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Alex is also known as Ryan

Marissa is also known as Olivia

Joshua is also known as Malcolm

Nicola is also known as Charlotte

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Episode 3

"So, this is…?" Alex asked, looking around a dark and dirty city with hundreds of people walking around him. They looked poor, hungry and scared.

"Yes, this is what happens if we lose. If Branch A loses." Nicola replied, "Now, time to get back to the present. Remember to hold my hand, and then I'll send us back to Marissa and Joshua."

Alex grasped onto Nicola's shoulder, and then Nicola focused on sending them back in time.

"Oi, you!" A man shouted, "You're Nicola! Die, Time travelling scumbag!"

The man pulled his trigger, and several bullets fired, and Alex let go of Nicola's shoulder, anxious to save his life.

Nicola, however, returned back to Alex's present, where Marissa and Joshua were waiting patiently for both of them.

"Where's Alex?" Joshua asked.

"I lost him." Nicola replied, "It was one of the agents…. From that incident. Agent E is his name. He tried to shoot me and Alex, and Alex… let go."

"What!?" Marissa exploded, "You are bloody kidding me. Alex has now gone missing in time, and Agent E has joined Omicron? Agent E ISN'T MEANT TO DO THAT!"

"I know…" Nicola muttered.

Joshua gasped, "Nicola… Nicola… Why did you have to take him into this future? There are many other possible futures where Omicron takes power. You shouldn't have taken him to that future."

"Why?" Nicola asked.

"Because…" Joshua paused, before continuing, "In that future, Omicron killed Stella, and then used Stella's power to control all of the agents in the Superhuman Investigation Squad, including Ethan, or Agent E."

"Damn." Marissa sighed, "Nicola you made a massive mistake, and now… we need to find Alex."

"He's coming too!" A voice yelled.

A second voice replied, "Hopefully, he ain't a bad guy."

Alex blinked, and opened his eyes, and looked at the 5 faces staring at him. 3 female, 2 male.

"I am not a bad guy." Alex muttered in response, before gasping.

The first voice replied, "Good to hear that you are not a bad guy, but why are you shocked?"

Alex paused. He shouldn't say why he was shocked. That'd be a bad idea.

"Anyways, should we introduce ourselves? I'm Mary, this is Simon." The first voice, belonging to a grey haired lady replied, before she gestured to a red haired guy, who Alex could guess was Simon.

"I'm Ruth." A blacked haired girl replied, "That is my younger brother Frewin."

"Pleased… to meet you." Frewin greeted Alex shyly.

The Second voice finally introduced herself, "And I'm Martha."

Alex gulped, before continuing, "I guess you are all superhumans?"

Simon raised his eyebrows, "How the blazes do you know that?"

"I'm one myself." Alex admitted, "My name is…." Alex stopped, as he thought it would be a bad idea to say his real name, "Ryan Thomas. I am a shapeshifter."

"Never heard your name in the superhuman community before." Ruth commented, "So, you're lying."

Alex remained silent.

"Well, if he's lying, then he must have a reason to lie." Simon replied, "I trust this guy."

Frewin added, "And… if Simon… trusts him… I do also."

"Can I ask what powers do you have?" Alex asked, "Because you know my power."

"Simply that I judge the intentions of people. I.e. if they are trustworthy or not." Simon instantly replied.

"Techno...pathy." Frewin stuttered shyly.

Ruth paused, before replying, "Psychometry."

"I can control water." Mary boasted.

"Invisibility." Martha stated.

"Right then. I have my own questions to ask. Firstly, why are you here? Secondly, what day is it today? And thirdly, can I help you?"

Simon laughed, "I'll answer your second question first. It is the 18th June 1988. We are here trying to find a link to the superhuman trafficking industry, and yeah, you can help us if you want."

Ale gulped. He had just joined the founding members of the SIS to help stop their first crime.

"Any ideas on how we going to find Alex?" Marissa asked.

Joshua paused, "No. I cannot see him in any of my visions, and well… he could be anywhere."

Nicola cried, "It's my fault. He could be in troubleordeadorhurtorbasicallyinthedeepesthellposs ible."

"Calm down Nicola. We'll find him eventually." Joshua patted her, before adding quietly, "Hopefully."

