Dreams of Memories

Ch.1 End is New

I was falling… It was black all around me. Last I knew it was the end, but now I was falling. My clothes somewhat got in my face making it even darker. All I could see was myself. It was a complex experience that wouldn't let itself easily described. Truly, it was more like floating then falling. My hands stretched outward as if they were trying to catch something… but failing to do so. A dim light shown in the distance, it gradually came brighter and brighter as I continued to fall. The impact was soon, knowing the pain or death I would go through soon. Once my body had completely gone through the darkness, the sky had sewn itself together again. Now all that was left was me, the gray sky, and an endless dirt road.

"Goodbye." Gravity had seemed to come back as my body hit the ground. There were several breaking noises and red was surrounding me. Everything was turning whiter and whiter. There were footsteps not too far ahead and yells were all over the place.

"Hel-lp" I pleaded with the last of my strength. Stretching my arm out as if to signal I was here. It then fell black

"YOU DEVIL'S CREATION! DON'T THINK YOU CAN JUST RUN WE'LL BE ON YOU TO THE DAY YOU DIE" they yelled behind her. She didn't respond though and kept running hoping her strength and endurance could keep her alive. The dirt road left dust with every hurried step she took. She tripped, but quickly got up and continued running. Her chasers were even closer now. A lump was laid near the road. As she began to narrow in she realized it was a person. She didn't take time to examine it though as she ran into the forest and hid behind a single bush.

"Where the heck is she." They soon saw the body in the road.

"Who is this" one of the chasers asked.

"Probably another victim."

"Better get him back to the organization; they'll know what to do."

"What about the girl?"

"Life first, then evil. You know the policy."

"Let's go then." They began to leave as they picked up the boy. When doing so his arm slipped showing a tattoo down his left wrist. It was of two keys conjoined and a white butterfly about to go through it.

"No… It couldn't… How…" She looked down on her right wrist. The same tattoo was there.

A taste of blood filled my mouth. It was cold, no, freezing. I was in a dark room. The only source of light was a small lantern near the middle of it. I walked over to it and picked it up. It felt rusty as it moved against my hands. I began to walk around. Each step of mine, echoing in the darkness. Soon a door dimmed from the light of the lantern. I ran over to it and twisted the doorknob which felt like ice sending chills down my spine. It was locked…

"God, I got to get out of here…" I said to myself

I walked around the room pressing my hand against the wall. I realized there was no hope for me. The only exit was the metallic door over to the far right side. The light ended a few minutes later. It was a sign that I have been here awhile. At least, longer then I thought. There was no more hope for me. I slowly began to close my eyes and fall asleep on the cold, cold, floor.

The gray concrete was moving endlessly ahead. She was running…fast. Any faster she would be unseen from the eye. But, she kept her speed as it was. The sun was slowly coming down creating a distinctive pink sky. Night was coming and she knew it. At night it wasn't safe… It wasn't long until she was there. The dark look of a fortress gloomed a little ways. Forty two feet in the air and was causing a long shadow that would appear at sunset. She continued down the path towards a medal door and a security guard wearing a dark blue outfit was standing.

"Excuse me, Miss, May I please see your identifi-"

She placed her arm around his squeezing tightly. Until all his breath was gone, he fainted, falling onto the ground with a dead look in his eyes.

"They will be here soon" she thought to herself.

She removed a card from the guard's left chest and began to walk over to the scanner beside the door. A red light flashed over the pass.

"Access to Area A Accepted" the computerized voice said. The door slowly opened. She walked into the darkness pulling out a long sliver blade. She was there to save him.

If he wasn't dead yet…

A white light absorbed me from every angle. It took a while till my eyes adjusted. My mouth was dry and little noise could come out. Steadily, the area became clear. I was in a white room, with a big light above me. There was a mirror not too far away. I tried to bring my past up. Nothing, but a dark room with a lantern, having nothing else and falling… Yes the falling. The painful fall down onto earth. Nothing hurt from it, there was no sign of it, at all. I heard a mummering that I just couldn't make sense of, most likely my mind playing tricks on me. I began to look into the mirror. A scar was on the left side of my face. I began to rub my hand against it. It had been there awhile, at least from what I could tell.

"Could you please state your name?" A loud voice came from nowhere. I placed my hand against my ears trying to block out the noise. My ears were in pain when I let go.

"Sorry about that sir, is this better?" It was much lower now

"Yes, thank you" I replied.

"Perfect, now can you please state your name" I tried to bring it up. Nothing... only the same memory of the dark room and the lantern.

"I-I don't know…"

"What do you mean?"

"I-don't know. I just don't know it. It's some sort of amnesia."

"*sigh* then let's move on." Papers sounded as if they were shuffled and moved around drastically. "What do you remember before now?"

"A dark room, with only a lantern..."

"I know that, we put you there for." the voice paused. "For safe keeping...Before that…"

"Nothing, sir" I replied quickly. I lied not wanting to bring up the fall. I felt s if they were hiding something from me.

A deep sigh went on. "Well, then let's move on again." The voice seemed to be more annoyed with me. Papers were moved around again. "Ahh… here we go. Can you explain the tattoo on your left wrist?"

I looked down on my wrist. It was a tattoo with two keys conjoined and a white butterfly going through it. I was surprised I hadn't seen it till now. "I-I don't know…"

"THAT'S IT! Stop playing that dumb amnesia act of yours. We have others ways to get you talking." The voice yelled loudly in a horrible rage.

"D*** it, I told you I don't know"

"Like heck you don…" Blood splattered across the mirror.

"What the." I yelled stuttering. A black figure came into the room. I scurried into the corner. It came closer and closer. It was leaving a trail of blood from the long blade it was carrying. I felt like crying but held it in. It pressed a finger against my mouth, blocking my cries.

"Shh…It doesn't end here." Blackness was all that was after

He had passed out, using the same trick she used on the guard. She put him on her shoulders and began to leave. She walked by the man she just killed. He laid there next to his chair, white eyed, dead.

"You had no choice." She told herself. "Remove the threat." Every step in the giant fortress she was in made a trail of blood. Footsteps were in front of her, yelling. She hid on the nearby wall placing the boy over her as a cover- up. The men who entered were heavily armed with daggers, guns, armor, and other things she couldn't identify. They scattered about looking for survivors. She didn't leave any, but the organization has its ways. Soon several of the men entered the room the boy was being interviewed in. Now was her chance to escape. She ran for it the boy lying on her back. A few of the men noticed and started the lockdown.

"Intruder alert, Intruder alert." The alarm consistently said over and over. She knew there was no turning back as she pulled her sword out of one of the men's neck.

"Ten, nine, eight more feet, come on" She cried to herself. The iron door was slowly closing. She slid under the door hoping not to get crushed. She made it through at the last second. "Any more time she wouldn't have made it. She put the boy on her back a little better and ran. Not stopping for miles…

Life is a strange concept. It gives you itself and takes it away. I barley could grasp it. It was another trick. A silver, yet black butterfly came closer and closer to me. I tried to grasp it, but never could do so. It was attracted to me or so it seemed. It was all that was in interest. Even the flames surrounding me couldn't stop me from getting away from it."

"Sebastian! Watch out!" a voice called but it was gone before I could respond and I was just falling. Life has its strange trick. This is amnesia is one of the several. But at least it isn't all powerful. Sebastian… I like that name…

End of Chapter

Author's Note: I've worked on this story for over 6 months, and only three chapters have been completed. I must thank anyone who is reading this. The story may seem confusing from time to time, but it all gets explained eventually. I hope you found this story interesting and do not feel afraid to leave a review. All comments good or bad are appreciated. THANK YOU READER!