Registering little from the forceful rivers
That run across the corners of a page
In black to color back to gray then blue
Choosing the path to continue
Deciding what to see, what to do
What to say, when I'm without you

Born and forgotten, set free and recaptured
Baby this world is breathing bubbles
And we're drowning in the sorrow

Triple over then double under
Flip through the chapters
Anyway that you choose
But they're all saying the same thing
That there's more to gain than lose

Lose our hearts, lose our goals
Lose our faith, and then lose ourselves
We're packing up and filling wells
Dirt and mud, pack it good
We did it all, all that we could

Now rest your head sweet love
Sleep against the shoulder of pain
Allow it to flow over your restless soul

Just as long as you know
Your heart, your goal,
Your faith is all out there
Waiting to be dusted off
Pick them up again

Now ask yourself

Do I really want to rest now,
When there's so much to do
Even if it means doing it all without you?