Marissa finally took charge, "Right then. Marissa, time hop in the future, and Joshua, just do research into past members, past cases, anything. In 30 minutes, come back here, and we'll share evidence."

Joshua and Nicola nodded, before they quickly followed Marissa's orders- Nicola quickly vanished, and Joshua went to his laptop and hacked into the SIS's database, before quickly scanning through the many cases that the SIS had solved, and its many members.

Firstly, Joshua decided to try the obvious, and typed in Alex Robert's name. One name came up, and Joshua clicked on the link, before being hit with the image of his missing friend.

"Hang on, will I be lucky if I run his face through the face recognition software, and compare this with the other members of the SIS…." A light bulb lit over Joshua's head, and he ran the face recognition software.


"Name: Ryan Thomas. Born: 13th March 1974. Power: Shapeshifting. Job: One of the six founders of the SIS. Fate: Missing, as of the 19th October, 1990." Joshua read out, "No… he actually founded the SIS? Bloody hell!"

"What is it, Joshua?" Marissa asked.

"I have a hit." Joshua smiled, "And his name is Ryan Thomas."

Marissa's jaw dropped to the floor, "You mean one of the founders of the SIS!?"

Joshua's reply was a nod.

Meanwhile, Nicola had gone to the year 2015, and was watching the beginning of the end- the events leading to Omicron's takeover of the world.

"He can't be far." Nicola muttered, having a quick scan around, before teleporting to different points in time and space, leaving messages so that Alex could possibly find her.

However, Alex never responded to her replies, so she finally returned back to the others, defeated.

"Nothing." Nicola cried, "He's dead because of me."

"He ain't dead." Joshua replied, "We found him. Do you want to go back to the year 1990?"

"Alright then. Why though?" Nicola asked, and then Joshua showed him his computer screen.

"No fricking way. He founded the SIS?" Nicola asked.

Marissa nodded, "Apparently so."

The 16 year old Alex smiled as he went into work. It had been 2 years since he founded the SIS with his five friends, and he was enjoying every minute.

It was hard at first, what with the lack of funding and the amount of rogue superheroes that the team had to face, but it was worth it, protecting both those with and without powers.

He knew however, that today was the day that his three best friends would come looking for him, to take him back. He sighed miserably. He enjoyed being Ryan Thomas.

As if on cue, the three arrived, and approached him.

"Hello, Marissa, Joshua and Nicola." Alex smiled, hugging the three of them, "Nice to see you again."

Marissa nodded, "So, you coming back?"

"Not yet…." Alex admitted, "I like it here."

"Today is the 19th October 1990, and today is the day that Ryan Thomas goes missing. We need to take you back." Nicola replied angrily.

Alex sadly shrugged before replying, "Ok, I'll give you a deal. On the day that I was sent back in time to, the 18th June 1988, I was roped in to help the other 5 founders of the SIS to stop a superhuman trafficking ring, which was exploiting superhumans. My 14 year old self needs your help then. In return for helping my 14 year old self stop the trafficking ring, I'll come back with you."

Marissa paused for a moment, before muttering "Deal."

Marissa thought about how Alex had changed in those past two years. He was calmer now, more relaxed, and he seemed to have an air of confidence that she had never noticed before. Maybe those two years as Ryan Thomas were a good thing.

Joshua gasped though when he heard Alex's words- he had never Marissa go in for a deal, and yet Alex, who used to be so… reckless, but had now calmed down a lot, had managed to do a deal with Marissa.

Nicola was conflicted. She liked it when Alex was a reckless, impulsive 14 year old, but she realised that those were the characteristics that would get him killed in the fight against Omicron. Yet, the calmer, more powerful Alex scared her a bit- what if he tried to seize control from Marissa?

Eventually, Marissa asked Nicola to time travel back to the date that Alex had said, and Nicola paused.

"What is it?" Marissa asked, "Why are you not obeying orders?"

Nicola paused, "Hair dye. Frewin helped founded the SIS remember? And well, it'd be a bad idea to go in with purple hair. He'll remember you."

Marissa nodded, and the three of them walked out to the shops, brought some red hair dye, and Marissa and Nicola dyed their hair in the public loos, before finally, Nicola complied, sending them back to the 18th June 1988.

