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Tuesday Chapter 15

Micah's POV

I wake to the sun shining through my windows and into my eyes. Groggily I reach over to my side table and grab the controller to lower the shades, shielding us from the morning brightness and heat. I love the sunshine, just not while I'm trying to sleep. The shades begin to pull down as I place the controller back on the side table. I stretch my muscles, reacquainting them with movement.

There's a stirring and I look down to see my Tuesday lying on his stomach with my blankets over him. I can hear his soft snoring as he sleeps so peacefully. I smile caressing his raven locks.

Again he has blown my mind. The way he took over, the urgency and intensity of his lovemaking. My member lengthens at the carnal memory. I've never been the type to pine for anyone or keep them all to myself, but I'm seriously considering not going to Gavin's at all today. Maybe we'll just spend the day together, just him and I. Maybe even stay in bed all day. I sigh thinking of all the ways we can be intimate. Then Gavin's face appears in my mind, looking rather perturbed.

I smile to myself knowing that will never work. Gavin would call me, text me, and probably even show up to the loft and bust in demanding to meet my little lover. I gaze down at him still playing with his hair.

Suddenly I get the urge to see all of him. When he's awake he never let's me look for very long. I seize my moment holding the blanket away from his slumbering form. I can't help but gaze in awe of his beautiful body in the daylight.

His pale skin, so bright and soft. His waist is so slim, I can just see his hip bones. I drag my fingers over the supple skin on his back. He sighs and it only makes me want him
more. His sweet little butt is small but round and his like velvet. I slide my right hand down to globe of his right cheek groping him gently. A little moan slips from his lips and his back arches.

By now I'm completely erect. I feel like a beast taking advantage like this but I just can't stop myself.

I pull him in closer to me so his back is pressed into my front. The sensation of his soft warm skin against my awaking manhood sets my teeth on edge. I lean down kissing his nape as I hold his right knee pressing his little bubble butt against my thickness. I grit my teeth as he moans, placing his right hand over mine.

He arches his back again and my stiff manhood slips between his cheeks. Slowly he grinds back on me.

"Hah! Shhhhit Tuesday!" I hiss.

I kiss his neck and then bite the muscle between his neck and shoulder, still thrusting against him. My precum causing the glide to be that much smoother.

"Ahhh hahhhhh...M-Micah..." He moans.

I pull my right hand from his knee and wrap it around his slim torso and pinch his taut, peaked bud. He keens softly grabbing the back of my thigh. His little fingers gipping me like his life depends on it. I groan loving the feel of his skin against my skin. His hands on my body.

"M-Micah please p-put it in me." He begs.

My swollen sex lurches against his soft cheeks in anticipation. His lusty pleadings spurring me on. I grip his chin and turn his head to mine. His icy blues connect with my amethyst orbs and I slowly press his lips to mine. We both moan as our lips move against each other. The slow sensual movement causing us both do grind against one another.

"Ah! P-please Micah!" Tuesday whispers on my lips.

I plunge my tongue into his little mouth pressing him into my body even harder than before. I just can't get enough of him. I break from the kiss sitting up. I lift my tiny lover up and place him on all fours, then raise up on my knees behind him gripping his slim waist.

"Are you ready little one?"


I palm my stiff flesh and press it against his puckered entrance. Gently I push forward as my plump tip sinks inside his willing body.

"Ahhhh hahhhh!" He gasps.

I grind my teeth as I slip further and further inside him. His insides trembling around my hardened flesh. It's so good I can barley open my eyes.

I continue to press forward slowly, spreading his round cheeks as I invade his warm body. I hear him panting and I look down to see that he's placed his head down on the bed with his sweet little ass in the air. Which only makes me harder. His breathing becomes more labored as I finally make it to the base of my length.

"Hahhh...yes!" I groan.

My head lolls back as I do my best to compose myself.

"M-Micah! I can't take I-it! Move inside me!" He moans.

