A Part

~Where shadows cower and light condemns~

The Dangers of the Heart

The trill of voices carried on the breeze and along the dark closes. Children raced past excitedly. Their shadows fell across the entrance to a back close. Veera lurched back at their passing. Her hands pressed against the rough wall. She ceased to breath for a long moment and glanced around cautiously.

Slowly, she crept onto the street. Her beggar's rag dress fluttered around her bare ankles and shoeless feet. She followed the steep and cobbled road upwards. The grey stone houses on either side loomed towards the sky.

As she glanced from side to side the closes allowed glimpses of her companions. They made their way to the town centre with deliberate slowness. The populace were missing from the usually bustling streets. They were gathered for a public demonstration.

There was almost no question of who ordered the demonstration. The Gerrarise Regime wasn't reserved for the highest officials. It was made for the desperately poor who wanted more for themselves. They sought power and comfort at the expense of others. They were no better than the Nobles.

They were relatively unknown to the masses. It would be an impossibility to detect them amidst the residents. They were confident and assured in their safety. The ability to see one another on their journey was becoming increasingly difficult.

It was when they were nearly truly separated that a hand reached for Veera's. She was forced into the last close. Her right arm was firmly held behind her back. The assailant's breath whispered across her neck.

She held her head high despite the danger. Her eyes shone with a fierce resolve that had been born from her days living in streets. As she stood tall there came a quiet sound of laughter. It was soft and low but the voice was instantly recognisable.

He spoke in hushed tones. "I see that my absence has brought you no harm,"

She turned, smiling, as he released his grip. "Eyvindr, have you come to remain with us?"

He smiled faintly. "Perhaps I shall, but I would hope to enjoy your performance first,"

Veera nodded. "There will be no greater joy than knowing that you are here to witness our efforts. No wrong can be made,"

She slowly retreated from him. The hood of his cloak fell across his forehead and shadowed his eyes. His smile was only vaguely visible. He remained unmoving until Veera had vanished from sight. He slowly turned and strode into the sheltering darkness.

It led to a dead end, but he swiftly scaled the wall. The rooftops were uneven with sharp stone edges. The dangerous ends failed to hinder his journey. He made his way to the town centre in minutes.

A shriek disrupted the relative peace. "Please stop! This is a mistake!"

The woman was barred from reaching the platform. The armour guards held her with enough force to break her arms. She continued to shriek and protest despite the pain. The youth on the platform who paid her no heed was joined by Veera. The girl stood tall with her head lowered as the guards tightened the noose on her neck.

The town Chief's proxy addressed the people. "We have found that there are rebels residing in our town. This cannot be allowed to continue. As such, we will show you how we punish traitors,"

Veera tore the noose's bindings away. The youth made no movement, but Veera threw the remnants of it to the ground.

She dared to look to Eyvindr's shocked face. "The girl speaks of rebels. They stand among you. One by the fruit stall, one by the stage, one by the prison gates, five hidden among you in secret... A final stands for all to see,"

A guard stormed over to apprehend the youth but Veera pushed him back.

~What the heart knows the world should not condemn~

Author's Note: Not much sense here, eh? Well, everything will make sense in the next chapter.

This feels really pitiful: like talking to yourself but slightly worse.

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