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Tuesday Chapter 1

I had seen him once before at another party like this one. Looking so sweet and innocent. He was a tiny little thing. He couldn't have been more then 5'4", thin and pale with black hair that swept over his forehead into his pale blue eyes. He even had a cute little cowlick that stuck up on the back of his head like Denis the menace, then it was cut close in the back to his nape like a fade, and he had gages. Black ones with skulls. I had only come to this party hoping to see him again.

Don't get me wrong I liked the networking aspect at these parties but I was getting tired of the random hookups and having drunk people paw me. It was a common occurrence. I'm a fairly good looking guy. Never had any trouble getting a date from females or males both of which I am intimately acquainted with, but this little one was different. There's just something special about him.

I've never had trouble speaking with someone or letting them know I'm interested in them. I've always been very blunt and forth coming. But this one, just looking at him stirs my insides. He has such a gentle shy way about him. I don't even know him but I'm fantasizing about being with him. I don't even know if he has a thing for guys.

So now I'm standing here watching him from across the room chatting with an obviously drunk girl who's pulling out all the stops to get him to take her home with him. He's obviously uninterested but in the nicest possible way. He does his best to let her down easy but she doesn't seem to be getting it. I start to make my way over to him endeavoring to be his knight and shining armor while simultaneously finding out if he "enjoys male attentions."

I work my way through the crowd as multiple people stop me trying to keep me from my prize. I dispatch them as quickly and nicely as I possibly can trying to get back on track. I finally reach my sweet little emo crush and I put my arm around him and kiss his delicate pale neck from behind in front of the inebriated girl and anyone else who might be watching.

"Hey babe who's this ya talking to?"

I blink at the tipsy girl expectantly waiting for her introduce herself.

My heart skips a beat as my pale angel's beautiful translucent skin blooms and he turns his icy blue gaze on me. When our eyes meet he gives me a shy smile. By this time my heart has stopped and its like we're the only two people in the room. The poor inebriated girl looks obviously stunned. She looks at my pale angel and then to me gaping in surprise.

I turn my head up to see who's placed their warm soft lips on my nape sending chills down my spine. When my eyes meet his, and my stomach flip flops within me and I smile at him shyly knowing those beautiful lips were on my body.

He's the most beautiful man I've ever seen, and I have seen many beautiful men. Smooth carmel colored skin and a toned athletic body. His broad shoulders and chest ripple under his white V-neck tee. His black leather pants hang low on his beautiful male frame. His spiky black hair is perfectly cut and styled and his mouth... oh god i could spend the rest of my life with those lips on my body!

As I stand there taking as much of this man the "eight wonder of the world." I wonder, as amethyst eyes bore into my own icy blues... Has he made a mistake? Did he mean to come to me. I'm cute in my own way but I'm kinda shy and small. With snake bite piercing and skinny jeans and fitted tee shirts! This...this man can have anyone in this room and about 80% of them want to have him!

Being Ian McCree's little brother allows me to go to parties like this and see I all manner of people. My brother is a CEO for a major contracting company. He also has multiple lucrative investments. Ian has always been very business driven. Even more so after our parents died in a plane crash. He was only tree years older than I am now when he took over the family business. At the tender age of 23 he took on our family's company and made it a household name.

It takes me a moment to break from my pondering, but I catch on...

"Oh, she's... I just met her, here." I answer still blushing awkwardly.

I grin wide at the girl staring blankly at me.

"Hi I'm Micah his boyfriend." I point at the little pale angel.

I wrap my arm around his waist and pull him close into my body and I kiss his ear as she continues to gape.

"I...I didn't know h-he I'll be going now! The drunk girl stutters.

The girl stumbles off in the other direction and I chuckle as she sways through the crowd.

"Well that was way easier than I thought it would be! I was hoping to make more of a scene maybe French you in front of her. What's your name my little pale angle?"

"I-I... Uh..." I stammer.

I pause and recollect myself, though I can't help but seem flustered in front of the gorgeous man before my eyes.

"M-my name is Tuesday... yeah stupid n-name... I know..." I sigh, looking extremely rustled.

I chuckle as I step in front of you and trap you against the wall, between the table of hor d'oeuvres.

"Well Tuesday I will say that's a different name but if it come with someone as cute as you I don't really care."

I grin down at your blushing flustered face and my cock twitches in my pants. I cup your cheek and run my thumb across your bottom lip licking mine as I dream of tasting your pink pout.

"Hey Tuesday would you like to leave this place with me?"

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