The tall man laughed at the corpses of his recent victims, both with a single gunshot to the head. He was eager to receive their powers, of mind reading and telekinesis, as whilst they were unoriginal, they would help him take over the world.

The man concentrated, and stared at a book lying on the table. In a matter of seconds, the book levitated a slight bit. Not much, but it was something. The man laughed a cold laugh that would rattle the bones of those who heard it. Finally, progress! He could move stuff with his mind! He would take over the world.

Then he remembered the existence of that purple haired brat. She wanted him to lose what he deserved, and for that she deserved to die. The man walked out of the building, and slowly began to plot the demise of that purple haired girl.

Meanwhile, a blonde haired woman grinned eagerly. This would be her last day of unemployment; tomorrow she would have a job. And what a job! She was being offered at a branch of the unit, a group of superhumans who aimed to hide the existence of their kind from the world. She was approached in the middle of the night by another lady, Roxanne Winters, who asked if she could hold her hand.

While Stella was sceptical, she allowed Roxanne to touch her hand, and after a minute, she had the job. She couldn't wait until she started.

She packed a go-bag, just in case she had to leave home on the first day of the job, and then she tried to go to sleep, but failed. She was too damned exited!

After what seemed like eternity, she finally collapsed on her bed, not in her PJs, and fell asleep.

"Where is the new agent?" A black haired guy asked quietly, "We told her to be here at 8am, and it is now 8:15. She is 15 minutes late."

"Jason. Be patient, she will arrive soon." A grey haired guy muttered, "I hope he or she is nice."

"Well, she gotta give a damned good reason for being late." A woman with pink haired replied, "Otherwise, I'm gonna punish her."

"Helianthe." The grey haired guy asked, "Isn't that a bit extreme? After all, it is her first day on the job."

"That is a fair point, Frewin." Helianthe pondered, "If she does not arrive in 44 minutes, I'll punish her."

"She's here!" A brown haired guy muttered, "Our new agent is here!"

"Are you playing a prank, Ethan?" Frewin asked, "Or are you being serious?"

"He's being serious." Roxanne replied, "That's Stella. She is the new agent. She is 21 and a student fresh out of uni, where she studied psychology."

Everyone nodded, and then Ethan spoke up:

"21? Isn't that a bit too young?"

"Speak for yourself, Ethan." Jason sneered, "You joined aged 17, and that was 2 years ago."

"I'll go down and get her." Roxanne smiled, "After all, I'm the only one she recognises. I'll be her..."

"Don't even say that word." Jason snapped, "Not after Roland died. He was my…. And he died saving my life."

"That was five years ago!" Helianthe replied, "You should seek counselling."

"The councillors are a bunch of idiots here." Jason replied angrily, "There is no way on Earth that I'll trust them."

Everyone sighed in exasperation. Jason always insulted people. Roxanne left the room, and went downstairs to look for Stella.

Everyone waited in silence, until Roxanne returned with Stella.

"Hello everyone, this is…" Roxanne began.

"Stella Greenwood." Stella finished, "And it is absolutely wonderful to meet you all."

"I am Helianthe West, and it is a pleasure to meet you." Helianthe smiled, shaking Stella's hand, "Hopefully, you'll be an awesome recruit. I run the unit at the moment"

"Frewin O'Brian, at… your… service." Frewin stammered, "Pleased… to meet…you."

"Ethan Blake and I am very pleased to meet you again." Ethan smiled.

"I remember you!" Stella gasped, "You were at my graduation!"

"Ethan! Don't edit her memory like that!" Helianthe growled, "Return it to normal at once!"

"Urgh, fine. I'm Ethan, and I am pleased to meet you for the first time." Ethan laughed, shaking Stella's hand.

"Jason Wood. Hopefully you won't be as terrible as the last recruit." Jason sneered, shaking her hand.

"He's always like this." Roxanne whispered to Stella, "Ignore him."