"Hello… Who are you three?" Martha asked.

Simon quickly added, "Whoever you are, I don't trust you. Do you work for the trafficking ring?"

Marissa paused before replying, "I am Olivia, this is Malcolm and this here is my sister Charlotte. We don't work for them. We were sent to help you."

"Pleased… to meet you three..." Frewin muttered, before Simon cut him off.

"I still don't trust you." Simon stated, "You could just be saying that to work your way into our investigation and hindering it."

"Stop, Simon!" Alex smiled, "I know those three!"

Simon paused, "Fine then, I'll try to trust them for you. Don't say I'll succeed though."

At this, Simon, Martha, Mary, Ruth and Frewin walked away, leaving the other four behind.

"Right, Alex." Marissa whispered, "Your future self sent us here to help the other 5 founders of the SIS stop the trafficking ring."

"My future self?" Alex inquired.

"Well, you chose the name Ryan Thomas. You are the 6th founder of the SIS." Joshua finally replied, smirking a bit.

Alex raised his eyebrows, and this caused Marissa to laugh a bit, "I know, right? Sounds ridiculous, but you really did help find the SIS."

"Charming. Let's go and beat up trafficking ass!" Alex smiled, running after the other people he was going to work with for over 2 years.

Marissa, Nicola and Joshua then decided to follow him, and eventually they arrived at a flat several metres away.

"Oh, you decided to follow us?" Simon asked when Marissa and co arrived, "Pleased to see that we are receiving help. Now, what superpowers do you have?"

"Seeing the future." Joshua instantly replied, "Marissa and Nicola don't really talk much about their powers."

"But, you do know their powers?" Martha inquired.

"Yes." Joshua answered, "But…. They have unique powers, and they are scared of their powers being exploited by….. People who have the wrong intentions."

"What powers do they have then?" Mary asked incredulously.

Marissa finally growled, "Not saying."

"See? This is the reason I don't trust them." Simon shouted, "They are too damned secretive!"

Ruth then answered back, "Yes, you might not be able to trust them, but honestly, we need to work together if we are to stop that evil trafficking ring. Now, who's with me?"

At Ruth's words, everyone else in the room agreed, yelling shouts of "Yes!" "Let's take them down!" and "They need to be stopped!"

At this, Mary added, "Right then. Simon, you'll try and find someone in the trafficking ring, and offer to sell me. Martha will stay by my side, invisible of course. Ryan, shapeshift into something like a mouse, and try and find out where they store the girls. Malcolm, use you powers of looking into the future, maybe that'll give us ideas. Frewin, use your powers of technopathy to hack into their phones or their online data. Ruth, once we find someone in the trafficking ring, touch their objects and see if you can gleam anything from those and Charlotte and Olivia- you know how to use a gun?"

"Yeah." Marissa replied, "I have shot someone before."

Mary looked surprised, but then continued, "We want you to help us take down the trafficking ring."

"Hang on a moment. Won't the trafficking ring be bigger than just the one base?" Joshua asked.

Mary nodded, "It is. However, this is the main base of the trafficking ring. Once we stop the branch from running, hopefully we will find it easier to end it."

"Right then. Can I quickly talk to Malcolm, Charlotte and Ryan outside?" Marissa asked.

Mary nodded, "Of course you can, Olivia."

"So… what do you think about those 4? I can trust Ryan, but Olivia, Malcolm and Charlotte…. Not so much." Simon whispered when they had left the room.

"Well, judging by their reactions, Olivia is the leader, obviously." Martha began, "And she and Charlotte are not siblings. Malcolm and Olivia are in love with each other, possibly engaged. Ryan recently joined the three of them, as he doesn't seem as closer to the three of them as they are to each other. I presume Olivia, Malcolm and Charlotte knew each other from when they were…."

"Really? You picked that up in barely an hour?" Ruth asked.

"Yeah. Been reading psychology books, which have taught me how to profile people." Martha admitted.

"Right, then…" Mary laughed, "But that is quite useful. We need to know everything about our allies."

"It won't make it easier for me to trust them." Simon replied with a growl.

Mary sighed, "Just ignore your power and try to trust them."

"Fine." Simon sighed.

