This is a story that I made last 2006 (I was 16) with a screen name of qwaudzkhi. I had barely enough time to continue my story since I was busy with school work and an unforeseen event happened. My computer, which contain the succeeding chapters of my story, crashed. Now, I'm back and I'm 22 and I will try to finish this story.

Chapter 1

"French Kiss at the pub"

"Her kiss that called back the bygones.

His kiss that can never be undone.

Soft lips of a maiden caressed his.

Maddening himself with an unending bliss."



"I promise you that you are always mine forever," Priam vowed.

"I love you," Bailey whispered onto his ear.

"I love you, too, Bae"
"You won't leave me like the other guys I dated did?"

"No, I won't and it's another promise again that I will fulfill"

Priam slammed the door of the taxicab and watched it speeding away.
Bailey, sitting at the backseat, waved and blew kisses at him.

"I need the real kiss from your lips, Bae," Priam whispered to himself.


If you were born in a city, where fashion presides, and where the elites and socialites gather and spend their unlimited cash, you are one lucky offspring. Just like Bailey Beauregard, born and raised in the world of the glitterati.

Her black Mercedes-Benz 2009 S65 AMG driven by her private French chauffer, Gustav Guy who have been with the Beauregards for many years, was parked far across a gig pub in Brooklyn that Friday night. The gig pub, called Brooks was as always, packed with bands of different genres and teens with different looks.

Bailey, sitting at the backseat of the sedan, was staring at the people coming in and out of the gig pub through the tinted window.

"Are you sure Miss Bailey that you want to go all by yourself?" asked Gustav with a French accent.

"Oui," she replied, turning to him and smiling sweetly.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She looked at the screen. It was Arian Rizzi.

"Bae, where are you?" Arian shouted through the loud noise inside the gig pub.

"I'm almost there. Do you mind waiting for me outside?" Bailey scanned the entrance.

"Okay. I'll be right out!"

"Thanks. See you!"

She ended the call. On the other hand, Arian didn't quite hear her last sentence and got confused when she hung up.

Bailey straightened herself up.

"Gustav, j'ai une question," she turned to look at him.


"Do I look stunning?"

"Bien sûr Mademoiselle! I assure you, once you step inside that pub, all eyes will be on you"

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear"

Looking back at the entrance of the gig pub, she saw Arian and some familiar-looking guys coming out.

"N'est pas ce Monsieur Don—," Gustav blurted out when he saw them.

"Oui, c'est eux," she quickly answered to Gustav's obvious question in a stern voice. "And please, Gustav don't call him by his family name. He doesn't deserve that respect from you"

"Oui, Mademoiselle," was what Gustav could only say.

She turned to look at him, again, asking, "Will they be thrilled to see me?"

"Yes they will be because you look very gorgeous tonight just like you always do"

Bailey smiled sweetly at him. "Thank you Gustav. I can always count on you"

Gustav smiled back, but then his expression changed.

"Qu'est-ce qu'il y a?" she asked.

"Rien," He quickly replied.

Bailey shrugged his answer off. Gustav revved the engine and turned a corner so that they couldn't see her getting out of a Mercedes sedan. They usually see her taking a cab or walking her way to the gig pub and being like a real girl from Brooklyn and not some upper east sider just as she always has, but they didn't know that.

"Have a wonderful night, Miss Bailey," Gustav called out as Bailey stepped out of the sedan.

"Yes, Gustav. This will be one heck of a night. Bye!"

"Don't forget your coat!" Gustav handed Bailey her garden flock coat she got from Betsey Johnson, and draped it on her arm.

Bailey straightened her black cutout dress she got from BCBGMAXAZRIA five hours ago. It accentuated her plump breasts, the soft curve of her body, and it showed more of her. A pair of black Fendi lattice sandals made her look very classy. To top it off, she wore around her neck a pave heart necklace from Finn, which her mother gave her two days ago and a lair bracelet from Vernissage. The pendant of her necklace lay glistening on her rosy cleavage that was nearly visible. Lastly, she straightened her brunette hair, which fell, smoothly past her bust line.

Her phone rang inside her black clutch bag. She pulled it out and saw Arian calling again.

"Arian, I am almost there. I'm just around the curb okay"

"Hurry!" she said. "Mikhail, Rainen, Darius, Warren, and Priam are here, too!"

Bailey sighed when she heard the name of the guy she didn't want anybody to say. Her heart began to thud. She knew now why Gustav's expression changed. Priam had joined them. How could she have not notice him coming out of the pub?

