I ran into the room and had to stifle a scream. It was Chloe. I clapped a hand to my mouth, silent tears working themselves down my face. Red. My once white carpets were now marred with red. It was covering her also. I ran out of the room, climbing over my bed to avoid her body. I dashed down the twisting hallways to my fathers chamber.

"Father! Father! Somebody! Help!" I was flying down the hallways, towel whipping behind me. Doors opening.

"Princess? What happened?"

"Is something wrong?" Many voices called behind me but I didn't stopped running until I found my father. Well I say that I found him, he really found me. I ran straight into him as I turned a corner.

"Father! Its Chloe! I was taking a bath and I stepped out and she wasn't there so I went looking for her...and I found her. Dead. On my floor." I took a breath, the first one since I started talking.

"WHAT!?" Not a single person in the castle didn't hear him. "Guards! Search the castle! There has been a murder!" His usually serene face was turning red from yelling. "Hope," his voice was softer now, "go find your mother and sister bring them all to your our chambers and stay there until I come to get you. Don't let anyone in." I nodded meekly and dashed off again, up the stairs behind him, wiping the tears from my face as I went. But it was no use, nothing could stem the flow. Why Chloe? Why my family? What was going on? Who had done this? Questions raced through my head, throwing me farther and farther into my despair. I threw that aside as I reached the library. I peeped my head inside. This was my mothers haven. It was mine too but I obviously hadn't gotten around to here this morning.

As I suspected, my mother was sitting in one of the coziest chairs. She appeared to be looking out the window but upon closer inspection I discovered that her eyes were closed. She was asleep. It wasn't surprising. Planning a ball will make a person tired like you can't believe. I was hesitant about waking her up but what had to be done had to be done. I stretched out a hand and tapped her gently on the shoulder.

"Mom? Mom, wake up!" Her eyelids fluttered and she sat up completely. She still seemed to be a bit groggy.

"Hope? Whats going on?" She turned her head slowly, looking for my sister.

"Its Chloe, someone-someone killed her, in my room while I was taking my bath." She jumped up, face flickering between rage and fear. "Father told me to find you and Sammantha and to bring both of you to your chamber." At these words she turned and lead the way out of the library.

"Sammantha!" She called, words echoing down the hall. A small head appeared from the side of a suit of armor. She had been hiding. Seeing my mother she ran towards her leaping into my mothers arms, face streaked with tears, matching mine.

"I heard the guards talking, it isn't true! Is it mommy?" She looked into our mothers face, tears threatening to spill over again.

"Yes. Its true. But we're going to be alright. We are going to go play in my chamber for awhile though." Sammantha nodded, to scared to say anything else. My mother took off at a brisk walk, still not daring to run. We reached her quarters no more than three minutes later, me out of breath from running to keep up. My mother opened the door setting my sister down on the threshold before entering the room herself. I was only a step after them. I shut the door as my mother and sister walked into the gigantic room beyond. I won't pretend that I wasn't envious of my mother for this room. If my room was big then hers was gigantic...times three. I loved this room. I'd spent many a night sleeping in here snuggled up in between my mother and father. I always claimed that I had a bad dream but really I wanted to be able to look up and see the stars painted on their bedroom ceiling. Those moments, laying in between my mother and father, staring at the ceiling, those were the moments when I felt entirely safe. I hadn't felt that way in a long time, nor had I ever felt this unsafe.