At the Dinner Table

(6:30 P.M at the Snider residence. Mrs. Snider is preparing dinner as Mr. Snider sets the table. Andy and Sara Snider are both playing upstairs in their rooms.)

Mr. Snider: Dinner just about done hun?

Mrs. Snider: It should be done any minute now. Would you be a dear and call the kids down for dinner?

Mr. Snider: Sure thing!

(Mr. Snider heads up stairs to tell the kids that dinner is done as Mrs. Snider sets the prepared meal of steak and mashed potatoes. The kids rush downstairs with Mr. Snider not far behind and take a seat at the table. Andy is wearing a baseball concealing his left eye.)

Mr. Snider: Take that hat off at the dinner table. As a matter of fact, why are you even wearing a hat? You never wear hats.

Andy: I just felt like a change of style was necessary.

Mr. Snider: Really now?

(After pouring drinks Mrs. Snider takes her seat at the table)

Mrs. Snider: Then why didn't you wear it to school?

Andy: It was a… last minute decision?

Mrs. Snider: Even if that were the case, you need to take it off at the table. You look positively ridiculous wearing it the way you are.

Sara: Yeah! You look like a Cyclops!

Andy: I do not!

Sara: Yeah you do! We can only see one eye, just like a Cyclops!

Andy: I still have both of my eyes so I can't be a Cyclops!

Mrs. Snider Children calm down! Cyclops or no Cyclops you still need to take that hat off before we can begin dinner.

Andy: I don't want to take it off!

Mr. Snider: Well, either you take it off or I will take it off for you. I don't think you want that last option.

Andy: But…

Mr. Snider: No buts!

Andy: *Sigh*

(Andy slowly removes the hat to reveal that his left eye has become black and swollen.)

Mrs. Snider: Andy, what on earth happened to your eye!

Mr. Snider: Why didn't you tell us about this immediately!

Sara: He really is a Cyclops!

(There is a small pause.)

Andy: I just didn't want you guys to get involved.

Mr. Snider: Get us involved in what exactly?

Mrs. Snider: Pleas Andy, we are your parents. We are supposed to get involved.

Andy: This one kid kept picking on me and my friends. He came up and pushed me so I pushed back and we got into a fight. The teachers had to pull us apart and my eye looked like this.

Mrs. Snider: Honey I want you to call the school and figure out exactly why we were not notified of this incident. Sara, I want you to go upstairs and grab me a washcloth. I'm going to go upstairs and get the first aid kit to see if we can't stop a little bit of that swelling. You young man better go and wait for me in the bathroom. I am very disappointed that you did not tell me about this as soon as you got home.

(All exit except for Andy)

Andy: *Sigh* Maybe it would have been easier if I told them that I just hit my eye as I flailed my limbs like a mad man when I tripped.

(Short pause)

Andy: Naw, this is still easier to explain than that.