Chapter I

Faith hated her life. She slouched in her seat, shifting uncomfortably in her tight starched dress. She hated tea parties. She listened while her mother chatted away. What a waste of time this was. She could be doing better things.

"Tom," Her mother said. "Why don't you take Faith on a stroll through the garden? You two could really use some fresh air."
"Of course." Tom got up eagerly.
Faith inwardly groaned and got up reluctantly.

The sixteen year olds went to the door, and Tom stuck out his arm for Faith. But he was only met with a cold stare. He cleared his throat awkwardly and they continued towards the garden.

Walking through the lush spring grass, Tom felt the need to start a conversation. Faith felt the need to stomp on his foot and make a run for it.
"So," He started, "how are things going for you?"
Well, that was stupid. Way to go Tom.
"Peachy." Faith replied sarcastically.

"How are your studies going?" He asked.
"Fine," She picked a flower and started tearing the petals to shreds.
"Do you like flowers?"
"I hate them." She wiped the remnants of the flower on her dress. "I absolutely loathe them."

"Oh." He stared at the ground before looking back up at her. "What do you like, then?"
"Nothing. I hate everything."
"Surely you must like something." He insisted.
"Well there are a couple of things I do like," She intended to scare him off, just like all the other boys she was introduced to. "I like to wander in the woods late at night."

"You mean like hiking?"
"No, I mean by the cemetery. It's one of my favourite places." She grinned.
"It is?" He looked at her.
"Oh, yes. I love the dead. They're like my family. I get so awfully lonely these days."
He wore a puzzled and surprised expression.

"And sometimes," She leaned closer to him. "I can hear them screaming."
"What?" He blinked.
"I know, it's such a wonderful noise; the sound of people suffering." She smiled dreamily.
His eyes widened. "Let's start to head back now, shall we?"

Feeling confident in herself, she let Tom lead her back towards the mansion. He abruptly came to a halt in front of the rose bushes, just at the bottom of the hill.
Faith looked confused. "Why did you stop?"
He got down on one knee, holding her hand.
"What are you doing?" Her heart began pounding.

"Faith Isanne," He looked into her crystal blue eyes. "Will you be my wife?"
Her eyes grew twice their size. She'd never been asked personally. She started to panic.
He looked at her expectantly.
She shook her head and backed away.

"Faith….." Tom called to her, but she was already running back to the mansion.
She burst into her room and refused to come out.
Later that evening she finally allowed her mother access to her room. She knew what was coming.
"Why did you run off on him like that? What were you thinking?" She could tell her mother was trying not to raise her voice, but failing miserably. Almost as miserable as Faith was.

"Tom is a perfectly decent man."
"But I don't love him!" Faith snapped. "I can never, will never marry a man whom I do not love!"
"Love is nothing! It matters no less." Her mother scolded. "Why can't you be more like your older sister?"
"It's always Felicity this, Felicity that, isn't it, Mother?" Faith's eyes narrowed. "Who needs me when you always have Felicity?" She didn't realize she was shouting.

"You ungrateful child."
"Leave me alone."
"What did you say?" Anger burned in her Mrs. Isanne's eyes.
"Leave me alone, Mother. Go to Felicity instead." She spat. "Go and tell her what a perfect daughter she is."
"I never…"
"I don't wish to speak to you anymore. Don't make my day worse than it already is."

"Your Father will hear about this, Faith. You will regret your unwise decisions." Mrs. Isanne slammed the door shut.
She rolled her eyes. She didn't regret any of her decisions. Not so far, anyway.

Faith tugged off her heavy dress and put on her nightgown. She gazed at herself in the full length mirror. She combed her silvery white hair and gazed at her reflection. For five whole minutes, she found herself staring. She didn't blink once. She was almost drawn to the mirror. It was a strange feeling. But she shook it off and went to bed.

After lunch Faith was found deep in the library, studying various books with great interest. She was approached by Felicity. "Hello Faith." Her sister chimed.
"Hello Felicity." Faith said without looking up from her book.
"Mind if I join you?"
"Not at all."

Felicity smoothed out her dress and sat down on one of the chairs. "I heard what happened yesterday."
Faith looked up this time. "Hasn't everyone?"
"I suppose." Felicity folded her hands in her lap. "I can't help but feel sorry for Tom."

"I don't," Faith snorted. "He only wanted to marry me for my looks."
Felicity laughed. "You do have a point there."
"Mother scolded me for wanting to marry for love."
"That does sound like Mother." Felicity agreed. "But she only wants what's best for you."
"Yeah right." She rolled her eyes. "She seems pretty bent on ruining my life."
"Oh, don't say that."

"It's true, Felicity. Don't try to convince me otherwise." Faith started reading her book again.
"You are a stubborn one, Faith." Felicity sighed.
But she wasn't listening.
Felicity got up to leave the library.

That night at the dinner table Mrs. Isanne looked unreasonably happy. Faith watched her closely, suspiciously.
"Mother….." She asked warily, "What have you done?"
"Haven't you heard?" Her mother beamed.
"Heard what?"
"You're getting married, Faith!"

She almost spit out her food. "WHAT?! But I said no!"
"You didn't say anything, Faith. That's why I talked with Tom this evening and fixed everything up."
"FIXED EVERYTHING UP?" Felicity cringed at the harshness in her sister's voice.
"You ruined my life!" Faith got up and left the table.

"FAITH!" Her mother called, but it was too late.
She stormed into her room and collapsed onto her bed. She screamed into her pillow. What had mother done?
What would happen after she was married? To... Tom.
She shuddered at the thought.

After a while of lying in her bed, wallowing in self-pity, she got up and stood in front of the mirror. Her cheeks were tear stained and her eyes were red and puffy from crying. She brushed away hair that had started sticking to her face.

Then she felt drawn to it. To the mirror. She stared at it. At her reflection.
And before she knew what she was doing, her hand was coming up to touch the cool surface. Inching slowly.
Then something strange and utterly peculiar happened. Her reflection stopped mirroring her actions. "Stop!" It cried.

Faith stumbled back, startled.
"Don't do it!" The reflection said.
"Why not?" Faith asked.
"I'm trying to protect you!"
"From what? How are you doing that?" Her hand came out again.
"I'm warning you! Faith, you don't want to do this!" Her reflection begged.

"I'll decide what I want to do from now on." She touched the mirror, and it rippled like a pond. Her eyes went wide as her hand slipped through.
Her reflection shook her head sadly. "I tried. I really did."
And Faith was pulled into the mirror.
Then she fell.

Author's Note: Hiya people! This is actually a story I started at midnight that wouldn't leave my head until I wrote it down. It's kinda like Alice in Wonderland but with my own special twist. Please tell me what you think of it, good or bad, so I can improve my writing. I appreciate all your feedback and suggestions. Until next chapter!