I was falling… It was black all around me. Last I knew it was the end, but now I was falling. My clothes somewhat got in my face making it even darker. All I could see was myself. It was a complex experience that would not let it become easily described. Truly, it was more like floating, then falling. My hands stretched outward as if they were trying to catch something… but failing to do so. A dim light shown in the distance, it gradually came brighter and brighter as I continued to fall. The impact was soon and I would soon start knowing the terms of pain and death. Once my body had completely gone through the darkness, the sky sewn itself together again almost like that last wove on a quilt. Now all that was left was me, the gray sky, and an endless forest, dirt road below.


Gravity had seemed to come back as my body hit the ground. I felt my bones shatter inside me, some tearing through my skin. A large pool of blood was surrounding me. Everything was turning darker and darker. There were footsteps not too far ahead and it seemed yells were all over the place.

"Hel-lp" I pleaded with the last of my strength. Stretching my arm out as if to signal I could signal I was here. It then fell black.

"YOU DEVIL'S CREATION! DO NOT THINK YOU CAN JUST RUN! WE WILL BE ON YOU TO THE DAY YOU DIE" they yelled behind her. She didn't respond though and kept running hoping her strength and endurance could somehow keep her alive. The dirt road left dust with every hurried step she took. She tripped, but quickly got up and continued running. Her chasers were even closer now. A bodily lump was laid not too far away on the road. As she began to narrow in she realized it was a person. She did not take time to examine it though as she ran into the forest and hid behind the bushes at the curve in the road.

"Where the hell is she!" One of the attacker roared! They soon saw the blood-drenched body in their way of the road.

"Who is this?" one of the chasers asked.

"Probably another victim of that devil. It is even more brutal then her last kill. Check if he is alive" The other the chaser walked over the man and placed two of his fingers onto the man's throat.

"He's alive!"

"Then we had better hurry and get him back to the organization. They will know what to do about this."

"What about the girl?"

"Life first, then evil. You know their policy."

The other man sighed remorsefully "Let's go then." They started to leave as they picked up the boy. When doing so, his arm slipped showing a tattoo down his left wrist. It was of two keys conjoined and a white butterfly proceeding to go through it. The girl stared in a horrified awe.

"No… It couldn't… How…" She looked down on her left wrist. The same tattoo was there.

A taste of blood filled my mouth. It was cold, no, freezing. I was in a dark room. The only source of light was a flickering, florescent light above me. I walked over to it and picked it up. I stood up with what strength I had and began to walk around. Each step of mine on the metallic floors, echoed in the darkness. Soon I came across a metal door, dimly lit from the darkness of the room. I hurriedly twisted the doorknob which felt like ice, sending chills down my spine. It was locked… I placed my ear against the door and I could hear somebody whispering in the distance... What were they saying…? I did not matter… the voice shortly faded.

"God, I got to get out of here…" I said to myself

I walked around the room pressing my right hand against the wall. I then shortly realized there was no hope for me. The light stopped flickering leaving me in complete darkness. I then felt, so tired… My breathing got heavy and my blinking became longer and longer. I collapsed to the floor. There was no more hope for me… I slowly closed my eyes and fall asleep on that cold, cold, floor.

The gray concrete went endlessly ahead. The sun was slowly setting on the horizon, coming down creating a distinctive, pink sky. Night was looming and the girl feel in apprehension. At night it was not safe… Not as long as she was alive. The shadowy appearance of the giant fortress gloomed a little ways off. Eighty-nine feet in the air and always caused a long shadow that would appear at sunset. She continued down the path towards a steel gate and security post. A guard stood watch out in the front of the post, wearing a dark blue outfit. He was in a trance, staring at a clipboard in his right hand. Even as the girl approached close, the man took little focus away from the clipboard. Once she was no more than five feet away, the man spoke.

"Excuse me, Miss? May I please see your identifi-"

She placed her arm around his neck squeezing tightly. The man struggled and tried to reach the gun on the post counter. He was inferior to her grasp and could not do anything, but struggle. She held choking his neck until all his last bit of breath was gone, and he fainted, falling onto the ground with a dead look in his eyes.

"They'll be here soon" she thought to herself.

She removed a card from the guard's left chest and began to walk over to the scanner beside the gate. A red light flashed over the pass.

"Access to Area D Accepted" the female, computerized voice said. The gate slowly opened. She walked into towards the door just beyond the gate and readied herself for what lied inside the building. That is when it began to take control once more.

"Why? Why now?" she cried falling to the ground. But she had no choice, she must let it take control of her once more. She was there to save him.

If he was not dead yet…

A white light absorbed me from every angle. I laid on a white tiled floor looking up at the shining lights above. It took a while till my eyes adjusted. My mouth was dry and I could only make a little noise come out. Steadily, the area became clear. I was in a white room, with a large light above me. There was a mirror not too far away that shown my own tattered reflection. I tried to remember anything that could explain where I was. Nothing, the only things I could remember were a dark room and falling… Yes the falling. The painful fall down onto earth. The terror of my bones shattering inside me and ripping through my skin. I rushed to look in the mirror, not a single wound. Nothing hurt and there was no sign it ever happened. I was utterly confused and could not help searching for any scars or evidence that this did happen. I lifted up the white shirt I had suddenly began wearing

That is when I heard a voice in the distance, one that I just could not make sense of. It was most likely my mind playing tricks on me. I continued to look into the mirror trying to understand what happened. I simply had a strange feeling about all th-

"Could you please tell me your name?" A deafening voice spoke. I placed my hand against my ears trying to block out the noise. I fell into a horrible agony like a chorus of crying angels screamed into my ears.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry! How about this? Is this better?" It was much lower now, but my ears stung when I lowered my hand.

