to marry. And I ended up with Saffron; which makes him the shade that makes my blue stand out the most. Phoinix married Khloris (an attachment that is very…strained), Aureliusz was pledged to a lady named Ianthe (it worked out, surprisingly enough, seeing as Ia is so desolate all the time, and Aure is always zestful and blithe), and so on.

But the humans have smote our family meetings—for you, a rainbow—and polluted the Earth that we worked so hard to make gorgeous. We need clear, lucid sky to create such things, and how can we do so with the atmosphere so full of dust and debris? These gatherings are so hard to come by nowadays…

Saffron offered me an exuberant smile. "Yes, Linnea. I was hiding. Right?"


"Oh please, Linnea, don't call me that, you dunderhead."

"Fine. Saffron?"


"…do you think we made a mistake in trying to create a planet that will somewhat be a glimpse of heaven? I…I mean…"

"I know, Lin."

"…so what do you think?"

He emitted a massive exhalation of air. "Babe, I think we were not wrong to attempt it at all."

"Oh yes? Care to elucidate why?"

Saffron scowled, wrinkles appearing on his ageless, statuesque face. "Why are you acting so old these days, Lin? We're immortal."

"…I'm just thinking that…maybe all our beliefs were…were just hoaxes. That we could create something…arresting, glamorous…"

"And picturesque," he added. I flashed a look full of disdain at him. "Alright, just kidding. But Lin, don't you think it's stupid to never try?"

"What are you getting on at?"

"…we tried to let our colorations spill out below to pleasure the mortals below us. We tried to make them happy that way. There's nothing wrong with trying, y'know. If you don't venture to do something, you'll never realize if you'll succeed or fail. Don't be so stupid, sweet."

I gaped at him with astonishment, my azure eyes flickering with surprise that my fool of a husband could come up with such an answer. "You…"

"Me." Saffron gave me a dainty, quirky little smirk that was his, and his alone. The hue of his eyes was unmatched by the slowly fading sunset underneath us, and the…

The inexpressibly succulent flavor of his lips crushed against mine, the piquancy of tangerine melting against honey of blueberry, distorted multicolored lights bursting in my mind for the briefest moment.

As he pulled away from me, I stretched out with my hand and smacked him right across his flushed cheek.

"Give me a warning next time!"

"A-ah! No, Lin! D-don't hit me!"

But can happiness last forever?