Stella nodded.

"This is a branch of the unit, and we deal with superhumans. We are all superhumans, including you. Ethan can manipulate memories, Roxanne can see the future, Frewin is a technopath, Jason can mimic other people's abilities, but only if they grant him permission to do so, and I can control fire. "Helianthe smiled, "Hopefully, you will discover your ability and…."

However, she was interrupted by a man who ran into the room and collapsed to the ground.

"Help me! My family have been taken by a teleporter!" He shouted, and then passed out onto the floor.

"I can see that he is a superhuman, like us." Jason frowned after a moment of silence, "I don't know what he can do, though."

"I thought you could replicate…." Stella began, "Oh, I guess you replicated the ability to sense superhumans."

Jason nodded, "Oh congratulations for working that one out."

"Get him into the medical room." Helianthe ordered, "I am going to talk to Stella about what we should do with her. She needs training, but it would be useful to have an extra person on the mission."

Jason and Ethan picked up the unconscious man and carried him off down a corridor. Frewin followed both agents down the same corridor, and Roxanne walked up the staircase to get to her offices. Helianthe and Stella were on their own in the main room.

"I think you should stay behind. After all, you don't know what your ability is yet, and you are inexperienced. I thought that today I could show you around the headquarters and begin training you, but no such luck I guess." Helianthe whispered, "I'm going to send you to the training squad, where you can get better before you go on the field."

"Helianthe West." Stella replied, "I don't care about the danger, I want to go onto the field and to help the man recover his family back."

"After this mission is over you are going to the training squad." Helianthe began, "Otherwise you will likely die on a mission. Is that ok?"

Stella nodded.

"I'm going to take you to the lab, where Frewin will probably have a weapon ready for you." Helianthe ordered, dragging Stella down the corridor, and to Frewin's lab.

As soon as they arrived in the lab, Stella's mouth fell to the floor. The walls were covered in various weapons- swords, axes, knives, guns, bombs, grenades and many other weapons that Stella could not name.

"Hi… guys." Frewin stammered, "What do… you …want?"

"We need to get Stella a weapon, though not a gun as she has not had the training. I would recommend giving her the knives." Helianthe replied stiffly.

Frewin nodded, and began scanning the knife selection, until he exclaimed "Aha!" and took 2 knives of the wall and handed them to Stella.

"The first knife can be set on fire if you press this button, and the second knife can control electricity." Frewin explained to Stella, showing her how to control both knives, "No you can defend yourself from any hostile superhuman."

Jason ran into the room.

"He's awake!" He shouted.

"Hello, sir. What's your name?" Helianthe asked, as soon as she entered the room that the man was residing in.

"My name is Alfred Roberts, I'm a healer. My wife, Chloe can freeze stuff by staring at them and my three kids are superhuman like us, but we don't know their abilities yet." Alfred replied, "Please help them! The Teleporter took them last night, when I was playing poker with my friends."

"There, there." Helianthe soothed him, "We'll find them."

Roxanne immediately ran into the room, and touched Alfred's hand. She paused, and muttered something about a purple haired girl.

"Do we get his family back?" Helianthe asked.

"Yeah. We do get them back. Now, let's get going!" Roxanne replied happily.

"Also, Alfred, may I copy your ability to heal people? I can mimic abilities but I need the permission of the owner of said ability to do so." Jason asked.

"Sure, sure. If it will help you get my family back, I'll gladly let you copy my ability." Alfred replied, and Jason held Alfred's hand, and copied the ability to heal others.

Meanwhile, the wife and children of Alfred were bound and gagged, and were lying down in a basement. The wife also was blindfolded.

"Murmur." The youngest child mumbled through his gag, "Murmur murmur."

"Hello, Chloe, Linda, Jake and Alex." A person giggled manically as he entered the basement, "You'll be in my care for the next couple of days."

