It wings were turning gray

The tiresome Phoenix was slowly dying

He stared at it

It gave a glare

With an eye that seemed to lose it flare

A croak came out in the slightest

There, there he would say

Brushing the phoenix in a manner

Don't whimper in fear

For fear is nothing

You will live on…

He shut his eye in such a way

That when they would look

It would be no more

Now as I promised you not too long ago

Rise from what you are now

The dust that was once a majestic bird

Laid quiet forever now

A wind blew showing sympathy

And cried for its awakening

Maybe your time has truly come

A tear would fall from his eyes

For what once gave happiness

Was now all gone...


What is this! He spoke

So you decided to not go again

A fire in your eye is back again

What is gone has risen again

And you shall always come back

To me

He picked the chick and left the room

Holding the bird in such a manner

That none would ever harm it