I grip his waist tighter and I see my fingers bite into his pale flesh. I pull out then thrust back in hard, pulling him back on my thick çöčk.

"Ah! Yes! Hah! More M-Micah!" He yelps.

I thrust in and out of him in repetition, reveling in the feel of his tight little hole stretching and giving for my ample śëx. I growl with each sensual thrust. My tool thickens just imagining him cumming. I can't wait to hear him cry out in bliss. Can't wait to hear my name slip from his pale pink lips as I füčk him into the mattress.

I grip his right thigh, pounding into him with reckless abandon. At this angle my tool must be hitting his sensitive prostate perfectly, because he jerks and keens wildly pushing back on me. Impaling himself even more on my member.

I lick my lips with lust as he clenches on me. Our bodies making wet slaps as we collide against each other.

"Ahhh god M-Micah y-you're so deep inside m-me!" He mewls.

I notice his stiff shäft slapping his flat stomach as I plow into him and he thrusts back on me. His rhythm becomes erratic and his cries even more desperate. Signaling that he's close.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! M-Micah I'm g-gonna cum!" He cries.

"Go ahead little one cum for me!" I growl.

I grip his swollen êrëçtįön pumping as I thrust hard and fast.

"Ahhhh! Noooo Micahhh!"

I can feel the tremors begin to take him as he arches his back and clenches on my engorged arousal.

"Urghhhh! Yessss oh god yess!" I groan.

Tuesday is so lost in his own release he claws at the sheets in ecstasy. The only sounds I hear are my thrusting and his panting as my own orgasm takes me over the edge.

I position my arms on either side of his lithe little body. Letting my lust take over as my hips roll against him spilling my seed inside him. He mewls sweetly with each powerful thrust, griping the sheets as I pound out the rest of my orgasm.

As my release finally ebbs I lift off of him and pull out laying beside him as we both suck all the oxygen from the room.

"Shiiit...Tuesday you were perfect!" I say panting.

"Ditto..." He replies panting just as heavily.

I look over at him pushing his bangs from his huge blue eyes. He smiles at me and I close in on him pressing my lips to his.

"Good morning little one." I say smiling.

"Good morning." He responds smiling back at me.

"What time is it?" He asks raising up on his elbows.

I lean over and check the clock on the wall.

"9:22 am!" I say.

I sit up and hop out the bed standing next to it. I grin at Tuesday as I see his big icy blue eyes rake over my body, examining me.

"Hmmm is someone staring at me?" I say mischievously.

I lift my leg up stepping on my bed like Captain Morgan on the liquor bottle. Giving my little lover full view of my appendage which had obviously just been inside him.

Tuesday looks up at me then down to my sex dropping his head in the pillow biting his lower lip and blushing hard. I can only see one of his beautiful eyes but he still takes my breath away.

"M-maybe..." He responds.

"Ha! Well I'm more then flattered that you find me appealing to look at." I say embellishing bow.

He giggles sitting up with my blankets wrapped around him.

"You hungry?" I ask.

"STARVING!" He replies grinning.

"Ok let's get a shower and I'll make us breakfast. Ok?"

He nods his head bitting his lip while smiling. I lean down and kiss him. Then grab his hand as we make our way to the bathroom.

We jump in the shower and do our best to keep our hands off of each other for longer then 5 minutes which doesn't work at all. After we finally wash up and get out. I pull on pajama pants and he puts on my matching button up pajama top.

After getting dressed we make breakfast together, bacon, cheddar, mushroom and spinach omelet with sourdough toast. We chat as we eat, about every little thing. When I realized I haven't asked him the one question I've been wanting to since I first met him.

"Hey Tuesday?"

"Yes?" He replies.

He looks up from his breakfast his obsidian locks glossy and smooth. His eyelashes fringe his beautiful icy blue orbs, and I can't stop my heart from pounding.

