I was seventeen when it started, though, it took some time for all of the cogs to be set in motion. I remember reading about it, or perhaps I watched it? It doesn't matter. I heard the news that a new system was being introduced in the USA that allowed media companies to take action against file sharing. On the face of it, things seemed perfectly reasonable, but looking deeper, it became clear that something was amiss.

The system allowed the big media companies to completely destroy the anonymity of internet users, one of the most important things about the internet. It also allowed said companies to throttle the internet access of anybody caught 'infringing' their copyrights. This was, ironically, an infringement of our own human rights.

People began to question this violation of their rights. There were those who started to realise that it was never about file sharing or copyright laws. It was about control. The media barons who masterminded this scheme grew up in an age where they controlled every kind of medium. Well now there was the internet, a free for all of media and information... And they wanted to control that as well.

But the internet was the last true vestige of freedom we had, and we weren't going to let it go without a fight. So that was how it began. One relatively small act, that set the stage for a global downfall.

They should have seen it coming, the powers that be. Though, perhaps they did, perhaps it was all intentional? Perhaps they were in the pocket of the corporations from the word go? It doesn't matter. It happened.

Funny to think how things that seem insignificant at the time can spiral downwards out of control, that something so trivial could cause such a massive domino effect. Cause and effect. Consequences of our actions.

Because of something small - even meaningless at the time, I'd end up being caught in the eye of the storm. One decision. If I'd have chosen differently I could have been left out of all this.

Then again... Maybe not... Maybe the game was rigged from the start. It doesn't matter. It happened.