Lev held the grip of the dagger tightly. Around his neck the aegis of Mernin glowed iridescent in the pale moonlight. He had only a single chance to free his people. The little terror slept in the bed only feet away. Dreaming of tortures beyond description only a wicked devil could conjure such deviousness. Lev's boot snapped a bone laying on the bedroom floor. He froze in terror praying to the divine Alma that the beast would sleep through. His lungs ached for oxygen until he could hold no longer releasing and taking in the freezing cold air.

The little demon slept still in a bed of pillows and silk blankets. He looked down and saw the devil's face sleeping serenely. Little eyes and pale skin, surely this is nothing but a child, he thought to himself. His instincts fought against his will to slay the creature. Every corpse that laid in her wake had been burned onto his mind's eye, every horror that the child sorceress had subjected his people to rang in his heart, and worse of all the screams of mothers and children.

He fell back, his knife dropped to the floor emitting a loud clang that reverberated, the Sorceress sat up in her bed and looked around in alarm. Her hazel eyes fell upon Lev who was scrambling for the blade. Lev's hand touched the leather grip of the knife turned around to face the demon. She had closed the distance between them and stood over him she was no taller than an average child but it was her eyes that told the truth about her nature. Lev saw in them his doom. He whispered a final prayer to Alma before plunging the knife into his own heart.

"Better to die by my own hand than live on as the Sorceress's puppet."

The little Sorceress stared in horror at the man bleeding to death at her feet. She saw in his eyes the reminder of death's intrusion on her domain. She broke the gaze and closed her eyes tight. Inside she repressed the memories and haunting dreams that assaulted her every minute. She opened her eyes again the corpse had vanished. For a little while longer death had been kept at bay, her childhood springtime preserved, and the muted testimony of littered bones falling out of sight once more as the little girl returned to her bed to dwell in her dreams.