Marissa asked, "Nicola, should we use our powers on the case?"

"I don't see the need for you to use your powers." Joshua replied quickly, "I don't think you should use your powers, even though time travel and the ability to cross into parallel universes could prove handy."

Alex nodded, "I agree with Joshua."

"Me too. After all, using our powers to stop this crime is a bit… excessive." Nicola chimed.

"Fine." Marissa nodded, and then the 4 of them walked back into the room.

"So, you finished talking?" Simon asked, glaring at the four of them as if they were planning to kill him.

Marissa nodded, "Yes, we have. Let's get started!"

Simon walked down the dark alleyway, and quickly scanned the several people in that alleyway. All untrustworthy. All could be in the trafficking ring.

"Excuse me man, what ya want?" One of the men asked, pinning Simon to the wall.

"I am looking for anyone involved in the trafficking ring." Simon replied, looking nervous.

The guy nodded, "I know which one ya mean. My cousin works for them. Why you interested, dude?"

"Well…" Simon began, "I have a superhuman to sell. Her name is… Holly." Simon lied, as he thought revealing her true name would be a bad idea, "And she can control water."

"That's wicked, bro. I'll tell my cousin about ya. What's ya name, and we meet her tomorrow?"

Simon nodded, "We'll arrange a meeting for tomorrow. My name is Joe. Joe Bell."

"Pleased to meet ya, Joe." The man smiled, "Rex. That's all ya need to know. See ya tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow. What time?" Simon asked.

Rex laughed, "10pm."

Simon nodded, "Right then. See you then."

Mary frowned when Simon walked in, before asking "Did you find someone in the trafficking ring then?"

"Yes." Simon laughed, "Rex. He fell for the bait. He wants you. Though I called you Holly because I thought it wouldn't be sensible for them to know your real name."

Mary nodded, "That's the sensible idea. Right, Martha, when I get sold, stay by my side, and hold a tracker… then we'll be able to follow where I get sent."

"Right and I also am there to provide information." Alex stated, "I have an idea of Shapeshifting into a cat, maybe. Then, Mary can say that I am her pet, which will also give us a line of information, just in case Martha gets caught."

Mary nodded, "That's right, Ryan. Meanwhile, Malcolm. Have you got any information?"

"I might have something…" Joshua replied, "Well, I don't know. I saw a barn, attached to a farm, and inside the barn were several superhumans, some used for breeding, and others were for protection and servants, depending on their power."

"Right, how many barns are there in the area?" Marissa asked.

Martha paused, before stating, "I know of one barn, though I don't know its precise location."

"Were you…?" Nicola asked.

"Trafficked? Yes." Martha replied, "Well, I was the child of two trafficked superhumans, who were shipped over from the US. Well, I escaped when I discovered my power. However…. My parents are still in there. My mum has the ability to read minds, and my father can enter people's dreams."

"Oh my god, poor you!" Nicola gasped, comforting Martha as tears began to fall from their eyes.

"That's how I found out about the trafficking ring." Simon explained, "Last year, she came to us, suffering from malnutrition and also covered in cuts and bruises. For the first month, we nursed her back to health, before she got better, and revealed to us everything."

Marissa nodded, "So, none of you knew about the ring before Martha came out?"

"Well… It was rumoured, but no one knew if it was real or not." Ruth replied, "Now we know it is real, we've put warnings all over the superhuman community."

"Did you go to the police?" Joshua asked.

Frewin shook his head, "Some… of them are in the… ring. We… don't know… who though."

"Who do they target?" It was Marissa's turn to voice a question.

Simon sadly replied, "Anyone with a power. Those with more powerful, rarer gifts are the targets though. Probably the one they would like most is Mary, though Ryan, Martha and Frewin would also be wanted. They would probably love Malcolm and Ruth, and I don't know about you two, Olivia and Charlotte. However, they won't want me."

"Why?" Joshua asked.

"Well, it is kinda hard for me to prove my power to everyone. If someone is trustworthy, then I see a golden aura around them, but if they ain't trustworthy, then the aura is black." Simon admitted, "Plus, the power isn't as cool apparently as telekinesis, or immortality."

Marissa paused, "There is an immortal?"

