His eyes stuck on me like a presence I could actually touch. Heavy and heady, and a bit frightening to be truthful. No one - well, not many - have looked at me in that way. Why would they?

I'm Marie Annette Bones. Quite an odd one, well, that's what people say. I am not thin by social or accepting standards, but I am not fat by health regulations either. I am an outcast of society. A social pariah when the need arises. I am nothing but a girl with flimsy light brown hair and unnoticed brown eyes. My height is average, just like the rest of me and I am considered an adult by age standards but a child in the eyes of the world.

I am also unapologetic in my aesthetical features. This is how I am, and this is how I'll be. I will be honest and truthful that the words of some have penetrated my consciousness and have left me wounded and hurt. But as that childish saying says "sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never break me". I have a thick-skin; I have to if I am to live in this society of sniveling and people-pleasing humans.

I work in an office full of egotistical morons and hussy, gold-digging women. I am aware that not all of them are like that, but most that I have encountered certainly are.

My job consists of giving the client what they need and keeping everything under wraps. Yes, I work at as publicist. Well, I'm a secretary here at the company. I see and know so many secrets of celebrities, that the gossip rags would make me rich just to know one of them. Currently, the CEO of Prime. C & Co. is very hush-hush about his client. So much so, that he gives me half the day off when the client comes would seem suspicious if Jarrod, the CEO, didn't do this to his top-priority clients.

Jarrod, also one of my parent's best friends, was a private investigator before. Apparently some of his clients come for special consultations once in awhile. And that's whose eyes are following me like a hawk. Not Jarrod, no, his client. He came in unexpectedly. He was all broad shoulders and staggering beauty unleashed upon me when he demanded to see Jarrod. I was left speechless and with almost no personal space, as he had invaded it. I moved my eyes over his face. He was all sharp edges and fine cheekbones. But a pretty face did not faze me, for goodness sakes, I've had Channing Tatum in front of me, and yet here I stand!

"I'm sorry, sir, but Mr Rogers is currently unavailable." I said in a robotic and practiced voice. A pasted smile over my lips.

The man in front of me narrowed his emerald eyes at me and sneered. "I know he is here, you petti woman. So do not dare to deny him from me. I shall speak to him whether you announce me or not."

And that's how it started off. He was arrogant, so much more than those I've ever encountered and over time, he became someone I could see in my future. I just didn't know to what degree.