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By the time I had finished with my makeup and left the bathroom I had straightened myself out. Who was that girl with the red eyes? Why did I feel a strange, yet familiar sense of foreboding when she was near? It was the same feeling I got when I was with my mom.

I reached the cafeteria doors and walked through, sucking in a breath as I did. It might just be that I didn't feel invisible anymore, but the cafeteria seemed fuller and busier than usual. I picked up my bright red tray and made my way down the lunch line, hardly paying any attention to whatever foul stuff was being placed on my tray because I was looking around frantically, searching for Adien. My eyes finally landed on him just as I picked up my silverware.

I headed over to his table, feeling way more eyes on me than I was used to, or comfortable with. I plopped down next to Adien who was sitting alone, not because he wasn't welcome or anything, just because the rest of the school was still sizing him up, waiting to see if under his gorgeous exterior, there was a unusual center. I had the same thing happen to me when I arrived here, except for the fact that it had stayed that way. Which I was totally fine with, but I had a feeling the after another week or so Adien was going to get snatched up by one of the "groups" and I wouldn't be 'cool' enough for him to talk to anymore.

I pushed those worries aside though and turned to Adien, who hadn't looked up because he had his nose buried in a book. No way! This guy was a bookworm like me! So maybe I would still be cool enough to talk to anyways.

"Hey, earth to Aiden!" He looked up, a smile sliding onto his face.

"Well hello miss Adelam!" He said this with an authentic accent (so hot, or it would have been if this statement weren't so utterly ridiculous.) My eyebrows shot up.

"Very formal today are we?" He blushed looking sheepish.

"Well seeing as I have just returned from a world of formal language, I found the statement very fitting, did you not?" I looked down and saw that he had been reading Pride and Prejudice. "Did you know that Pride and Prejudice was originally named First Impressions?"

"I did know that mister encyclopedia, the knowledge that surprises me is that you are a fellow bookworm like myself." That was all it took to get us laughing, five minutes later we were both gasping for air, unable to look at each other because we would burst out laughing again, because neither of us could keep a straight face.

Many people were still muttering about our outburst but the chatter was gradually returning to the room, that was until the doors I had walked threw only just ten minutes ago, flew open. No, flew open is an understatment, they flew away.

It was as though some invisible force had sucked them in, and I could here them crashing all the way down the hall. The girl I had run into in the bathroom stepped into the doorway and started walking towards Aiden and I, and trust me she wasn't happy.

"Um, we have to go, like, now." Aiden grabbed my arm as he said this. Using more force than a boy my age should possess he drag me towards a door I had never seen before.

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