While the wife and the younger two children started to panic, the eldest child just lay there, not even bothering to listen to the man. He then started to shrink, and he grew wings, until he was in the form of a butterfly. He quickly escaped his bondages and flew away from the person.

The person tried to swat him away, but failed, and when the person lost track of the butterfly, they quickly swore, before turning to the three remaining members of the Roberts family.

"When could Alex shape shift? Oh, wait, you're gagged and so you cannot answer. My bad." The person replied.

The butterfly, meanwhile, quickly flew away, until he arrived on a street a couple of metres away. He then shape shifted into his human form, and ran.

"Alex Roberts has escaped from The Teleporter." A young man with brown hair muttered, "Marissa, pretty soon you will need to go and save the lives of that branch."

"I know. Before that I gonna recruit Alex Roberts into our mission. You told me that he could shapeshift? That might be useful if we are to save the world." Marissa replied, running her hand through her purple hair, "Nicola, I want you to find Alex Roberts."

Nicola looked up from her book and nodded. "Sure, I'll do that. We need to find him before Omicron kills him."

She quickly dashed out of the room, in order to find Alex Roberts. Meanwhile, the guy with the brown hair (Joshua) began to hack into the superhuman unit's network, in order to see if the superhumans were investigating the Robert's disappearance yet.

"They're investigating it. Ooooh, they got Stella now." Joshua gasped, "That means that we gotta act now!"

"Stella's joined already? I hope that she discovers her ability soon, or we're screwed." Marissa panicked, "If we fail, Omicron wins, and takes over the world."

"I know, babe." Joshua replied, kissing Marissa on the lips, "If we both turn 18, will you marry me?"

"Yes. I love you, Joshua." Marissa cried, "Now we gotta kick bad ass!"

"Hey, you're Alex Roberts, if I am not mistaken?" Nicola asked a Alex, who was running down the road.

Alex stopped and turned around, slowly getting taller and more muscular.

"Yeah, what do you want?" Alex glared at Nicola, "Do you work for the person who kidnapped my family?"

"God no." Nicola gasped, "I would not work for the Teleporter. My name is Nicola, and I want to recruit you. We need your help in saving the world. Do you want to join us?"

Alex paused for a moment before replying "Yes" and following Nicola back to Marissa and Joshua.

They eventually arrived half an hour later.

"He's here. Alex, this is Marissa and Joshua. We are working to stop the world being taken over by a maniac called Omicron." Nicola introduced Alex to her two friends.

"Can I also call my father? He'll be worried about me." Alex replied.

"Yes, but not yet." Joshua replied, "You can call him after Marissa stops the Teleporter. Otherwise, you'll be ruining the future a tad bit."

Alex nodded, understanding what Joshua was talking about.

"Can you at least rescue my family?" He asked.

"We can't. Your father recruited a branch of the superhuman unit to rescue your family. They have to be the ones who rescue them." Joshua replied.

"Ok." Alex sighed, sitting down in the room, while the others began talking about future events. All the while, he was wondering 'Who the hell are these people? How do they know the future?'

"Oh, and Alex? You may want to know that I can see the future." Joshua replied, as if answering the question Alex was thinking about.

"Stella!" Helianthe said, "We are ready to begin the case."

"Ok, I'm coming." Stella replied, quickly hurrying after Helianthe and towards the conference room. She sat down in the first chair that she saw.

"We have gathered all of the information about the Teleporter and what happened with Alfred's family. Now, we just have to find them." Helianthe began.

"Last night, the Teleporter kidnapped the family of Alfred Roberts whilst he was playing poker. He received a blackmail note, saying that the Teleporter wants £100000 if he wants all of his family back. We also received a note little more than an hour ago, from another superhuman who gave us information into this case." Jason lectured.

"There was a letter?" Alfred asked, "From another superhuman? Let me see it."

Jason, nodded and unfolded a piece of paper, and laid it onto the table.

