#AcrosstheAges Age of Disguise

A thick line of eye liner running across our eyes,

Layered by globs of mascara to hide behind,

Eye colors changed by contacts, our hair is dyed.

I'm afraid, my Loves, we've become our disguise.

With each layer of foundation, with each brush stroke, we paint todays mask for another scary show.

All that make-up may hide our zits but it can never hide how much we're holding in.

The days are long, the mornings rough.

Why are we waiting for a reason to open up?

Connected to Facebook, texting, Tumbler, we barely come out of our rooms.

They say it's a phase, our eyes are glazed.

Why should we listen to them anyway?

Struggling to find ourselves, we're labeled rebels, nerds, freaks.

How are we supposed to understand math when we can't even understand ourselves?

All we can see is how much we want to be free.

Free of petty drama and weekly fights.

We live through music, quotes, and writing.

Not understanding, why we can't just be.

But we all learn through experiences; sometimes it's all we have keeping us connected.

But in the end, maybe, just maybe, we can make it be enough.