Priam Donatello, the tall and lean-figure, not so cute and not so handsome boy yet so full of enigmas that seduces her to him, was her ex-boyfriend.

They broke up five months ago. Well, he broke up with her. She can't deny the verity that she still has feelings for him, but she has to get rid of them. Forget him and move on with life.

You're a socialite, Bailey. Look for someone who has Limos and money, she scolded herself. Look for a guy who have private jets and yachts and could get daddy's approval! Seek a man that could bet a million dollars in Vegas!

"Yeah, I'm on my way"

She hung up and paused for a moment. Only a couple of steps and she'll be in the pub with them, looking very different. Very Upper East Sider. She straightened her hair, again and exhaled deeply.

She slowly and confidently made her way to the pub. She saw more people coming who were staring at her as if she was some Victoria's Secret model – Asian version. She even heard someone wolf whistle her.

Don't mind those jerks.

She saw at the entrance Arian, Mikhail, Rainen, Warren, Darius, and Priam. They seemed to be talking something interesting because they had gleeful expressions on their faces. Arian, her redheaded best friend, wore the red belted dress she gave her last year. She reminded her of Hayley Williams from Paramore. When they saw Bailey, all they could do was gape.

"Bailey! Wow! Wow! Wow! You're in a dress?" Arian exclaimed shrilly, eyeing her up and down. "OMG! You got boobs now?"

. "Hey Arian, I've had these for a very long time," Bailey replied.

"Really, Bae! You look so beautiful tonight!"

"I have always been!"

"You just left for two months and now you're looking so tempting! I could eat you!"

The girls laughed and hugged. The guys didn't make a sound but they were still eyeing her raptly.

"You look really different," Mikhail's eyes grazed on her legs, to her buxomness, and then to her eyes. "Very… stunning"

"That's because people change even in the shortest of time," she told him in a sweet manner. "You still look cute Mikhail"

Mikhail flushed.

"Oh, Bailey! I can't believe what I am seeing right now! The—," Arian began but she cut her off.

"Believe it, Arian," Bailey sneered. Then she asked, "Shall we? I think the gig is about to start," She beckoned them to go in first.

Mikhail and Warren went inside first while Arian, Rainen, Priam, and her followed. She noticed they were glancing at her.

"You look lovely tonight, Bailey," Priam suddenly spoke to her while they lined up in the entrance.

The way he spoke her name send tingling sensations inside her.

He noticed! No! Don't thank him for the compliment. Say something rude!

"Yeah, Whatever," was Bailey's reply, rolling her eyes snobbishly.

They pushed there way through the crowd and found no seat. They searched for an empty seat for a couple of minutes. While they searched, a lot of guys were wolf whistling her.

"Good evening, pretty maiden," said a good-looking guy in his early twenties.

"Nice! What's your name?" somebody called.

"Are you Aphrodite?" a brunet boy whose hair was spiked-up called when she passed him and his friends.

"No, because Aphrodite isn't part French. She's Greek," she replied with wicked smile on her face.

The guys chuckled.

"You are so cute!"

She rebuffed him and started to walk away.

"Hey where are you going?" he called out.

"ça ne vous regarde pas! " She yelled back.

Priam gave the brunet boy a contemptible look.

"Let's go to the balcony," he suggested still glaring at him. He waited for Bailey to climb the stairs first. He watched the way her hips swayed. He stiffened. When they got to the balcony, the people there started to go down because the band had started to play.

"Now, where here alone in the balcony with those two lovers over there," Warren said, pointing at a girl and a guy lip locking together. "Yummy!"

Arian, Priam, Warren, and Mikhail sat on a mat far from the lovers who were kissing their night out. Rainen and Darius followed, carrying five bottles of assorted liquors.

"You two!" Bailey called out to the two lovers kissing aggressively.

"What is she doing?" Rainen asked, looking confused.

"Leave those lovers alone!" Darius yelled at Bailey, pouring a glass of vodka.

. "I just can't believe that a tomboy like her turned out to be physically erotic," Mikhail said, matter-of-factly.

"Yes, you are absolutely right," Darius agreed.

"Why have she hidden those astounding curves for so many years!" Arian cried, taking an empty glass and pouring herself whiskey. "I am certain that she could get any man she wanted. With that physique…No man could withstand"

"Only the hands of a god could create a woman like that so exquisite and divine—," Priam quoted.

He was looking at her, scolding the lovers, her hands on her hips and poised like a super model.

"What did you say?" Arian asked, grinning at Priam. She almost choked.

