The light burns through my eyes, causing me to turn over as I opened them, expecting to see an empty bed stretched out before me, but there was a lump right beside me.

"Now what could that be?" I ask, smiling. I know exactly what it is. I throw my covers aside and jump out of bed creeping to the other side of the bed, towards the 'mysterious' lump. I grab fistfuls of the sheets, and with a flourish yank them away from the bed.

A 'mysterious' giggling erupts from where the lump was, but now my little sister is there, giggling.

"Well what do we have here?" I jump back into bed and launch my attack, tickling attack that is.

Her giggling intensifies and becomes full on laughter, which is improper, but I don't comment on that. We princesses should have the right to laugh sometimes, no matter what my mother says. She manages to wriggle out from under me, hops off the bed. Dashing out of the room she calls behind her,

"I have to get ready for tonight!" Tonight? What's so important about tonight? And then I realize! Oh my gosh! I nearly forgot! Todays the yearly ball! How I could have forgotten something this important and exciting I don't know. But I shall see to it that it never happens again.

"Chloe! I need to prepare for tonights big event!" My personal maid comes rushing into the room, she was probably waiting for my call out into the corridor, she has taken up that annoying habit lately.

"Yes ma'am!" She always seems to enthusiastic to me. But maybe this is an ideal situation for her. Not knowing the details of her life, I couldn't make that judgment.

She draws my bath for me and I climb in, unable to restrain the gentle moan of pleasure that escapes my lips. These are my favorite moments, sitting in a warm bath, sunlight shining through the windows, I love the feeling of peace that descends in this atmosphere. I close my eyes sinking deeper into the bathtub.

"Thank you, Chloe." I always try to be nice to the maids, they are people to anyways.

I finish my bath and step out, waiting for Chloe to pat me dry, my eyes still closed. But the warm towel never came. I open my eyes and seeing a towel sittng on the vanity in front of me I grab it, wrapping it around myself before turning to go look for Chloe in the room beyond.

That was when I saw the blood.