What I spent I had, what I saved I lost, what I gave I have

Over the years, people have started thinking more and more that money can bring happiness. They think that by gaining a lot of money and buying expensive things, they will make the best of their life. But that is ,of course, not true. They are always happy when they buy something new but eventually that happiness wears off and all they're left with is a feeling of emptiness inside their soul. Then, they decide to buy another thing, and then another one, but they are never truly happy with these. And, what is the reason for this? The reason is that material things never bring real happiness because real happiness can never be bought with money.

Many of us are under the illusion that money helps us have a more enjoyable life. This illusion is spreading around the world faster than any disease known to man. It makes us become shallow, and it makes us forget about the real things that matter in life.

There have been countless cases of people who spent their whole life working and who ended up with a fortune, but with no one beside them. Even though they had more money than some of us could imagine, and even though money could somehow make them happy, they had no one to share that happiness with. That is when they realized that by focusing all their attention on working and gaining more money they had pushed all their loved ones away. Therefore, most of these people died either alone, either surrounded by people who were only looking forward to inheriting a part of their fortune.

But, a similar thing can happen to the ones who are not rich. They consider themselves unhappy and unlucky because they don't have enough money to live the life that they want to. Most of them spend a great deal of time imagining how it would be if they were rich. This way, they are blinded by the illusion that only money can make us happy and forget to enjoy the great moments in life. But, despite this thing, most of them are still surrounded by their family and friends, although they may take it for granted and may not know how to appreciate it.

There are also those who had lived in a poor family and who managed to study and earn enough money to live a normal life, in between the life of the rich and the life of the poor. But, they are still not satisfied and they want more. That is when they start saving money for no thing in particular, and when they reach a certain amount of money they become happy with just knowing that they have that amount of money. Some of them plan to leave it all to their children after their death, considering that this is going to make them happy. Although, some of their children might have wanted, instead of money, the love and affection of their parents who were too busy with working and saving money to spend time with them.

Therefore, we can say that all that we spend and all that we save is not going to last for long. Eventually, everything is lost and at the end of our life, when we think about all the things that have made us happy and everything that has mattered to us, money won't count. What will count is the special moments we have lived. And the most special moments in life are the little ones that pass us by, sometimes unnoticed.

The most special moments in life are those in which we give something to the ones around us. And that is because when we give something, we receive something back, something that is priceless. But, what is exactly that special thing that we get? That is, something very simple: happiness. It is a warm feeling that comes from within our hearts when we know that we have done something for someone and we have made them happy. And, that feeling is eternal, that feeling comes back to us together with the memory of the moment in which we had made someone happy,

Whenever we give a special present to someone, whenever we lend a hand to those in need, whenever we defend someone, whenever we support someone, whenever we give a little of our time to listen or to talk to someone who needs it, whenever we give someone our love, our affection, our attention and so on, we receive 10 times more than we have given. Why? Because in one of those moments we have made someone forget about their troubles, we have made them feel loved, we have made them forget about the loneliness they might be feeling or we have made them feel safe. Even if it was just for a moment, by giving, we were able to make someone smile. These are the things that make us feel really happy, that make life truly beautiful. These are the moments that we will keep forever in our heart and that we will take with us into eternity.

As the American writer, Sam Levenson said in his poem, "Time tested beauty tips", "People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed". And why is that? That is because life has moments in which we find ourselves fallen, surrounded by lots of problems, with no way out of the darkness that settled in our soul. In those moments we need to be brought to life, and, by helping others, by seeing that we can make someone happy, that there is a reason why we are still alive, the darkness that surrounded us and the problems that didn't let us sleep fade away. Then, our soul lights up and we find ourselves surrounded by happiness and optimism, despite the problems that we still have to face. We are given power to take life by the horns and to make the best of the time that we have here.

If everyone of us stopped to give something to someone, anyone, everyday, the world would be a better place. Even if stopping to say a few words to someone who is lonely or donating 1$ to charity can seem pointless to some of us, these same things can mean a lot to others. And, no matter how bad your day is, when you stop to give, everything seems a lot better and you suddenly wake up with a smile on your face. That, of course, if you know how to recognize life's true beauty.