mellow waves of flute
old music for fallen rains
wept across the town

notions of happiness and
guilt melted as one

trifled by each note
home became just one more house

- eradications -

flowers once bloomed there
avid weavers of beauty
dreams remain, just (that)

inundating tone
numbed by your string I heard just
graves of frozenness

greeting cards you sent
remnants of ancient wrestles
and so many tears

struck, I finally
squeezed out their perfumes of blue
(oceans liquified)

near the shores I
laughed and skipped my rock of
intimate musings

freckled honey traces
escaping layers of rust
swiftly shaped my steps

trusted friends became
ill-fitting keys on my door
maundering relics

eruptions of shock
left many wandering and
exhaling coal breaths

sponges deeply wringed
shaped again to be soaked with
moist of a new sea

eerie silence roamed
an old town, now rebuilt by
dreams revitalized

oleanders bloomed
waters returned to their ponds
sowing songs anew