"The wellspring from which dreams flow outward is the purest source of will and power in the lands, Veratas are you listening? There are potions that I will teach you to brew that can bewitch the people and tap their dreams for yourself."

The Root cellar was lit only by a single lantern stone that hung from the ceiling overhead. Its casing was crusted with rust that rattled when the floor overhead creaked with the passing of feet. The basement twilight obscured the form of a body. The cellar door creaked on its hinges as a large woman descended the wooden stairs. In her hands she carried a pitcher and some bread.

The young man was a Dedicate, one who had been chosen from birth by the Sorceresses to fuel their powers, the mature woman knelt beside him and touched his cheek with her hand, stroking his skin with the side of her thumb. His eyes barely opened and didn't focus on her.

"Here love, I've brought you breakfast." She tore a piece of the bread and soaked it in the water to soften it.

"Elamitra." The young man spoke barely above a faint mumble. A tear fell from his left eye and rolled onto Elamitra's thumb. Her heart broke every time he spoke. She hated the fate which had cursed him to this. Elamitra put aside the bread and lifted the jug to his lips, she poured the life giving liquid into his mouth, Aqua Vitae- enchanted for the Dedicates to preserve their vitality and life, and to ensure their rule.

"Sleep Linus and dream for now while you may."

She ascended from the dark basement and returned to the world above.