Dark Ripping Seams

I don't know how i feel about leaving

Leaving familiarity.

Leaving the sounds of the rushing cars passing on the highway.

Rushing, Screaming highway that used to lull me to sleep on dark nights.

Black skies crinkling above.


Stars peeking out and ripping the thick seams of the tightly knit blackness above.

Urging me to walk outside.

I stare up at the city lights, blinking, that somehow ended up above.

Lost but unable to move from where they are.

The noise of the highway keeps me where i am, i don't move.

I'm at my window staring out the clear panes at the highway.


I know how i feel now.



Longing suddenly engulfs me.

I want to go back to where i used to be.

But there is no turning back.

I regret ever wanting to leave this place.

The screams of rubber on pavement had always spoken to me.

Still do.

Leading into something more than just noise.

My heart beat begins to match the blur of the passing traffic.




Steady and peaceful.

I close my eyes and try to memorize this moment.

Familiar and right.

I will miss it here.

Then i remember...

I already do,


I have gone.