"Yeah, you've never heard of her?" Ruth smiled "She was born in Egypt around the time of King Tut, before becoming a slave after Cleopatra died. Since then, she has travelled the world, and has experienced nearly every single culture. She wrote everything down, since she doesn't want to forget a thing. Her name at the moment is Dalila Isis, and she is living in America."

"No, I haven't." Marissa admitted, "And she sounds like an interesting person. I would love to meet her."

Ruth laughed, "Not many people have. I think I know of only one person who met her, and that was about five years ago?"

"Yeah… five years… ago." Frewin confirmed.

Mary sighed, "Let's get back on topic. So, Simon, when is the meeting with the guy in the ring?"

"Tomorrow, at 10pm." Simon replied, "The guy's name is Rex."

"Thank you Simon. I cannot wait to put the ring down." Mary smiled, "Martha, Ryan, are you ready to help provide information?"

Alex and Martha nodded, before Alex started to shapeshift into a cat, whilst Martha disappeared from sight.

"That's so cool!" Ruth exclaimed happily, "I've never seen a shapeshifter actually change shape before!"

When Alex returned to being a human, he laughed, "It's cool, right? I mean, I shapeshifted into a butterfly once, and that felt so…. Amazing and so fun."

"A butterfly? Why?" Martha asked.

Alex paused, "Well… I was kidnapped, and I shapeshifted into a butterfly to escape." When Alex finished his response, he prayed to himself, "Please say Frewin forgets who I am in 25 years' time. Otherwise I am screwed to high heaven."

"I think we should go to bed, so that we can carry on planning in the morning. Frewin, I would like you to develop listening and communication devices that will be discreet, so that they won't find them."

"On… it." Frewin stuttered, before quickly hurrying to his workshop, and quickly sounds of construction could be heard coming out.

Marissa asked, "He likes working hard?"

"Oh, you don't know how hard he works when he is onto it. He literally spends hours in there, developing all sorts, from these awesome stun guns…" Martha paused, showing Marissa, Joshua and Nicola her stun gun, before continuing, "To all sorts of tracking devices. He's currently working on building a robot, called AM3L1A."

"AM3L1A?" Joshua asked.

"Yes. No idea why he called the robot that though." Simon replied.

The next night, Simon and Mary were getting ready to leave, when Frewin walked up to them.

"Here… is the communication…. Device." Frewin stammered, "Powered…. By solar energy….. Press…. The button to turn it on…."

Frewin then presented one to Martha and one to Alex.

"When… you find the location… We'll storm the… place." He muttered.

Alex managed to shapeshift into a cat, whilst Martha disappeared completely, before the four of them walked out of the building, and towards the meeting place.

"Yo, Joe, and yo Holly!" Rex smiled when he saw them, "This is ma cousin, Seth."

"Pleased to meet you two." Seth smiled, "So, Joe, you want to sell Holly?

"I don't want to be sold, Joe! Please don't sell me!" Mary fake begged Simon.

"Yes." Simon ignored Mary, "I would like 50 grand."

"25." Seth offered.

"45." Simon returned.

"35." Seth offered again.

"40." Simon pleaded, "She can control water."

"Deal." Seth replied happily, handing over the money, in return for Mary.

"Seth and Rex. Please can I bring my pet cat, Schrödinger, with me?" Mary pleaded.

"No. You won't need him." Rex replied, as he dragged Mary over to the car, Martha following silently behind.

Meanwhile, Alex changed back into a human, before Shapeshifting into an owl, and flying after the van that his two friends were in, until the van stopped outside out of a barn.

Quickly, Alex watched the van being unloaded, and Mary being unloaded by Rex and Seth, and then he presumed that Martha was following behind them, as the 3 visible humans entered the building attached to the barn.

He then flew onto the roof of the barn, and decided he was going to pretend to be an owl for a little while, in order to gather information.

Meanwhile, Seth and Rex dragged Mary into the building.

"Boss, this is Holly, and she is a hyrdokinect." Seth introduced Mary to his boss, "Holly, show him."

"I would, but I need water to actually show off my power." Mary replied, "I'm not one of those who can generate water from my body."

"Get her a glass of water!" Rex ordered, and quickly, a servant got a glass of water.

