Another Monday. They never seem to stop coming. Oh well.

Today wasn't as bad as I expected though. When I woke up, I still had at least 15 minutes before I actually needed to get out of bed.

So naturally, I turned my fan off, grabbed my clothes, and fell asleep waiting for my second alarm to go off. When it did, the cold air was gone, and my clothes were nice and warm. Pretty much, today was the best morning I have had in a long time.

Then, I actually left for school on time, meaning I got to school with 10 minutes to spare. I casually walked to my locker.

Of course, I jumped when I saw a huge spider on the neighboring locker, but there was nothing I could do about that.

I got my stuff, and went to Math, then Latin, then English. At the very end, I was supposed to present a power point on 16th century architecture. I couldn't remember anything, and I was so lucky when the bell rang before I had to present. In orchestra, we worked on the two easier songs we have, and in band, we worked on my favorite. The girl next to me kept playing a B flat instead of a B natural. When I told her, she said, "Really? All this time?", and then we both laughed quietly. In science, we took what my teacher calls a quest: halfway between a quiz and a test. I only missed two questions.

There is only one thing bothering me.


It is driving me crazy, because there were at least five that I thought I would get wrong.

So are they two out of those, or two from the ones I was confident about?

Just something to ponder, I guess.