"Hello Branch A. Pleased to see you! We don't work for the teleporter, but we have a seer in our group, and he has some information for you.

Firstly, your family is still alive, but one of them escaped.

Secondly, they are being held in a warehouse.

Thirdly, if you want a precise address, meet a blue haired girl called Nicola at the Swan restaurant at 6:30pm tonight. We'll give you the address then.

Signed, a concerned purple haired girl." The letter read.

As soon, as everyone read the letter, the whole group erupted into an argument about what the letter meant, and who were the purple and the blue haired girls?

"Seriously, they could be working…" Jason began, but Roxanne interrupted him.

"Unlikely. When I touched Alfred's hand, it suggested that the purple haired girl was a vigilante, who wasn't working for any bad guys." Roxanne replied, "And my predictions are often true. I'm going to the Swan restaurant with Stella, so that I can keep her out of danger and also get the address of the warehouse."

"I approve of that plan. However, only if we don't discover the location in…" Helianthe looked down at her watch "Seven hours. Jason, I want you to get into the database, and firstly discover the identity of said Teleporter, and also to find the location of every single warehouse in the country."

"It could be a trap….." Jason began.

"Tough. I want you to do it." Helianthe finished.

"Urgh, fine. Don't say I did not warn you though." Jason sighed in response, and then he left the room and went to his office.

Jason began to work. Firstly, on the identity of the Teleporter. There were only 22 people, who said that they could teleport, and he whittled that number down to 6 people who knew Alfred Roberts (Jason knew that 77% of victims knew the perpetrator of the crime, and also this crime seemed too personal to be a random attack), including Alfred's brother, Jackson. The other 5 were Scott Green, James Nobel, Lily White, John Vaughn and Spencer "Ace" Morgan.

Then, on the warehouses. The computer replied that there were too many warehouses in the country to properly count them. He cross referenced the warehouses with the 6 suspects- the number went down considerably. 1006 warehouses to search through, most of them linked to John Vaughn, who worked for a distributing company.

Jason smiled. John Vaughn was his prime suspect. John Vaughn went to school with Jason, and seemed to suffer from Othello syndrome- or morbid jealousy- which he was diagnosed with when he was in his early 20s. He must have been jealous of Alfred's job and family, and wanted it for himself.

"Got a suspect! Do you remember John Vaughn, Alfred?" Jason asked, as soon as he re-entered a conference room.

"Yeah, he went to school with me. Why do you think that he is the most likely one?" Alfred asked in response.

"He has Othello syndrome, and his job means that he goes to warehouses daily. He is our main man." Jason replied cockily.

"Then, why should he ask for a ransom?" Stella pondered, "And why are they in a warehouse? If he really wanted them for himself, wouldn't he be taking them to his house, and treating them like a family?"

Jason paused, thinking this through, before mention the other 5 suspects that he had discovered. He quickly went back to his office, and came back with the other 5 files.

"Hmmmm. If I were to pick a suspect, I would go for James Nobel, who used to date Chloe before she dumped him for Alfred." Stella muttered, "He may still love her, yet hate her for choosing Alfred. Also, he owns a warehouse a fair distance away from here, and he does not have a job."

"Anyway, isn't it a bit too early to choose the prime suspect?" Helianthe muttered, "After all, we have not interviewed them yet."

Stella and Jason nodded, as Helianthe picked up her phone and dialled in each suspect's number one by one.

Mister Sandman began to play in the background.

The Person sighed, and picked up their phone, and his eyes grew wider. Branch A was getting awfully close into discovering the missing Roberts family. That would lead to them arresting…..

The person shuddered, and replied to the phone call about meeting them in the city. The person needed to throw them off the trail.

The Person finally decided to take the gags off the members of the Roberts family, but left the blindfold on Chloe.

"Hey, mister! Where are my children?" Chloe asked, as soon as her blindfold was taken off.

"Your eldest escaped, as he can shapeshift, and the other two kiddies are with me." The person smugly replied.

