Ch.3 A Feeling of Hopelessness

Rei lay on the ground holding Sebastian. No Tears would come out, only a deadly silence. It felt as if her world was crumbling. Life was a lie, hope a false statement. Whenever Rei had though it with her, it would flee, in one horrible escape. Leaving her with all she had known…Fear…It what had raised her, borne her. She squeezed Sebastian's leg making, if any, pain go through him. The darkness was close. It was coming back for her, the light, the death, the never-ending h…

She trembled holding her arm after what she did. There dead bodies lay lifeless on the ground. Rei's past was coming back, the things she spent so hard to rid. She was reliving the nightmare. Ever since then, there was no hope for her. She was an evil all fear. There would be no end to her suffering, at least for her. She slid open the metal door at the end of the room where the horror she caused were.

Rei was back out of her memory still holding Sebastian's leg. A drizzle of blood poured down where she had now drew her nails into his leg. She let go and collapsed to the side of him. A heavy pant went on for some time. He continued to stare at her, with a cold, cold stare and a frown of denial. She stood up and moved back step by step, until she came into a sprint running into the ashes of the forest. A pain absorbed her and she fell to the ground. A shriek came blaring out in agonizing pain. All was gone from her and it was releasing itself…

Darkness has let itself in

When a shriek filled the air, which would make any sane man terrified. I stayed at the tree, left in this place. Rei…she was a devil, an evil creation…

"A Devil's Creation." I whispered to myself.

My head looked to the ground. I tried to keep in all my emotions. There was nothing left, all my fear was real now. A loud bang filled my ears and a terrible pain covered my chest. I let my body fall to the side, now not being able to feel anything. I touched the spot where the undesirable pain was. Blood leaked onto my fingers. I looked up and a cold head touched my head and forced me to the ground. The person put a gun to my head. The voice gave an insane giggle and let the safety be released. One more second, then, then it'd all be over. My eyes closed allowing my fate to come. I felt nothing… I knew nothing…

The shot never came. Blood leaked onto my head, dripping down it. The man fell to the ground, cut through the throat. Blood pumped out continually all over the ground. I could only grin and laugh. An insane laugh, eyes wide and with an amused smile of the death around me. My sanity was no more. I was lost, it was over, and it turned dark.

Darkness takes over many. It controls them, it forces them to enter its fiery grasp and never return. People tried to understand it, expand it, live with it. Rei was this darkness… She felt nothing but pain. Every end this suffering would not work. Darkness: as stated, controlled her, used her. She was a Devil's Creation. Through the little control she had Rei watched as a lost, destroyed look filled his face, blood constantly dripping down him. The black mass she was in crept towards Sebastian. The darkness began to absorb him.

"Not him, no, STOP, AHHHHHHH!"

She went into a ball holding herself, helpless as the darkness began to take over him. She covered her eyes. Scared of what to come…

My eyes opened and Rei was there a little in the distance. She came closer and closer to me until she was a blur. I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I was in a village. People screamed in fear, fire burning everywhere. Nothing would survive it. Men in white uniforms sprinted through the town. Pulling out long guns they killed anyone left. I covered my eyes not wanting to see the horrors. Not wanting to hear there cries. I felt helpless, alone, gone…

The yells ended, only ashes of the town were left. A girl stood at the end of the narrow stretch of it. Her cold, gray eyes stared at me, looked at me, Knew me.

"Re-Rei" I said stretching out my hand. I stood and ran to her. A smile of joy filled my face.

"REI!" I was pulled away from her. Hands grabbed me. They pulled me from the ground, farther and farther away.

"REI…rei" I blinked and when I awakened I was in a metal hallway. A window at the end of the hall. I walked to it. A young girl screams blared out of it. The colorless path finally ended at the window. A girl was strapped to a metal chair. People in lab coats cut her with scalpels examining her. She lifts her back up trying to escape them.

"You know…"a voice said from behind me as it stretched its white hand down my chest. "There is no turning back now…You know…"

"You know…" It repeated. "YOU know…" I felt horror, fear. More and more screams of pain came from the room. Little of my sanity was left.

"You know…"

"I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! GET AWAY!" All I could do was yelling at it. The girl no longer screamed. It was the people around her who did it. Their bodies flew around the room. Blood drenching everything…

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD…please…GET OUT…I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING…GET ME OUT OF THIS TORTURE…THIS INSANITY" A door opened from inside the window and the girl inside walked out a dark mass following her. Blood dripped down her body from the people inside.

"Sebastian, now you know my darkness…"

Rei had no control over it. The dark mass painfully plucking out her dreams, her memories straight into him. Blood from the wound came back into Sebastian as the dark mass took over his body. It would heal him, and then use him as it had done to Rei. Rei trembled and cried, begging for it to release started to go through his arm crawling up to his elbow.

"STOP, I BEG YOU!" It would not end, it never did. I reached his shoulder.

"Please…" A tear fell down her face. She had lost everything

"Why? I thought you wanted this?" the darkness spoke. "Do you tell a lie?"

"No, not like this…NOT EVER "she chose her words carefully. She was Sebastian's only hope.

"You will be alone… he will leave…never return and betray your soul." It replied. "Just you and darkness for eternity." The darkness paused.

"Do you know what you are doing? DO YOU!?"

"No, I don't"

"Then let me finish"


'Fine, but I will still be in him. This has only just begun. Your inner will may have control over me. That was the deal… or must we remember the day?"

"No, we shall not."

"He will not be free from this"

"I'll pay that price."

'Your choice…" The darkness pulled back from him sucking itself back into Rei. She screamed in agony. It was gone and she breathed heavily. Sebastian's wound had been healed, no trace of the incident ever being there. He was now part of her fears. A cold dry hand touched her shoulder.

"Don't make the same mistake" A familiar voice said "The same one… that killed me."

It could not happen, not me, not now… The hallway had gone. I was back at the remains of the village. The little girl who was being tortured wandered aimlessly. Hoping to find whatever was left. Every step would give a tear from her face. Knowing everyone she had loved were dead, just ashes she walked through. Only one thing had survived the fire, her. A man walked in from behind me, not noticing me crouching on the ground. He touched the crying girl's shoulder.

"Shh… It's o.k. I'm here."

She grabbed him hard, hugging him with any joy she had left. She pulled down on the back of his shirt revealing his shoulder. There was a tattoo… One with two keys and a silver butterfly flying through both. The same one that appeared on my arm. They went up a long metal staircase going up into a trapdoor.

I was in Darkness. Darkness was back and I glowed in it. I then turned into nothing… yes nothing… that's what I was… I was, I was falling and Darkness was in me.

His eyes opened slowly. Rei felt no emotion. He would ask, he would know.

"Rei," he said. "They-They tortured you, you"

"Sebastian" Rei said trying to stall the conversation. "There is somewhere we must go. I will explain everything then. We must hurry they will return."

"The ones who…" the thought lingered in her head "The ones who hurt you and me"

"But Rei, that man he shot me, why don't I feel anything?" Rei cried at the question.

"It's no longer there" she whimpered

"What do you mean?" he asked

She pulled up his torn shirt. A dark mass covered the wound. The darkness moved in an unsettling ways making his fear run wild.

"What is happening!?" he yelled

"The darkness…"Rei murmured quietly

"Re-AHH" he grabbed at the darkness in agonizing pain.

"We must get to the village" She paused and took a deep breath "before you become the darkness I have caused"

End of Ch.3

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