Now you may think this is going to be the average, girl meets boy love story, but let me set you straight, this is not your average story, period. This is the story of how I became the most powerful person in the world (not that the world really new that.) To start off, my name is Belle Adelam, and this is my story.

The day it happened began as any ordinary day would, my mom yelling at me to get up, my little sister hogging the bathroom, general teenager start of the day stuff. Once I finally threw my little sister out of the bathroom I swiftly completed my morning routines : makeup, clothes, accessories. I was already going to be pretty late so I skipped breakfast and ran out the door towards the bus stop. I almost didn't make it, the bus was already pulling away.

"Third time this week!" The bus driver snipped at me. "Keep this up and I just might be tempted to leave early," (She doesn't like me very much.)

"Good morning to you to, Sheilah," I said, trying to sound cheerful. I headed towards the back of the bus, where my usual seat was. I liked it back there, its harder for people to see me there. I never was someone who wanted to draw attention to myself, I never raise my hand in class, I don't flirt with boys in the hallways and I certainly don't fight with bullies on the bus. Sometimes I feel kind of like a doormat but other times I feel like its worth it, to have people not really care about me, to have no one paying attention to what clothes or what makeup I was wearing everyday and totally not to have a bunch of boys groveling at my feet or girls worshiping the ground I walked on. I totally could do it, if I had wanted to, which I didn't and that was all that mattered.

The bus stopped and everyone started scrambling to get off, there was a lot of pushing and "get out of my way's". I was the last one off as usual, and the first to get into class, as usual. I sat down and shoved my things under the desk. The usual crowd filtered in including the teacher and the class started as usual.

"Today we will begin our work on poetry," the teacher started by was stopped by the groan of the entire class (not including myself!) The teacher, , began passing out our work sheets. Ugh, haiku, I thought, at least their short. We all began to do our work sheets, grudgingly I might add. But then something very not "as usual" happened.

"Mrs. Adelam," the principals voice crackled over the loud speaker, "please report to the front office immediately." Oh crap, what did I do this time. I grabbed my bag and left the class room, trying not to walk to fast or to slow, wanting to appear indifferent.

I didn't talk me long to reach the office, I knew the school very well by now, even though this was my first year here. I stepped inside the room, noticing it was tastefully decorated. There was the principal sitting looking very official in his highbacked chair. In front of them was a woman in her early forties and a boy, who looked to be about my age.

"Ye-yes sir." I said, stumbling over my words a bit (I always stuttered when I was put on the spot, it didn't help that the boy sitting beside her was not the worst looking guy I had ever seen, okay I hadn't seen a single guy who was as good looking as he was, but that was besides the point.)

"This is Aiden Ahrtek, I was hoping you can show him around for today." Oh great, stuck with the newbie all day …. okay so I was a newbie too, but that didn't matter.

"Hey," I said hoping I didn't sound to angry.

"Whats up?" He asked, smiling and looking me up and down; I couldn't tell if he liked what he saw, but I was certainly hoping he did ( maybe this whole, showing him around thing wasn't going to be so bad.)

"Time to go Aiden," the principal said. "Mrs. Adelam will show you to your classes," and before I could even ask, he said, "Mr. Ahrtek will share all of your classes Mrs. Adelam." Oh great. I had a feeling that it was suddenly going to be a lot harder to focus in class.

He still sitting down, so I turn around calling over my shoulder,

"Well, come on!" This time hoping to sound annoyed, because it would disguise all of the other emotions portrayed in my voice.

"Oh right. By Mom!" He turned around and gave her a hug. Oh crap I was really hoping that he was a jerk because that would be an excuse to avoid him. But right now the wanting to avoid him meter is pretty low.

We walk out of the office as awkward silence descends.

", where are you from?' I ask, finally.

"London." He says this like he doesn't want to talk about it so I don't push the subject. But this does explain the traces of an accent I thought I was hearing.

We arrive at our class (algebra 1) nearly late because I had taken all of the long ways to avoid the staring eyes (it hadn't worked to well. I swear the girls in this place can smell a good looking guy from over three miles away, no joke).

He grabs a seat in the front row and I head to my usual seat in the back, but just as I reached my seat, the teacher walks in and is staring straight at Aiden.

"New student? Wheres your welcome committee?" Aiden points to the back row, towards me.

"Well then," my teacher replies. Oh no I know where this is going! "you're just going to have to sit up here today, Ms. Adelam."


The rest of math class is boring, as usual (sorry, I couldn't resist!) The only part that I'm really interested in is the fact that Aiden's eyes seem to be sneaking themselves over to my side of the room more than is natural, or was I imagining it? Ugh I might like him, this is not good! At all!