One lonely bud decides to change

it starts to go from a bud to green

The lonely bud is now a leaf

The bud is proud the bud is pleased

The bud found a new way to be

The other buds began to frown

They looked down on the leaf

Who was different from them

The leaf was sad but as time passed

The other buds changed to green becoming leaves

The lonely leaf is not so sad

The leaf is once again like the others

The other leaves start to laugh

The bright green of their leaves

Outshines the dulling green of the lonely leaf

Who starts to feel sad

This sadness affects the lonely leaf

Its green wore off and a yellow appeared

The lonely leaf was proud of a new color

But once again the others laughed they

Said it was ugly said it was weird

The lonely leaf couldn't take anymore

It jumped from the tree and down to the floor

The lonely leaf enjoyed isolation

It stared at the clouds it stared at the leaves

It knew it would never be accepted

So it died a lonely death as the

Other yellow leaves fell from the tree

One lonely speck of brown

Swallowed up by a sea of judging yellow