Chapter XIV



It was warm. And very wet.

Faith opened her mouth to breathe, the realized she'd made a tragic mistake.

Her lungs burned as she frantically flailed her way to the top.

Skylar surfaced just when she did.

Faith coughed all the water out of her lungs, Skylar patting her back.

"Where are we?" She rasped out.

He lifted up his hand, watching the shimmering water flow between his fingers. "Cleansing River." He concluded. "Underground. One of the largest sources of freshwater in Fairway."

"Oh. Well at least I'm clean now."

They both chuckled.

Faith sighed and clutched onto Skylar, her heavy dress weighing her down. "What happened to the others?"

He looked away. "I'm sure they can take care of themselves."

"I hope so."

They were quiet for a moment, the river carrying them downstream.

"What do you think is going to happen? After all of this is over? What if the Carbo Queen ends up winning?" Faith asked, her eyes big and full of worry.

Skylar brushed damp hair away from her face. "That's not going to happen. We'll win this. I'm sure of it."

"How can you be so certain?" She looked into his silver eyes.

"Because I believe in you, Faith. I know you can."

"Skylar?" Her voice was merely a whisper.


"I'm scared."

He held her face in his hands. "It's okay. You're safe now."

She sniffed. "I know."

And before she could register what was happening, Skylar leaned in, inching closer to her.

His lips brushed against hers.



Then all at once.

Fireworks erupted inside her.

Her mind shut down.

She forgot about everything.

She focused on the now.

She focused on Skylar.

And it was then she believed that everything would be alright.

As long as they were still together.

They held onto each other, not pulling away, not letting go.

This was where Faith wanted to be.

This was where she wanted to stay.

Berry was falling.

Falling down.

Falling fast.

Clocks fell around her.

She saw them fly past.

Violet ringlets blew around her face.

She heard Ivy scream her name.

But she was too late.

Berry's back collided with the ground.

She laid there, unmoving.

The minutes ticked past.

She could hear it.

Which meant one thing: She was still in the Chamber of Time.

Maybe that was a good thing.

She dusted off her white dress and stood back up.

Where to go…

It didn't really matter at this point.

She walked along, the ticking clocks lining the walls.





It mocked her.

She walked faster, breaking into a run.

She ran.

Just like she did so many years ago.

She pressed her lips together and shook the memories away.

She didn't want to remember.

She couldn't.

Berry covered her ears and ran away.

When she couldn't run anymore, she leaned against the wall of clocks and panted.

The memories came back.

She fought back a sob, looking away.

But something caught her eye.

An opaque black coffin to the side of the room.


What was that doing here?

Curiously, she made her way to the far end of the room.

She approached the coffin with caution, and pressed a palm to the black frosted glass.

Berry couldn't make out who was in there, but there was one thing she could be sure of.

There was someone in there, a man from the looks of it.

Whether he was dead or not, she didn't know.

But why in the Chamber of Time?


She pried the lid off, heaving it away.

And right in front of her, lay a teenage boy with jet black hair.

His smoky black eyes shot open.

Berry gasped.

In an instant, he had unsheathed his black diamond sword, jumped out of the coffin, and pinned her to the wall, his knife at her neck.

Her eyes welled up, as she was already crying when she had found him.

"Who are you?!" He demanded, his voice deeper than she remembered.

Hot tears spilled from her eyes and she wore a tired and miserable expression. "I thought it was you, Tristan."

He leaned closer to her face, examining her features. "Amethyst?"

She nodded slowly. "Yeah. It's me."

His sword was lowered and sheathed again. He looked around. "How… When….?"

"I don't know. I just found you here." Berry answered, wiping her eyes. "It's been so painful!"

And without another word, he swept her up in her arms and held her while she cried.

"How long was I….?"

"Years!" Berry wailed. "We all thought you were dead! There was an assassin and everything!"

He buried his face in her violet hair. "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry Amethyst."

"And Mum! The Carbo Queen took her!" Berry was hyperventilating.

Tristan held her tighter. His eyes stung. "No… Stop crying…"

"I can't!" Her tears wet his shoulder. "I had to run…. Run away. They all think Amethyst is dead. So I went to the Cloud People. They call me Berry now."

"That…" Tristan swallowed down a lump forming in his throat. "That makes two of us."

They didn't move for a long time.

Two royals, a prince and a princess, best friends since birth, both believed to be dead.

Both with mothers that hate each other.

Forbidden allies.

And yet, that was the least of their worries.

Prince Tristan Collier Carbo and Princess Amethyst Berry Quartz would make things right again.

They promised each other that.

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