Mary concentrated, and then the water started to creep out of the cup, and started to move around the table.

"That is actually quite cool. Good find Seth and Rex. Take her to the barn." The boss replied.

"Hey, Frewin." Martha whispered when she and Mary were locked inside the barn.

"Ok, tracking device is on…" Frewin paused, "So, I think we….. Know where you are roughly… We have a 3 mile….. radius where you could be. We'll start….. looking for you."

"Thank you." Martha replied quietly.

"Say hello to Mary and Ryan for me." Simon butted in.

"Ryan isn't here." Martha sighed sadly, "He got sent away by Rex and Seth."

"Oh." Simon muttered, "That ain't good."

Martha frowned, "Tell me about it. His powers would have been useful in here."

"I know. Before you get caught, goodbye." Simon quickly muttered, and the call ended.

"Hello, miss, what's your name?" One young boy, around 13 years old smiled weakly, "I'm John, and I don't have a power yet, though I have reached the age where I can get powers."

"Holly, hyrdokinect." Mary replied.

"Pleased to meet you Miss Holly, when did you get here?" John replied.

Mary paused, "A little while ago, though I don't know when."

John smiled, "No one remembers when they got here. It's kinda something to do with the barn. Makes you forget stuff."

Mary was concerned, "What does it make you forget?"

"Who brought you here and such." John replied, "Do you want to meet others here?"

Mary nodded, "Of course."

John led Mary around the warehouse, and introduced Mary to all of the other superhumans in the building.

After Mary had met all of the superhumans, she sat down with a group of superhumans, and started to ask them all questions, including how long had they been here (Most replied don't know), what superpowers they had (powers ranged from telepathy to controlling fire) and how they had been placed in this situation (most were showing off to their mates, when they were spotted and then abducted when no one was watching)

"Keep this quiet, but hopefully my friends are coming to get us out." Mary whispered.

"Wow, thank you!" They replied quietly.

"So, the 3 mile radius. Frewin, can you get the map, and look within that 3 mile radius to see if we can find any farms on the map?"

"On.. It." Frewin bent down by the map, and started searching for the farm in question.

Simon smiled, before turning to Marissa, Joshua and Nicola, "So, you three and Ryan, what will happen once you finish the case?"

"Ryan would like to stay with you guys, but we have to go." Marissa sincerely replied.

Simon nodded, "Nice. He's a nice guy. I trust him. His powers could be useful."

"Useful for what?" Nicola pretended to be clueless.

"Well, stopping criminals with superhuman abilities. We've talked about finding a police force to deal with the superhuman population. I am thinking of calling it the SIS, or the Superhuman Investigation Squad." Simon smiled.

Joshua nodded, "Sounds like a good idea. I mean, if you don't have a force to tackle the bad, then they will just run rife."

"I agree with you there." Ruth agreed happily, "We need to stop the bad guys!"

"Found… the farm…" Frewin butted in.

"And then, well, the bad guys will just surrender, and then we can work on improving superhuman and normal human relations." Nicola added, no one noticed that Frewin had spoken.

Joshua continued, "It will be a great success. I predict it will be."

"I… said… I found… the barn." Frewin stammered even more loudly.

"Where?" Simon asked, finally noticing Frewin existed.

"Here." Frewin pointed at the only farm in the three mile radius, and then all hell broke loose. Each of them grabbed a pair of guns, and walked to the two cars parked outside of the flat.

In the end, Marissa, Nicola and Joshua went into one car, and Simon, Ruth and Frewin into the other. The 2 cars accelerated, as they were trying to drive to the barn as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Alex had finally decided to shapeshift into human form, and got out the one pistol that he had brought with him. He knew that there would be people in the ring walking around, and he knew that he would be abducted if he was caught.

"Oi, you! On the roof!" One guy shouted, "Who are you!? How did you get here?"

"My name is fear, you puny mortal." Alex joked maliciously, "And now, I must strike you down!"

Alex aimed his gun, before firing a single bullet, which landed in the man's head, killing him instantly.

Alex swore. He didn't mean to kill the man, and yet he had. Alex, however, kept calm, and quickly clambered down the barn, and then quietly rushed towards the building he saw the man come out of.

