Ride Through the Storm

The powerful movement of my horse thundered underneath me, the rain was crashing down, the lighting striking the ground in the distance, but still too close for my liking. My horse was snorting in exertion, her ears were pricked and her eyes wide in fear. The air was thick with fog, giving a ghostly look to everything.

I thought I would make it back before the storm hit, but it had started so quickly, with no warning, the heaven had opened up with a vengeance. I steered her into the trees, hoping for some cover from the lashing rain. I started down the track, my horse jumps over the fallen branches and gullies of pouring water.

Lighting cracked against one of the trees, separating a large branch from an enormous oak tree. The branch clattered down to the ground, right in my path. My horse reacted before me, she skidded to a stop and reared, the grown was so wet she slipped backwards.

We fell together backwards, we hit the soaked ground. My head ruptured against a sharp rock, effectively breaking my riding hat in two. A piercing pain radiated up my left leg has the weight of my horse crashed down on it.

The world seemed foggier from my place on the floor, my vision was now becoming hazier, and blackness was not on the edge of my vision. My face was warmed by a hot breath on my numb face, it was once again cold has a wet nose nuzzled my check. Her effort to wake me were in vain, had my eyes had already shut, and the darkness was taking me to the pain free nothingness.