"You bas…." Chloe whispered.

"Language, Chloe Elizabeth Roberts! You don't want the kiddies to learn" The person scolded.

Chloe kept silent, as she had nothing else to say to her abductor.

The person then took the gags out of Jake and Linda's mouths and then listen to them cry out their mother's names.

"Oh, how touching. The kiddies are crying for their mummy." The Teleporter laughed, "I have to go now, as I need to talk to Branch A of the Superhuman unit. Cheerio!"

He quickly teleported out of the room, leaving the three family members trapped in the warehouse.

Helianthe and Ethan sat down and prepared to interview the six teleporters.

First one to arrive was Jackson Roberts, Alfred's brother, and he seemed completely and utterly innocent- the only one not to attract suspicion.

Then Lily White materialized, apologised for being late, and answered all of the questions as quickly as she could, before disappearing as quickly as she came. She attracted suspicion because she was flighty, and also that she used to work with Alfred in the unit, and a mistake Alfred made ended with her being in a coma for a whole year.

Then Spencer "Ace" Morgan arrived- Alfred's ex-boss. He refused to answer a couple of the questions as they were to do with 'National secrecy' and also lied at one point, about his loyalties to Alfred Roberts- it turns out that Alfred discovered one of Spencer's darkest secrets, and was threatening to blackmail him.

The fourth person to arrive, Scott Green, just sat there and refused to answer any of Helianthe and Ethan's questions, apart from saying that he had not seem Alfred in over 20 years, when Alfred had refused to heal his girlfriend of her life threatening injuries, and just left her to die.

John Vaughn arrived next, and threatened to sue Helianthe for suspecting him of crimes that he didn't commit, and he also asked for a lawyer at one point. However, he did answer their questions, but no-one knew if he was telling the truth or lying through the skin of his teeth.

The last person to arrive, James Nobel, was also suspicious, as he kept on looking at the two interrogators with a blank expression. He answered their question with simple 'yes' or 'no', and did not even bother to elaborate. He, like Lily, vanished as quickly as he came.

At the end of it, they had five main suspects, but with all of them having the ability to teleport, they could not stop any of them getting away.

"Good gracious me, is that the time already?" Nicola gasped as she looked at the clock on the computer screen.

"Yeah, you gotta get to the Swan Restaurant. You'll be meeting Stella and Roxanne, and you'll need to give them the address. You also need to tell them to arrive before the other members in the branch do. Otherwise…." Joshua trailed off.

"We know what will happen next, but we don't want to spoil what is going to happen next for those enjoying our exploits." Marissa sighed, "Nicola, good luck."

"Thank you." Nicola replied, before leaving the room.

Meanwhile, Alex was even more confused 'Those enjoying our exploits? What did she mean?'

Alex grew even more confused when he listened to Joshua and Marissa talking about stuff to do with Quantum physics, and he decided to step out of the room and enjoy some fresh air.

"What is all of this? What did I get myself into?" Alex asked himself, "Who are these people?"

"Oh, Nicola did not explain it properly? She might have mentioned about saving the world, but not our identities. I'll tell you who we are, as long as you don't tell anyone, all right?" Marissa asked, as she walked out of the room.

Alex nodded, and Marissa began to tell him the truth, and Alex's jaw dropped, his eyes widened and he was amazed at what Marissa told him.

"I guess you gotta go and ask for the location of the warehouse." Jason stated to Stella and Helianthe, "Do not screw up this. Otherwise, I'll never forgive you. We'll wait for you to give us the address, and we'll drive there, whilst you return to headquarters."

"We know. You've told us this over 20 times." Stella sighed.

"What? You're too much of an idiot to remember it that easily." Jason replied, "Plus, you're a newbie."

Stella was extremely offended, but did not say anything- she did not want to get killed by Jason.

"Let's go!" Stella cheered, running out of the headquarters and to the motor bikes. She sat down at the seat of one, but then Roxanne arrived.