"Yes, thank you" I replied my throat hurting with each word.

"I told that damn technician it was too loud. They think they know everything don't they. But of crap, that's what they know. Well then, let me repeat, can you please state your name" My name, what was my name? I tried to bring it up, but it was all foggy. All I could think of was the same memory of the dark room and the falling.

"I-I don't know…"

"What do you mean?"

"I-don't know. I just don't know it. It is some sort of amnesia."

The man sighed and spoke in a strange, sarcastic happiness, "Then let keep moving on." The sound of papers shuffling took place of the man's voice and they sounded as if they were being moved in a slow, unathusiactic way. "Ahh, here we go. Do you remember anything from recent memory?"

"I remember a dark room, with only a flickering light and I walked around searching for an escape but there was only this locked metallic door"

"Yes…" the voice spoke unassiringly " Do you remember anything else, perhaps being hurt by something… anything of those sorts?"

"Nothing" I replied quickly. I lied not wanting to bring up the fall. I felt as if they were hiding something from me.

The voice made a deep sigh. "Well, then let's move on… again." The voice seemed to be more annoyed with me now. What was I to do? Papers were shuffled around once more until they came to a erupt stop. "Ahh… here we go. Can you explain the tattoo on your left wrist?"

I looked down on my wrist. I was not sure what he was talking about until I saw it. A tattoo with two keys conjoined and a white butterfly going through it. I was surprised I hadn't seen it till now. "I-I do not know…"

"THAT IS IT! Stop playing that dumb amnesia act of yours. We have others ways to get you talking."The voice yelled loudly in a horrible rage.

"I told you I do not know"


A body smashed through the mirror and glass shards fell everywhere. The body quickly made the perfectly white room into a hellish scene of murder. Glass shards pierced through the top of the body and the bodies head turned me.

"Wh-why… why…"

A black mass came into the room stepping on the body crushing it under its power. I screamed in utter fear of what was to come. I scurried into the corner, drenched in fear and spotted with blood. It came closer and closer leaving a trail of darkness and death. I felt like crying, but held it in with what I could. That is when it lowered to me and a finger against my mouth, blocking my cries.

A comforting low, female voice than spoke, "Shh…It does not end here."

Darkness is I can remember from there…

She suddenly had control once more and took focus to her surroundings. She turned around to see what it had done. The remains of what once was a person laid in path, his bones and guts smashed on the white, tile floor just by the sheer force of It. She winced and suddenly remembered what she was to do.

She turned her head away from the terrifying scene and took focus to the man. He had passed out, which made her job much easier. She put him on her shoulders and began to leave. On the way out, she stared once more at the tattered body of the interrogator.

"You had no choice." She comforted herself. "Remove the threat and save what is left of you," Every step of hers left a trail of blood marking her guilt. As she walked out into the long, hallway outside the interrogation chamber she saw the horror It created. All around were the helpless people left for dead all killed brutally by it. She saw more and more of the people It had murdered... It brought back the memories she rather had forgotten.

"Get your asses over here, let's go, let's go!" A stampede of footsteps was becoming louder down the hallway, along with the leader yelling at group to hurry. She quickly hid on the nearby wall placing the boy on top of her as a cover.

The people who entered were heavily armed with daggers, guns, armor, and other things she could not identify. Each of them wore a red band with a bold, white A in the center of the band. They split up, some going into the interrogation chamber and some scattering about looking for survivors. Rei knew It did not leave any, but the organization has their ways.

"Where the hell is he!"

Now was her chance to escape. She ran for it the boy placed tightly on her back. That is when she tripped on one of the victims hands and fell in a collapse. The men heard it clearly and quickly started a complete lockdown. Guns fired at the girl as she scurried to escape. One of the guards pulled the alarm and the siren blared in the hallways.

"Intruder alert, Intruder alert…" The alarm consistently said over and over. The hallways stretched on for what seemed eternity.

"Ten, nine, eight more feet, come on, COME ON!" She cried out. The iron door to the exit of the building was slowly closing. She slid under the door and made it through just at the last second. Somebody would pay their life for her escape, but she did not care in the end. She got what she wanted, but at what cost to herself? The boy arms fell down her chest revealing the tattoo to her once more. She repositioned the boy a bit better on her back and ran far away. Not stopping for miles to come…

Life is a strange concept. It gives you itself and takes it away from you all so suddenly. I barley could grasp it myself. It was another trick. The white butterfly came closer and closer to me flapping its glowing, white wing. I knew I could not trust it, I knew I should not… Yet, why did I seem so attached, so mystified by it. I tried to grasp it, but it always seemed to be just out of arm's reach. It was so majestic… It was all that was in my interest. Even the flames surrounding me could not stop me from getting away from it.

"Sebastian! Watch out!" a voice called, but it was gone before I could respond. ..

I was falling. Falling into the darkness, but this time it would not end. Life has the strangest of tricks up its sleeve, but at least it is not all that powerful.

Sebastian… I like that name…

End of Chapter 1