"Did I say something wrong?" Priam looked at her confusingly.

"OH MY GOD," Warren couldn't suppress a howl. He was sneering widely. "That line was lovely, Priam!" He applauded.

Arian, Rainen, Mikhail, Darius, and Warren exchanged snickers, leers, and glances, and were applauding too. Bailey was too busy admonishing the paramours to notice the commotion between them.

"That is not what I meant," Priam susurrated defensively. "Seriously, guys"

"Then what do you mean by that line, huh?" Rainen inquired, grinning slyly at Priam.

"Only the hands of a god could create a woman like that so exquisite and divine," Warren repeated his line, ridiculing.

"What? No! Shut the hell up, Warren," Priam hissed. "She's in my past. We are done, many months ago. I take back what I just said. It doesn't mean anything," He waved his hands in denial.

They guffawed more.

"Admit it! You still like her!" Warren shouted.

"Shut up, asshole!" Priam gave him a despicable look.

"Bye! Have a great night downstairs," Bailey, as always, sweetly waved goodbye to the lovers mumbling to themselves as they descended the stairs. "Thank you! I hope I won't see you again"

They stopped and watched her approaching them, walking with style.

"What was that about?" Mikhail asked, still snickering.

"Said some things they didn't want to hear," Bailey said, smiling wickedly but sweetly.

She looked at the open bottles and winced.

"You guys still drink?" she asked.

"Come and join us," Darius said.

"No, thank you," Bailey waved her hands in rejection. She sat beside Arian.

"It's quite a shock your dad allowed you to go out so late in that dress," Warren said after gulping a glassful of vodka. He smirked at Priam who ignored him.

"Yeah, 'cause he's not here in New York. So is my mom. They went to uhh… visit my Grandmè—Grandmother," she lied. She didn't want to tell them that they were in France, hosting a Le beau monde party in their five-star Debonnaire Coffee &Wine Bar,a two-storey building packed with the finest coffee and liquors in the world, and one of the elite bars in Europe.

"Nice!" Arian sneered. "So they didn't know you're out tonight?"

"Nope," Bailey just smiled.

"What did you really say to those guys who just left?" Rainen asked.

"I said I told them things they didn't want to hear," Bailey replied with a yawn. "I think I need to lie down for a minute. No questions asked"

"It's still 9," Rained said.

"At this time, daddy has tucked me to bed"

"Here. Use my lap as your pillow," Arian said, patting her lap.


She pulled out her phone and texted Gustav, "I might stay here a bit longer"

Bailey removed her sandals and placed them beside her together with her clutch bag, and used her coat as a blanket. Moments passed, she dozed off. An hour later, she woke up to find them gone. She noticed that there was a pillow laid under her head. She sat up and found Priam sitting in the same spot alone. He was looking at her. She snubbed him.

"Where is Arian?" she asked drowsily.

"She went down to see the bands along with the others," Priam replied idly.

"Why aren't you watching with them?"

"I don't like the band—"

"Where are my sandals?" she scanned the place, running her hands through her hair.

"Here," he said, pointing at her Fendi that was right beside him.

"Why are they there? I swore I placed them right next to me. Who moved my sandals?" she mumbled, crawling her way lazily to get them.

"If you were a gentleman, you could have handed me my sandals," reprimanding him, grabbing her sandals from his side.

Priam was silent.

"What are you looking at?" she hissed when she caught him watching her.

Without prior notice, and the fact that Priam was half-drunk, (or was he not?), he moved closer to Bailey and crushed his lips onto hers.

He pulled her closer, her chest pressed onto his.

She fought back but he was too strong that she was quickly laid aback on the mat. Her legs were sprawled and he was caught in between them.

He kissed her fervently. To his shock, he felt her kissing him back.

His tongue was thrusting in and out of her mouth. She groaned.

He smelled her scent. It nearly drove him wild for a second there. She smelled like berries. He inhaled more of her scent deeply. He caressed her arms and then her legs, pushing her dress up. A moan escaped his throat.

He smelled like the breeze—Bailey! What the hell are you doing? Why are you kissing him back? Pull away now! You're making a grave mistake!

The kiss was long. He stroked her zealously. He trailed kisses down her throat and then her clavicle and back to her lips when he felt her pulling away. Bailey finally broke free when he suddenly touched her there. She pushed him back by kicking him and yelled, "Don't touch me ever again! Merde!"

He groaned in pain.

She hurriedly grabbed her coat, sandals, and her clutch bag and took off without saying another word.