in a void of soft air

warning( i might re-write this chapter)

"April..." a voice whispered gently.

I was sleeping, my mind half awake but lost in a mist of dreams and reality.

"April..." the voice whispered again, I stirred. My body left in a void from in which I was nearly awake but still lost in my dreams realm.

My awaking senses heard a soft shirt of air, I felt the cold drafts slide over my body, stroking my cheeks as they slip past. It felt as if my body was in mid air, in a void hovering in complete calmness.

"its OK ,April," the voice said again, soft and loving, like a fathers voice on a sleeping child.

My body stirred again, awakening more, then my senses of reality hit me.

What, I was meant to be in bed. Drafts of wind didn't hit your back when you were in bed, was I being adducted by aliens, fear filled my chest.

"shhh everything going to be OK, sleep April" but I didn't obey, panic wailing in side me, my eyes flung open.

A man dangled above me or floated. His red eyes gazing down at me with an emotion that I didn't recognise. Flecks of black hair stroking my cheeks.

A bright light surround us ,soft and gentle just like the drafts that kissed my back wavering over his face and beyond.

He stared at me for a moment, his lips slightly open, his eyes gazing into mine.

"shhh, April, everything is going to be OK," it was the last I heard or saw of him before the light thickened and began to cover me.

Then I truly panicked and everything went black.

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