Okay, so I have no idea how I did this but stupid me had placed Cloaked in Red 5 chapter instead of the real one. I'm so sorry guys and hope these next two chapters are enough to make up for it.


Eli woke up with a headache. He groaned, rolling away from the light burning from behind his eyelids before the events of the last couple of days caught up with him and he was bolting upright looking for Tanner.

Tanner was lying several feet away, back turned. He was still alseep or unconscious or whatever but he was breathing and he was fine.

"Tanner," the elder brother murmured crawling over to the 14-year-old and shaking his bony shoulder, "Tanner, it's time to wake up now."

Tanner groaned, rolling over before his eyes shot open and he was sitting straight up swaying slightly. He groaned closing his eyes in obvious pain. Eli just smiled softly, petting the boy's hair.

"You alright there, kid?" he asked and Tanner just nodded.

Together they exited the small hut surprised to see themselves in a small village of sorts. The people that woke them up chanting the other day roamed in between the tents set up. They wore little clothing and had their shoulders and faces panted in various colors of paint.

"Glad to see you two awake, White Devils!" a deep voice boomed at the same time a giant hand clamped on either boys' shoulder, "I thought you were going to sleep in."

"And miss all of this?" Eli snapped back sarcastically before Tanner could elbow him in the ribs before flashing a sweetly innocent smile back at the big man.

"Please excuse my brother. He can get like that if he doesn't get enough beauty sleep."

Eli rolled his eyes and the big man laughed before leading them further in the village while explaining, "My name is Chacha which means strength and these are my people. We are the longest living inhabitants on this island surviving for decades to come. Every year we are forced to watch some poor sucker being stranded here. This year it was you two."

While he was talking a beautiful girl made her way over to them. She wore a revealing dress and had straight black hair and the largest brown eyes they brothers' had ever seen. She flashed cocky smirk at Eli.

"Hey there boys," she purred allowing her voice to drop an octave as if she was trying to seduce them.

"Hey," Tanner responded oblivious with her looks. Eli resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"Kenna," Chacha warned but of what Eli wasn't sure. All he knew was that this girl was attractive and she knew it and was willing to use that against people. People like her make Eli sick.

Chacha made quick introductions before explaining, "As you have already noticed, this island is almost alive and prays on weaker souls."

"But not you despite being... children," Kenna added making Eli snap his attenion to her.

"You're not much older than us," he pointed out not missing the way her smile wavered on her face.

"Not you. You're big and strong and practically a man. I was talking about shrimpy over there," and pointed a finger at Tanner who blushed looking down at his feet. Rage burned through Eli.

"He is not a shrimp," Eli growled stepping forward to poke her chest, "And you can watch what you're talking about while I'm around because after the last couple of days I've had I am not below hitting a girl."

"Now, now," Chacha interrupted, "Let's not threaten my daughter here in front of me. You two are welcome to stay as long as you like though."

Eli looked stunned before growling and stomping back towards the tent. Tanner smiled his thank you before scampering after his brother.

Later when their bellies were full and Tanner was curled up asleep Eli heard the tent flap open and in waltzed Kenna wearing even less clothes than what she wore earlier.

"I knew you would appreciate this," she murmured moving to sit in his lap to nibble on his ear.

Eli growled, shoving her off and casting nervous glances at his sleeping brother. She seemed to catch on to his discomfort and smiled wickedly walking back over to him.

"Don't worry," she whispered in his ear, "I slipped him something to keep him asleep while we have some... fun."

And that was the end of Eli's patience with this girl because she had drugged his brother so she can come in here expecting him to sleep with her. It sent rage boiling through his veins and he clenched his teeth together.

"Get offa me!" he snapped shoving her away, "And don't come near me or my brother again!"

She stared at him hatefully for a second before started screaming for her dad and ran out of the tent. Eli groaned before swooping his brother in his arms and quickly exited the tent. He had a feeling they had just outstayed their welcome.

"Daddy!" Kenna screamed, fake sobs bursting from her mouth as she ran through the narrow paths, "Daddy! Eli- Eli just tried to rape me."

And hence the angry mob suddenly storming over to the brothers' tent only to be disappointed at the fact that the brothers had left.

"Find me those boys and bring them to me!" Chacha exclaimed wrapping a protective arm around Kenna, "In fact, if they resist, you can kill the little one. I only want the older one. I want to watch him beg and plead for his pathetic life."

"What are you planning on doing with them once you're done?" a nervous man asked not liking how Kenna looked satisified or how Chacha's eyes looked murderous in the firelight.

"Kill them, of course."