"I can't remember the last time I asked anyone this. Let alone desired this kind of relationship, but will you be mine?"

Tuesday's big icy blue eyes grow wide as he drops his fork in his plate. I stared at him a little worried. He wasn't moving or answering me just staring at me, kind of dazed.

"If you're worried about me cheating on you or leaving you, please believe me when I say I will do everything I can to prove to you and your bother that I deserve you." I stated earnestly searching his icy blue orbs.

Suddenly his eyes clear and he looks up at me and steps between my legs as I sit on my bar stool. I watch him as he wraps his little arms around me and looks into my eyes with his chin on my chest.

"Yes...I'll be yours." He says smiling up at me still biting that sweet lip of his. His piercings glint inn the light.

I wrap my arms around him and pull him closer into my body kissing his perfect lips. He moans into my mouth and grips me hungrily.

I lace my fingers in his dark locks and sigh as I release him from our kiss. I smile at him with my forehead to his.

"But're mine too." He states possessively.

I chuckle and grip him tighter kissing my way down his neck. Then cup his face in my hands looking into his eyes.

"Little one, there is no one else I'd rather belong to."

He smiles at me again and I'm a little upset I'll have to leave him soon. I've only been with him for a few days but, it feels like I've been waiting for him forever.

The funniest thing is I didn't even know I still held out hope to have someone like him in my life. I thought I had given up. That I had consigned myself to the idea of being a bachelor for life. That all I'd have was sexual partners. In fact that's what most of my life had been thus far.

When I was young most of my partners wanted me for my looks. Or the status I could bring them through popularity.

At first it didn't bother me. If that's why they wanted me, that was good enough for me. I dated males and females alike and had tons of fun.

Until I met Bethany. She was beautiful, smart and so different from the other people I dated. She had goals and plans. It wasn't until later that I realized I was one of those plans. One of those goals. After her I realized that I would never have a marriage like my mother and father. Real, true lasting love. So I gave up and settled for sex.

Being with Tuesday gives me hope that maybe I still have a chance at a life full of happiness and love. I don't want to miss this chance. Or miss a single moment with him. Maybe it's impulsive, maybe I'm a fool for hoping or believing in love, but I'm willing to take a chance on him. How can I not, he took a BIG chance on me.

I know it won't be leaving until tomorrow, and I'll only be out of town till Wednesday evening. But I still feel anxious about being away from him.

Tuesday's POV

I hold Micah close examining his beautiful features. This man asked me to be his and he agreed to be mine. I never dreamed he would ask me something like this.

I gaze up at his luminous smile as he combs his fingers through my hair gently. His other arm wrapped around me as we embrace each other. Suddenly his smile falters and my brows knit in question.

"Micah what's wrong?"

His amethyst eyes clear seeing me once again.

"I feel a little juvenile thinking this...but..."

I continue to look up at him as I hold him in my arms.

"What is it?" I ask again.

He raises his large hand to his face covering his eyes. I reach up and pull his hand away from his eyes.

"Tell me Micah."

He searches my eyes and I can feel the tension in him as he considers what he wants to say.

"I'm just being ridiculous. It's just I have to go away on business tomorrow and...and I'm gonna miss you while I'm gone..." He says.

I smile as I stare at this giant gorgeous man. A man that could have and has had many men and women.

"Hehe!" I giggle.

Micah whips his head back in my direction.

"What's so funny you?" He says playfully.

"It makes me so happy that someone like you would miss someone like me."

Micah places his large hands on either side of my neck and looks at me.

"Tuesday, only a fool wouldn't miss you. I'm sure even that Jasper guy is still pining for you. And Johns? Your handler? He's got it bad for you too."

"W-what?! I don't think so Micah." I replied shaking my head.

"Yes. It's true little one. They aren't the only ones either I saw plenty of people watching you at the both parties I saw you at. Maybe you haven't noticed because Johns has been keeping them at bay. Which is something I'm going to have to thank him for." Micah says jokingly.