"You don't know how to drive one, sit down behind me, and I'll drive. Don't forget to wear a helmet." Roxanne sighed, exasperated at her collegue's enthusiasm. She sat down and revved the motorbike.

Stella sat down behind her, and the motorbike quickly drove towards their destination- The Swan Hotel.

Meanwhile, Nicola sat down at the restaurant anxiously- what if Omicron came and killed her? Then he'd have her ability, and that would not be a good thing. She scanned the crowd, looking for the two people she was meant to meet. She looked down at her watch- 5 minutes left.

The motorbike stopped just outside of the Swan restaurant. Both women got off the bike, and dashed into the building. The immediately found the blue haired girl and approached her.

"Hello, Nicola I am…." Roxanne began.

"Roxanne Winters and Stella Greenwood?" Nicola finished, "I know who you two are, and why you are here."

Roxanne and Stella felt seriously creeped out by the fact that Nicola knew their names.

"Here is the address to the warehouse, ignore your orders to return to the headquarters. If not, innocents are going to die." Nicola replied, "And we cannot have that."

"But….but." Roxanne stammered, "HOW DO YOU KNOW THESE THINGS? And who is going to die?"

"Cannot say." Nicola smirked, "Now listen to me, and ignore your orders. Or bad things are going to happen."

"Ok. I'll do so." Stella replied.

"What the hell, Stella?" Roxanne challenged her inferior, "You have no right to decide these…."

"I do. I am a member of the branch too. If innocents are going to die, it is better to ignore your orders, ok?" Stella replied, "What's better, following orders or saving lives?"

Roxanne paused, "Ok then. Thank you Nicola for the address, we can go now I guess..?"

"One more thing, we saved Alex Roberts, he's with us." Nicola replied, "He joined of his own accord, and we did not kidnap him. Don't try to find me and my companions- we are not on the database."

Nicola then vanished, leaving Stella and Roxanne to look down at the piece of paper with the address written on it.

"Ok then. Let's go!" Stella smiled, "We'll call the others when we are near to our destination."

Jason heard his phone ring. He looked at the caller ID- Roxanne.

"Hey Roxanne, what is the address?" Jason asked.

Roxanne then gave him the address, and Jason searched the database, and discovered the identity of the owner of the warehouse- and he told the Roxanne who the owner was.

Stella laughed, "We need backup. We are going to the warehouse."

"What the hell!" Jason shouted, "You ignore your own orders and you're heading to the danger! What on earth is wrong with you?"

"We were told to by Nicola." Roxanne replied, "She said that innocents would…"

"Tough. You disobeyed orders!" Jason screamed down the phone, and the others ran into the room.

"What's going on?" Helianthe asked furiously.

"They are going to the warehouse." Jason replied, and he saw the look of shock and fury on everyone's faces.

"Everyone, get on the motorbikes, and we'll follow them! We can discipline them later." Helianthe shouted.

"Bye guys. See ya later." Jason sighed, ending the call.

He quickly followed his team mates to the motorbikes and quickly sat on his own personalised one, and he revved the bike into action, speeding away, chasing his colleagues to make sure none of them got harmed.

"They know." Nicola smiled as she returned back to her friends, "Now Marissa, it's your turn."

"Yeah, but you've gotta get me there, first." Marissa smiled, "I've also told Alex who we are."

"I mentioned that Alex joined our squad. That's the four that we need. Marissa the wise, Joshua the protector, Alex the fighter and me the cheerleader." Nicola smiled, and she started to celebrate.

"Umm, Nicola? Best not get distracted, when we are so close." Marissa reminded her friend.

"Oh yeah." Nicola smiled, and both girls walked out of the building. Alex followed them, and saw both of them disappear.

"Wow, they weren't joking about her gift." Alex smiled.

