My stomach flutters in butterfly dance

Well, it just makes me feel sick,

This pounding feeling in my chest,

My hands sweaty and slick.

There's no way I could live with you,

No way that I could live without,

You fill my every waking thought,

Yours too, without a doubt,

Kiss me with the metal,

Kiss me on the wrists,

This never ending battle,

I don't need to use my wit,

I look at you and my heart twists,

My fists clench up tight,

The fear you instill in me,

But I'm ready for the fight

Some people say I love you,

Some people say it's hate,

Just wait for my opinion,

But it's cruel to make you wait.

Your very sight makes my skin crawl,

I can't look you in the eye,

Hanging thread I tear and fall,

I want to leave it all behind.

You pull the thread I was sure I'd cut,

And I fall down at your knees,

You think that I'm above you,

Because I can't voice my pleas

You think that I'm above you,

You think I'm beyond your reach,

In truth you are above me,

In my mind which you have breached

I'll never reveal to you this weakness,

I'll never reveal where I've been burned

Because the hate you have is endless,

And I'll end up being hurt

I'll never show her what power she has over me. I'll let her think I'm happy. I'll let her think I don't care. It's not the words that hurt me. It's the endlessness of the hate. I hate her to the point where she doesn't exist to me, but she still manages to make me feel low.

I'll never let her think I care.

Maybe she'll eventually stop.