I blush sure that Micah has just been imaging things, but it makes me a little happy to know that he is wary of people trying to spirit me away. Even if it is just a misunderstanding.

"Well if it makes you feel better Micah I'm going to miss you too... I know that we've only know each other for a few days but I can't wait to get to know you better." I reply blushing slightly.

Micah smiles his beautiful smile and places his forehead on mine again.

"You have no idea how good it is to hear you say that. You're welcome to stay at my place while I'm away if you like. That is if you're still not ready to go home yet." He states calmly.

I smile up at him holding his wrists as he caresses my cheek.

"No it's ok. I'll go home in the morning after you go to the airport. I don't want Ian to worry too much. Even though he can be overbearing he's still my brother, and he worries."

"You're right, I'm sorry Tuesday I was just being greedy." He replies.

"It's ok. When you asked I considered taking you up on your offer."

I look over at the clock and see it's 12:20pm. Our talk took much longer then we thought.

"Ah! Micah it's 12:20! How far away does Gavin live?" I ask.

"Holy crap! Where did the time go? Uh...he only lives about a half an hour from here but we can't be late!" Micah replies.

"Is he big about people being on time?" I ask.

"No, not at all but he knows you're here with me and how we've been...occupying our time." He says with a grin.

I stare at him blankly blushing beet red. It's exciting and nerve wracking that someone else knows about Micah and I. On too of that he wants to meet me. Not to mention he's happy for us. I'm so excited and embarrassed. I can hardly contain myself.

I start to wonder if he looks like Micah. Is he tall and handsome like Micah. I bet he's beautiful.

"Uh...Tuesday...don't stand there with your clothes half off. I can't focus when you look so edible." Micah says staring and grinning.

I hadn't realized it but I had put on my blue striped button up, and had my kakis in hand ready to step into them. I hadn't even buttoned my shirt. So I was standing in front of my lover half naked. I bush brighter seeing Micah's eyes gleam with lusty excitement.

"Micah don't look at m-me like t-that..."I say shyly.

"Haha. I can't help it. He replies.

I look over and see Micah pull his pants up and my eyes go straight to his crotch. I turn around just before he can see me admiring his significant package.

"What's wrong little one?" He asks running his fingers through his silky hair.

"Ah! N-nothing!" I reply.

I button up my shirt and tuck my shirt in my pants grabbing my belt out of my bag and putting it on. I finish getting dressed and turn to see Micah has put on grey slacks and a black button up with the first two buttons hanging open. He looks so sexy all I can do is stare. I'm so busy staring I don't even realize he's stepped closer to me.

He smiles down at me as I gaze up into his purple eyes. He leans down and kisses me softly. I close my eyes sighing contently.

"You look amazing little one." He says smiling.

I fidget a bit with my collar. I'm not used to wearing these kinds of clothes. I usually wear my jeans and tee shirts everywhere. I brought a nice pair of clothes just in case we went somewhere nice. I'm pulled from my thoughts by Micah large hand caressing my cheek. I look up at him and smile holding the back of his hand. My heart pounds seeing how sexy he looks in his silky black shirt and perfect slacks.

"S-so do you." I reply taking a shuddered breath.

"Come on we had better get going." Micah says.

I grab my coat and he grabs his. We get in the elevator and make our way to his garage. Getting into his silver car. I see his red car and I wonder what kind if car it is.

"Um...Micah what kind of car is the red one you have?

"Huh? Oh it's a Corvette, a Stingray to be exact." He replies smiling.

"It's beautiful." I say staring at it as we roll out of the garage.

"Yeah she's my favorite. When I come back from my business trip we'll have to take her for a drive. Maybe up the coast or something."


"Haha! Yeah I'd love to take you for a drive."

I grin with excitement as Micah pulls out onto the street driving out of the city.

I fidget with my collar again when I suddenly hear a low chuckle.

