Little Red Walking Sneakers

"But Gran's house is too far," whined the daughter of Olivier Kingston.

"Yes dear, but Gran's not looking too well is she? We need to get there early and butter her up before the others come," Olivier peered down at her daughter through her designer glasses.

"You know what your aunty and cousins are like, always trying to get that inheritance. We simply cannot let them do it," she finished briskly.

"Yes, mum, but can't you drive me?"

"Certainly not. I want you to walk and tell your Gran that you walked all the way for her. Pretend you care."

"I don't. But can't you drive me, and then I lie and tell her that?"

"No, no, pumpkin- there are eyes everywhere. As I said, that aunt of yours, she'll have spies!"

Mandy sighed, disappointed at the thought of having to walk all the way to her Gran's house. Especially in sneakers. If she had her way- which she often did- she'd get her mum or dad to just drive her, and she'd be able to wear something decent. Like her new pair of Versace high heels. They were just divine. They had a fantastic glossy sheen to them, in just the right shade of indigo. Just thinking about them made her head spin.

But, oh well. At the end of it all, her family would be considerably richer. And wasn't gain worth a bit of struggle?

She'd be a very wealthy 15 year old.

Mandy rubbed her hands in glee.