Chapter One

The world spun, has a dull light tried to revive me. The pokes and prods where sharp against my frosty skin, the shouts reverberations in my head. My body felt weightless, my mind oblivious to any peril I may be in. I was lingering on the edge of oblivion, slowly being pulled back to perception. Time meant nothing, has I hung onto the void, it could be hours or minutes passing.

I was suddenly heavy, agony racing across my head, and a sticky dampness clung to my hair. I tried to open my eyes but, it was as if there was a whiteout. My hearing now came in stutters, and I managed to pick up a few words "dead… awake… how… storm… doctor…" I attempted to put my hand to my head; however it was held in place. I strained against the bonds, panic set in. Then as if a fog lifted my sense returned to me, my vision become sharp, my hearing piercing, and my voice thunderous as I all but growled at the people holding me in place. Adrenalin hit my blood stream and, I kicked out, but has I battled to be free a sudden sting stopped me temporarily, I looked to my left bicep. A rotund man held it, his hair was greying and he supported a large moustache and round glasses. His face was red, has though exerted by holding me down. He was holding a silver scalpel in his hand; my blood was on the tip. I noticed a kidney dish underneath my elbow,

"What the fuck" I shouted, this man was going to bleed me. "Are you crazy?" the sound of my voice must have stunned the people around me, has their death grips loosened. I used their dumbfounded state to my advantage, I pulled my limbs from their grasp, I winced at the pain in my left arm has it scratched against the blade which he had still be embedded in my skin.

I backed up to the wall; I was on a bed, a four poster bed. The room was large but dark, only lit by candles, but by want I could make out the room was made up in an 1800's fashion. Three women stared at me opened mouthed, the man was even redder now, but also open mouthed. The women worn long dark dresses, and white aprons, the man a white linen shirt covered mostly by a waistcoat, and a cravat sort of thing around his neck, all of them look as if they had jumped straight from a period drama from the BBC. They stopped staring and reached out to grab me again, I shrunk back "don't touch me" I warned. I was military trained, my eye already scanning for an exit, but the only one was the door. They backed up a little, giving me my space.

"Master Hunter!" one of the women called, the door burst open and a dark shadow stood in the door way. The people looked at it as opened, I took my chance. I bounced across the bed and sprinted to the door, I angled my body, and put my weight behind the trust, has I pushed the tall man over. My head whirled, but I pushed on. I ran to the stairs, I jumped down them two at a time. I could now see the door, my way out.

"Stop her," a voice echoed, I didn't look back, but two figures appeared at the bottom of the stairs. I stopped, they blocked the way, I looked around. I jumped over the banister; I tucked and rolled to spread the impact of the 8 foot drop. I was now feeling sick and stumbled as I took off running again.

I ran, the blackness once again pushing on the edge of my vision. I found myself in a kitchen; the wooden door was a welcome sight. I ran to it, but before I could push it open, someone else opened it from the other side. I skidded to a stop, but managed to stay up, I turn the other door I had just enter through was now full. I squared myself up the young man in front of me,

"Stop her" the words repeated, the boy took the challenge up. I once again tried to barrel through him like I had the one upstairs, but this one was stronger and ready for it. He side stepped and grabbed me, his arms wrapped tightly around me waist. Fear crossed my face, but I masked it, I wouldn't let them see I was scared. The man held tight, I kicked out in panic and a small scream escaped my lips. I was slowly losing strength, and my trashing lessens.

"Sir?" the man holding me asked, but that was when I heard her,

"Rebel" hearing her whinny, poured strength back into my fight. This time I used my training, I flung my head backwards, effectively making contact with his nose, agony exploded in my head but I push it from my mind. While he was off balance kicked me him on the inside of his knee. He loosed me has he fell in pain, I rolled away and push myself up and started to run, "rebel" I called, she neigh again and I ran to were the sound had commenced. The rain still hammered on the ground, while lightning strikes the ground and thunder rumble has though laughing at my distress.

A barn appeared around the corner, I pushed on, and flung myself in tough the small opening. I stopped inside the door way, in the middle of the row of stables was my 16.3 Friesian mare trashing, two stable boys trying to hold her bridle in a futile attempt to control her. She reared pulling one boy off his feet sending him flying across the barn, the other backed off, fear plastered on his face. She pawed the air with her enormous front hooves, her whinny was piercing. I walked forwards to her, I heard my attackers clatter though the door way and then freeze in both amazement and fear. She was beautiful to behold, and only let a select few in her inner circle. People blamed me for that, because I had had her from a foal, but I knew better.

I felt the air move behind my back has a hand tried to grab me, but they didn't dare come any closer and I was now out of reach. She landed and I reached out to her, she bowed her head and I leaned in so my head touched her forelock. She breathed in pants, but rubbed my chest with her nose, her way of saying sorry. "It's okay" I whisper to her. The adrenaline was fading and I was feeling drained, and faint. I stumbled forward, Rebel tried to use her nose to stop me from falling, but she couldn't hold me, and I fell to my knees. She lowered her head to me and pushed her nose against my forehead, she then nickered at me, "I'm fine" but we both knew I wasn't, not this time.

I moved my hand to her check, but that was a struggle, and it feel back to the floor quickly. She moved her head up quickly and I heard her high pitched warning whinny.

"It okay girl, I'm not going to hurt her, I'm trying to help her" I heard the voice like thought water. I feel forward again, instinct made me push my arms out to try and lessen the impact, but they did little. I was aware of a shadow looming over me; Rebel had put me under her tummy, using her body to protect me. "Let me help her or she'll die" I saw rebel flinch, as though considering want the man had just said. My eye shut, I no longer had the strength to keep them open. A nose once against press against my face nudging me,

"Rebel run" the word escaped my dry throat in a murmur only she could hear, but she didn't leave me, instead I heard her get down on her knees and then her side has she lied down next to me, effectively wrapping her body around mine. I felt her breath on my head, and cold hand checking my pulse. She was watching the man, protecting me from harm, but she knew that they were the only one who could help me now…