"Not used to formal wear little one? Micah questions.

"Uh...w-well no. Not r-really." I say sheepishly.

"You're not really into cars either are you?"

I look up at him as he drives a little embarrassed. I've never been what most would call a man's man.

"No...not really I like your cars and your motorcycle but I don't know anything about them." I sigh sullenly.

Micah reaches over and grabs my hand lacing his fingers with mine.

"There's nothing wrong with that. You like what you like. I just wanted to know because I want to know more about you that's all." He replies lifting my hand to his lips an kissing it.

My skin heats and I blush as my heart skips. I hold his hand in both of mine placing them in my lap. I never thought I'd meet someone who would WANT to know more about me.

"W-well I know you love cars and architecture, of course. I also know you cook well, a-and you like good food, you love your family. Your best friend is your cousin Gavin and your favorite color is red, because it excites you. O-oh and you cover your eyes when you're embarrassed." I say softly looking down at our hands.

"Wow...I'm impressed little one, you have me utterly."

"Let me see if I can do as well as you. Your brother Ian is your only family. He's your best friend, mother and father all rolled into one. You love hamburgers, ice cream and seafood, except scallops. They're too fishy. You love to paint and hope to show your work at a gallery one day. Also you're favorite color is blue because that's what color the world is. Oh! By the way I'd love to see your paintings when I get back too. Also you hide behind your bangs when YOU get embarrassed. Which is why I always sweep them from your eyes." He says smiling down at me.

"It s-seems you have me utterly too." I say blushing and hiding behind my bangs.

"Nope there's still so much to know."

"I could say the same for you." I reply shyly.

"We have plenty of time to know more."

We pull into the drive way of a two story house. It's all white with blue shutters. The bottom half of the house has red bricks and a brick walk way. It was a beautiful house and it was also very warm and welcoming looking.

Micah parks in the drive way and we both get out. I straightened my clothes as Micah reaches out to me walking up the path. Just as I'm about to grab his hand he looks out to the street as a car passes his eyes squint observing it.

"Is something wrong Micah?" I ask.

"Uh! No! Everything is fine. Come on."

I walked over to him and grab his hand and forearm. Wondering what that had been about. But it soon passed because I was just too excited and nervous. We walk up to the door and just as Micah is about to knock the door flys open.

My eyes fall on the most beautiful creature I've ever seen standing in the open door way. His hands on his slim hips. His creamy light brown skin was smooth and prefect. His sandy blonde brown hair was curls on top and cut short all around the back. He had huge pale green eyes. He was tiny, probably the same height as me. He even looked to be almost the same age too. He wore a tan button up and white pants. I think the were linen.

"You better not have been late! You had two minutes or I would have hunted you down!" Gavin said feigning anger.

"Well hello to you too Gavin." Micah replied chuckling.

"So this must be Tu-!"

"My gosh Micah he's so beautiful!" Gavin and I said in unison.

"Hahahaha! Wow now I know for sure you two are going to get along."

I let my hair fall in my eyes embarrassed by my outburst and the fact that his cousin has called me beautiful. I noticed his eyes go wide and a slight blush dusted his beautiful cheek bones. He blinked rapidly then went back to normal.

"No wonder you can't keep your hands off of him!" He says grinning at me.

"Hi! I'm Gavin Muretti! I'm so please to meet you Tuesday." He said grabbing my arm hugging on to it.

I blushed and looked over at Micah nervously. He just smiled at me and followed us into the house.

"You have no idea how excited I was when Micah called me, at 10am mind you, to tell me he had found someone prefect. And aren't you just that...prefect." Gavin said spreading my arm and looking me up and down.

I blushed again at his kind words. I was so excited I didn't even know what to say.

"T-thank you...I'm not p-prefect, but I do my best." I replied finally finding my voice.

"Yes he is. He's absolutely prefect." Micah agrees plopping down on the couch.

