Her short, curling, brown hair tempted him.

There wasn't much about her that didn't tempt him. Her sparkling laugh. Her gentle blue eyes. The way she tilted her head, the curve of her hips. It was all very tempting, very tempting indeed. But she wasn't his. She wasn't his to touch, to kiss or even to smile at. Often those blue eyes were more harsh than gentle when trained on him. It was his own fault, he'd brought it on himself. Winning her over had been a mission he'd started out wrong and only gotten worse at.

He didn't tempt her.

No, if anything he repulsed her. She turned down her nose at the smirk always gracing his smug face. She shook her head at the charm he passed around in large amounts. She didn't like his dimples, his knowing and menacing eyes or his sharp features. His voice made her skin crawl and she wished he wouldn't look at her the way he did. Her mission in life was to avoid him and wait on the sidelines for his downfall. It was only a matter of time before some girl came along, grabbed ahold of his heart for real, and then shattered it. This day would be the greatest day of her life.

It was a game.

The thrill, the fights, the glares, the stares - it was all a game to him. One he spent far too many hours playing. She saw it as him being him. She couldn't see past his snarky comments and his smirks. And he was positive she wasn't suppose to. She wasn't suppose to see through his mask to the lonely little boy on the inside. That would have ruined the game, almost as much as either of them folding under the pressure would have. And they were both too mindful of their pride to do that.

It wasn't a game to her.

She took his witty remarks, the quirk of his brows and the humorless laughs to heart. With each biting word and every win, she hated him more. He seemed to find amusement in getting under her skin. She refused to stoop to his level though. No, she'd wear her mask of innocence like a shield. It would act as armour around her heart. A heart he'd never know the satisfaction of breaking - one he hadn't dug his poisoned talon into and never would if she had anything to say about it.

She hated him almost as much as he loved her.

It hadn't been love at first sight. He'd known her since they were kids. Being two halves of the same soul, they naturally repealed one another. But what had changed for him one summer night hadn't changed for her. He'd seen a side of her unknown to many and he'd fallen for that side. He hadn't seen it since, but he was sure if he pushed hard enough her true colors would shine.

She hated him more than she thought possible.

There was a burning straight into her core. A burning of hate for this one man alone. She'd always tried to live a good life, accept all and hate none. But she'd been unable to bury her feels for this monster with the dark eyes and light hair. He was a devil in an angels body. Trying to tempt her at every corner with the apple from the forbidden tree. She was no Eve and he wasn't Adam. He'd never eat from her tree and it was all she could do not to burn his down.

And that's all he wanted.

The real her, the real person behind the mask of innocence and beauty. He wanted the serpent with the dark eyes and sharp tongue. This kind front was boring and she'd driven it into the ground. He knew all it would take was pressing the right buttons one too many times and she'd snap back into that person he'd glimpsed only once. She wouldn't thank him at first, but then she'd realize too that it was who she was meant to be.

What he thinks he knows, he doesn't.

He thinks she's this other person on the inside. He believes he's seen a darker soul in her - a soul to match his own, in fact. But it's a lie. There is no serpent beneath the surface. Inside and out, there is only her. Just as he is rotten in all forms, she is the exact opposite. They share nothing and never will. She doesn't love him and can't ever see herself with anyone like him, much less him himself. There's something wicked about him she refuses to fall for, to love.

They were two people, with the same nature.

Opposites might attract, but so do soul mates. And who could be more soul mate than two people with the same soul?

They were two very different people.

It only kills her inside to know opposites do attract. And if anyone was her opposite, it was him.