Finally, he noticed two cars arriving, and he saw the six people come out, and grinned- it was his friends, coming to help take down the smuggling ring.

"Let's go kick some ass!" Alex smiled, eager to rush into the building and stop the bad guys.

At once, the members of the smuggling ring noticed that there were six ticked off people hurrying into the building, and they tried to pull out their own weapons, but they were shot before they could stop the good guys.

However, one bad guy hurried into the barn, and grabbed John, and then came out.

"Pull the trigger, and the boy gets it!" The man threatened.

Meanwhile, Alex crept into the barn, and gathered the superhumans that were being trafficked before getting out of the barn and into safety.

When he had achieved this, Alex walked towards the man, and pulled his trigger out.

"I ain't shooting. Did ya know about the cat Schrödinger? The one Holly owned? That was me." Alex boasted, showing off his Shapeshifting ability to the man.

The man turned in Alex's direction, before replying "I…", however, Simon saw an opportunity and fired at the man.

The bullet landed in the man's neck, but the man didn't die immediately. The man then pulled his own trigger, and the bullet went into John's head.

John slumped in the man's arms, and died. Then the man fell to the ground, and also passed away.

Martha and Mary then walked in, and they saw John's body, and then they began to cry.

"They killed John? No! They couldn't have done!" Mary cried, "He was so nice, and he wanted to use his powers for good."

Then, all of them walked out of the building, leaving the dead corpses behind.

Two years later, and Alex was waiting after work for Marissa, Joshua and Nicola to arrive and take him home. He had already said his goodbyes to his colleagues, saying that he was leaving the SIS because he wanted to return home.

Then he smiled when he saw the three of them, standing near him, smiling as they asked.

"Do you want to return home?" Marissa asked.

"Yes, I do." Alex smiled, and then the 4 of them held hands, and Nicola took them all back to the future.

"So, what did happen to my friends?" Alex asked when he arrived back in the year 2013.

"Frewin is still in the SIS, but he is the only one. Mary was shot three years after you left, whilst on a case in the year 1993, Ruth retired and had two children, who are currently 18 and 17 years old respectively. Their names are Ryan, as she named him after you, and Daisy. However, she was murdered last year. Simon had one child, Stella, but he and his wife went missing a year after she was born, and as she had no remaining family, she was sent into the foster system. She is the Stella that we know in Branch A. And Martha…. Well…. She got ill and died 5 years ago." Marissa replied, "Only Frewin is left."

"I would love to go back, but I know that I cannot." Alex sighed, "I am not allowed to change time. I understand that now."

Alex began to cry, and Nicola went to console him.

"They died honourable deaths. Don't worry." Nicola frowned, "I could take you in time, and you could visit them, you know, before they died."

"No." Alex frowned, "I can never see them again. That would cause so many issues, and your power would be uncovered. I cannot allow that."

Meanwhile, John blinked, and woke up.

He quickly moved the weight which was on top of him, and looked at the room around him. Dead bodies were everywhere. Blood splattered over the floors. The memory of a battle existed in the room.

He sighed, turned around and then he walked out of the room, not noticing the black marks growing on his right middle finger.

When he arrived at the nearest town, he got the date- the 19th June 1988. He had been dead for several hours. Yet, how had he come back to life? He wasn't immortal, but….

John saw red. It was that Simon's fault for shooting that man, who shot him, making him into the member of the undead. John craved revenge against the people who had "saved" him.

"Saved me, huh?" John cursed, "More like killed me, and then cursed me."

As he thought this, the black marks spread, covering the whole of his right middle and his right ring finger.

John still hadn't noticed, and he carried on his existance, all the while plotting his revenge against the 9 that had gotten him killed.

That's Episode 3 guys! Took me a while to write, because I had no idea on what the case should be. Hope you liked the case, and the inclusion of the 5 people who founded the SIS (Excluding Alex, we know him quite well already.)

So, John. He isn't Omicron btw, as they have different powers. John has a unique gift, which has something to do with the black lines on the two fingers, though not saying what the power is yet, apart from the fact that I invented it.

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One question for you all to ponder- Who is Omicron? Now, that one will be answered soon... (Precisly 2 episodes time, as there will be 6 episodes per series... and this is technically the 4th one...)

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