I blush again and hiding behind my bangs as Gavin pulls me into a hug giggling.

"You are just too cute! I know we're going to get on perfectly!" He says smiling at me with his big green eyes.

I smile back and for some reason I know I'm going to like him a lot. I had a few friends in school but not many. My only close friend was Ian. It was nice to meet someone that I felt I could become good friends with.

"So I hear your brother has a 'brother complex'!"

I look at Micah confused and he covers his eyes and hangs his head a bit.

"Gavin!" He say exasperated.

"Whaaaat?" Gavin asks.

"W-what's a "brother complex"?" I ask confused.

"It's when a brother is so overprotective he he doesn't let anyone near him!" Gavin said.

I thought about it. That really did sound like Ian.

"Hehehehe! Yes that does sound like Ian indeed." I said giggling.

Micah looked up at me and Gavin smiled as I held my stomach laughing till I almost cried.

"I didn't know there was a name for it." I replied.

"Next time he gets all bossy with you Tuesday just tell him stop with your brother complex!" Gavin said with his hands on his hips.

Oh yes! I could already tell Gavin and I were going to be great friends.

"O-ok I'll try." I whispered.

"Now! I'm sure the two of you have worked up quite an appetite and I just finished making lunch!" Gavin looked between the two of us wiggling his prefect eyebrows.

I blush again as I see Micah drop his head in his hands. It was funny to see his reactions to his cousin's comments. It was a little embarrassing but Gavin was way too funny and too beautiful to be upset about his outbursts. It was nice to be around someone who said exactly what they thought and in such a funny way.

"I-I could certainly eat." I say smiling at Gavin brightly.

"Ah! God you are so CUTE!" Gavin says hugging me.

I giggle and hug him back. I'm surprised when he gasps and pulls back surprised by my embrace.

"I knew you'd love me! You're already hugging me back! Ha! Oh Micah I'm going to keep your cute little lover! He's mine now! Muhahaha!" Gavin laughs holding me to him.

I laugh as we both look at Micah. He shakes his head and rolls his eyes at his cousin as we giggle still holding one another. Micah gets up from the couch and saunters over to me looking at me in that way he does. My heart beat picks up and my breathing does too. He leans into my face and presses his soft lips to mine. I release my hold on Gavin and grip Micah's shirt as he slips his tongue into my mouth. He holds the back of my head and deepens the kiss. Then suddenly he pulls back smiling.

"Gavin I'm sorry but I can't let you keep my little one."

"No fair Micah! You just had to ruin the mood and use your possessive seme powers on him! Grrrrr! You're evil!"

Micah laughs as I stand swaying still lost in the kiss.

"Look what you've done to him! He's all goo goo eyed and loopy!" Gavin gripes.

"Sorry..." He says smiling putting his hands in his pockets and walking into the kitchen.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?!" Gavin says.

He releases me and jumps in front of Micah standing in the doorway preventing him from going in the kitchen. Micah stops and looks down at his cousin smiling.

"Gavin Muretti I'm hungry let's eat!"

"Tch! You booger! Fine! But Tuesday gets his food first since he's the guest of honor!"Gavin replies.

He returns to my side, grabbing my hand and leading me into the kitchen. He walks past Micah with his nose in the air and Micah laughs rolling his eyes. It's like they're actually brothers. It's nice to see that Micah has family he loves and love him. It makes me happy to be able to see this part of his life. Suddenly I wonder if any of his other lovers met and spent time with Gavin or his mother and father. I fight the urge to ask, when I see the spread on the dining room table.

"Ah! Yessss! You made your famous turkey subs!" Micah yelps with excitement.

"Indeed I did!" Gavin says.

He puts his hands in his hips and sticks out his chest smiling with pride.

I grin at his cute stance and prideful look. One thing is for sure the sandwiches look delicious!

"Come Tuesday. Here's your seat."

Gavin walks me over to one of the chairs at the table and pulls it out for me. I sit and he pushes in the chair for me.