"Yeah, takes some getting used to. I think we should start training you to be a fighter and a shapeshifter. We don't want you to die." Joshua smiled, putting his arm around Alex, "Like I don't want my fiancée and her best friend to die too."

"Marissa and you are engaged?" Alex smiled, and Joshua nodded, "Congratulations. Will you marry after…?"

"Yeah, if we defeat Omicron anyway." Joshua replied, "If we don't…."

"I won't ask then." Alex muttered, walking back into the building, and Joshua ran after him.

"Do you want to begin training?" Joshua asked.

"Yeah, dad never bothered to train me, and I only discovered my ability last week. I shapeshifted into my worst enemy and framed him for stealing my teacher's stuff. He got into so much trouble, it was unbelievable." Alex laughed.

"Cool then. Let's begin." Joshua smiled.

"We're here." Roxanne groaned, as she got off her bike, Stella followed behind her, "Get your weapons ready, and we'll go in after our bad guy."

Stella nodded, unsheathing her knives. Roxanne got out her pistol.

"Wait for the others though, good idea to have backup." Roxanne smiled, "I want you to stay behind me at all times, as we don't want you dying on day 1."

Stella nodded again, and then they heard more motorbikes- the rest of the branch had arrived.

"Why did you…?" Helianthe roared at her disobedient colleagues. She could not believe it- her newest member and her most loyal member has disobeyed her orders.

"We were told to by Nicola. Innocents would die otherwise." Stella replied, "It was my idea, and I am so sorry."

Helianthe just glared at Stella, and then they walked into the warehouse, clutching their various weapons.

Meanwhile Marissa had managed to hide in the warehouse, and was waiting for the right moment to strike- finally they could start their mission.

The Teleporter did not realise that members of the branch had finally discovered his location, until he heard his name being shouted.

"James Nobel! You are under arrest!" Helianthe Shouted.

James, however, pulled out a gun and aimed it at her head.

"James Nobel, put the gun down, you stupid son of a..." Jason shouted, and James' response was to aim another gun at his head.

"James Nobel, just listen to me please. I want you to drop the guns and sit down, so that we can arrest you." Stella begged, and James listened to her. Stella was confused, so she asked "Can you do the chicken dance instead of sitting down?"

James stood up, and started to do the chicken dance. Everyone looked at Stella as they worked out her ability- she was a hypnotist. She could hypnotise people. Jason instantly rushed out of the room and began to cry.

In that split second, Stella's control over James had been lost and everything happened at once- James shot Helianthe, and then James was shot.

Jason ran back into the room, as soon as he heard the shots, and as he saw Helianthe laying there, dying, he put his hand onto her wound, and immediately the flow of blood decreased, and she was healed.

However, James was not so lucky. He had died instantly from a bullet to the skull. Everyone turned around and looked at their saviour- the purple haired girl.

"Hi, guys. Thank God you all made it. Stella had to be here; otherwise Jason wouldn't have left the room, which meant that both he and Helianthe would have been shot. Neither of you would have made it." Marissa explained, "Now, you all deserve my name. I am Marissa, I am 16 years old, and I am in a war with Omicron. Now, I will see you again. Goodbye."

Marissa ran out of the room, and found Nicola, and they both vanished as quickly as they came.

"That was… the purple… haired girl in the letter." Frewin stammered.

"I know, and the girl in my vision. We need to know more, and I guess her destiny is involved with ours. Who is this Omicron that she speaks of though?" Roxanne thought, "Ah well, at least Alfred's family made it out unscathed."

Helianthe smiled, and was glad that Stella had finally discovered her gift, even though that would upset Jason. Roland, Jason's mentor, had the same ability, but he died after trying to hypnotise a person with immunity to mental gifts. Roland died in Jason's arms, and that was when the normally cheerful, helpful Jason became bitter towards everyone and hated anyone who could hypnotise others.

"Congrats, girlie. You saved two lives." Roxanne smiled, "I guess you're going to the training squad now?"

