Demon of Limerence

Fallen, fallen all around,

Obsessions and Limerence have become your steel cage,

The illness weighs on you like a trillion pounds,

Limerence has now become the star of your stage.

A single name pounds inside your head,

As if you are addicted to cigarettes or alcohol, but it's a person instead,

This person has become your exstasy drug,

Now you're forever caught up under the Limerence rug.

But the demon doesn't affect just you,

It affects your friends and family too,

You're become a tool to the obsession dubbed Limerence,

The illness slowly goes away only to start pointlessly regressing.

The first time it happens the world is pure bliss,

The 2nd time bliss slowly turns to deppression,

The third time you just want to take a knife to Limerence and just get the -out,

The 4th time you either decide you need help, or just give up completly and let Limerence win.