Micah attempts to sit next to me when Gavin grabs his arm stopping him from sitting.

"Hey! No! It's my turn to have him! I get to sit next to him!" Gavin says scowling.

"Alright, alright." Micah laughs.

I smile at them both as Micah takes the seat across from me and Gavin sits next to me scooting his chair in.

"Go on Tuesday dig in!" Gavin says smiling at me.

I look at sandwich and I almost feel bad about thinking of taking a bite out of it. One it's huge! Two it looks like a work of art. Gavin really went all out!

I grab my knife and cut the sandwich in half and pick it up. I take a big bite and being to chew. It's delicious! Turkey, pickles, mustard, a little mayo, tomatoes, cheese, salt and pepper, jalapeños hot toasted baguette bread! It's so good I take another bite licking my fingers and lips.

"So? How do you like it?" Gavin asks wide eyed.

"Gavin this is the best sandwich I've ever tasted!" I exclaim.

Gavin grabs my shoulders and hugs me. I laugh loving how affectionate he is.

"Aww! Yay! I'm so glad! This is my super secret special sub! I never even let anyone watch me when I make them."Gavin says happily.

"It's true he won't even let me watch." Micah agrees taking a bite out of his sandwich.

"I can't, then you'd make it yourself and it won't be special anymore!" Gavin says.

We all laugh talking and eating when Gavin turns to me suddenly.

"So Tuesday how'd you get your name?"

I smile at the memory of the first time Ian told me how I got my name.

"Uh...w-well I don't tell it as good as Ian does but, Ian says my parents wanted a name that was unique. Something that nobody really had. Anyway They were so excited that I was born and they never wanted to forget the day. And since I was born on Tuesday at 11:33am they named me Tuesday. Ian says it was all of their's favorite day, even more than Friday or Saturday." I finish still smiling at the memory.

"That is the cutest thing I've ever heard!" Gavin squeals.

I smile at him blushing. I look over at Micah who is staring at me intently. He looks so handsome I can barely concentrate.

"So do your parents live in the city or in some fine mansion?"Gavin queried.

"Uhm." Micah cleared his throat.

Gavin looked at Micah then to me.

"Oh no. I've put my foot in my mouth haven't I?" Gavin says looking at me.

"It's ok Gavin you didn't know." I say smiling.

"My parents died about 8 years ago, in a plane crash. The worst part was they had really bad turbulence on the way to their destination, but they made it there fine. It wasn't till they were on their way home when they crashed." I say smiling bitterly.

"I'm so sorry Tuesday. I talk too much."

I reach over and grip Gavin's hand and hold it in my own. He looks up at me and smiles and I return his smile.

"Like I says you didn't know so don't worry about it."

We do some more chatting and play some board games then watch a scary movie. It's so funny Gavin loves scary movies but he's also scared of them. He spent most of the night sitting between Micah and I jumping at all the scary parts. It was a hilarious.

"Come on Tuesday I have to be up early to go to the airport we had better get going." Micah says stretching.

It's 10:39pm and I have no idea how it got so late. I was having such a good time.

"Ah! Really?! You have to go?!" Gavin asks.

"Yeah sorry Gavin." Micah replies hugging his little cousin.

"Tch! Oh alright!"

Gavin hugs Micah back then runs to the side table next to his couch. Grabbing his phone.

"Tuesday give me your number maybe we can hang out after I work and while Micah is away." Gavin says.

I pull out my phone and tell him my number walking closer to him. He punches in my number then dials me. I hang up and save his number in my phone. Gavin walks up to me hugs me tight swaying a little.

"It was so nice to meet Tuesday. I hope you'll take good care of my cousin." He says winking at me.

"I-I will do my best." I reply hugging him back.

Gavin walks us to the door and we say our goodnights. Even though I'm going to miss Micah while he's gone I'm looking forward to spending time with Gavin.

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