"Frank, if you don't pull over, I swear to God..." My voice trails off. I clutch the seat so tightly my knuckles turn white, but even that isn't enough to stop the sick feeling from developing in the pit of my stomach. We're going 75 mph in a residential neighborhood. Frank rounds a corner sharply, slamming me into the car door. I grab my shoulder and swear loudly.

"Goddammit, Frank, you're going to get us both killed!"

His eyes glower.

"Shut up!" He screams. He takes one hand off the steering wheel and reaches for my neck. The car jerks to the side. I don't know which I'm more afraid of at this point: Frank and what he's capable of doing or getting into an accident. He didn't look drunk when I got into the car with him, but from the way he's behaving he must have had something. Otherwise he wouldn't be trying to hurt me, right? His fingers curl around my throat.

"You no good piece of shit."

"Get your hands off of me." I gasp. "You're hurting me."

We swerve into the center lane. He tightens his grip, reaching over with his other hand, and I choke. I claw at his fingers with my nails, but instead of loosening their hold on me, they sink deeper into my flesh. Frank has never attacked me before, and I don't know why now is different. Up until today, we haven't been arguing any, but it's as if all of a sudden I don't recognize him. He isn't acting anything like his usual self.

He starts to say something, but glances in the rear view mirror and sees red and blue flashing lights. I worry about whether or not he's actually going to stop. He wouldn't try to run from the cops, would he?

"Shit." He growls. Seeing the police is sobering for him; he slams on the brakes. I unbuckle my seat belt before the car comes to a complete stop and throw open the passenger door. My stomach heaves. Tears streak my face. I'm not sure how long I've been crying, but the retching only makes it worse. I feel more nauseous now that I'm safe than I did while we were on the road. What the hell just happened? What was that? What had gotten into Frank? And worse, who's to say that something like that won't happen again?

I'm more afraid than anything. I don't want to cut things off right here and now, but from the way his behavior changed so suddenly, I know something has to change between us. This is a side of Frank I was never meant to see.