Stella nodded, and smiled. She loved her job.

Alex nervously picked up the phone. He was about to call his father and tell him that he was doing well and that he was being trained to defeat supervillans.

"Hello?" Alfred asked, "Who is this?"

"Hi dad, it's me." Alex smiled, "I'm alive."

"That's amazing. Who abducted you and where are you?" Alfred sobbed through the phone.

"James Nobel was my abductor, apparently. I am with three friends that I made after I escaped from James. They are training me to defeat supervillans, like you did." Alex smiled, "So I won't see you for a while, but I can still call you."

"You have an ability?" Alfred asked, "That's news to me. What can you do?"

"I can shapeshift. I am looking forward to my training. The person training me is a seer called Joshua, and he is friends with Nicola and Marissa." Alex replied.

"Nicola from the letter?" Alfred asked, "Why do they want you?"

"I am not allowed to say." Alex sighed, "I gotta go dad, Joshua wants to continue training, I love you dad. Goodbye."

Alex ended the call and smiled at his new found friends. They were really nice people, and they were finally going to help him achieve his dream of being as great as his father was.

"We defeated James Nobel!" Marissa celebrated as she entered the room, "Plus Omicron cannot get the ability to teleport for a while! So, we are doing awesome!"

"They all survived?" Alex asked, and Marissa nodded.

"Great! I've begun my training as well. I'm gonna try to shapeshift into you, Nicola. Is that ok?" Alex asked, as his ginger hair began to turn blue.

Everyone laughed, and then gasped as he managed to become an exact replica of Nicola.

"That is awesome!" Nicola smiled, "Glad we recruited you. Welcome to the team!"

Stella sat down after her tiring first mission, and she was anxiously awaiting Helianthe's punishment. After sitting down for 5 minutes, she stepped into the main room of the headquarters, and saw that the others were preparing a party for her.

"Surprise! Good luck in training!" Her team members smiled, as she walked down the staircase and into the party.

However, one person looked upset. Jason. He was still crying, even though the mission had finished over an hour ago.

Stella immediately walked up to Jason and asked if he was ok. Jason said he was fine, but Stella knew that he was lying. She was not going to press him though, and started to celebrate with the others.

"I know I should punish you, but your actions saved 5 lives. Yes, James died, but still, you did well." Helianthe smiled, "I want you to join my unit when we finish training. We can get a temporary replacement, but they will go once you join."

"Thank you, Helianthe." Stella smiled, "Thank you for the party."

"That is ok." Helianthe grinned, "Now, don't arrive late for work tomorrow, well training, and never disobey orders ever again, do you understand?"

Stella nodded, and decided that she liked her new job, and did not want to leave. However, she was concerned about Jason, and she wanted to help him while she was there. He looked troubled, and maybe even suicidal.

"Roxanne, can you read my future? I want to know when I get my memories back." Ethan whispered on the other side of the room.

"Ok then….." Roxanne paused, "You get them back after… Ooooh we meet Omicron."

Ethan groaned. He was scared about Omicron, and was expecting his death at Omicron's hands. However, that was in the future, and now they were meant to be happy, so Ethan started to join in the party.

The car levitated, and Omicron laughed. He had mastered telekinesis! Now he was slowly growing more powerful, and he could take over the world.

However, he was gutted to learn that James Nobel had been killed by the purple haired brat. He was the only teleporter that Omicron could track, and having his power would have been useful.

He was even more upset when he learnt that the purple haired brat had recruited a shape shifter into her party. Alex's power would have been useful as well, as he could have pretended to be a member of the branch so that he could get Jason's power. Yes, both their abilities were similar, but then he could force that damned immortal to allow him to mimic her ability and then he would have ruled the world for all eternity.

The car fell back to the ground. Omicron was angry, and when Omicron was angry, people would die.

Omicron flew away from the now destroyed car, and decided on the best way to locate Marissa and her allies.

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