Mentor Writer Piece First Draft

Click, clack, click, clack.

That noise was killing me. That statement of course, didn't mean much, seeing as I'm already dead.

Shadows moved around me, I was scared very scared but I didn't know why. I blinked and everything came into focus, my hearing, which I hadn't noticed was gone, came back in full force. People where shouting, babies crying, bomb blasts were ringing in my ears. I got up and looked down at myself. I screamed aloud. I was covered in blood, seeing no other source I assumed it was my own. I nearly fell over from shock. I quickly recovered myself, knowing somehow I must move on. I moved through the halls of the house which I instantly recognized as my own. I heard shuffling in a room to my left, my mother and fathers room. I entered the room and looked around. There was my mother leaning over something on the bed, she was sobbing. I moved slightly to the left to get a better view of what was beside was my father.


"Shh, honey it's alright. Just a bad dream thats all." I looked up to see a woman talking to me soothingly. I looked down and saw that I was in my childhood bed. But somehow it didn't seem right. This woman wasn't my mother and this bed, it, it seemed transparent in a way.

"OH MY GOSH! I-I-I-I'm a ghost aren't I?" I asked the woman who had been sitting on the bed in front of me (she had jumped up when I screamed.)

"Well your really a spirit, but yes essentially you are a ghost. didn't know that?"

"How should I know that? I'm the one that just woke up! Remember?"

"Well considering your family history and how you went...," she trailed off staring at the questioning look on my face.

"What about my family history?" She stared at my for a while as if trying to decide what to say.

"Nothing dear."

"Don't 'dear' me!" I replied getting very agitated: I had just woken up in a strange place and this stupid woman wouldn't even answer my questions. She slowly backed out of the room as soon as she cleared the doorway I heard running steps down the passage. Thanks, really helped my understand where I am, lady. I climbed out of my bed and walked over to the mirror that I had noticed hanging on the door. I was wearing a ratty, gray hospital gown. Why, I didn't know, nor did I care. All I cared about right now was figuring where the heck I was.

I exited the room I was in and walked down the passageway outside of it. I could see doorways all along it. I walked briskly past them in the direction I had heard the footsteps disappear.

There were lots of doorways leading of the hallway but I hadn't heard the footsteps turn, so I kept going straight. I reached the end of the hallway several minutes later. There was no doorway. I turned to my left, no doorway, slowly I turned to the right... no doorway!

My only hope was...yes! There was a rope ladder hanging down above me. I grabbed it and began climbing up. It seemed to go on forever. I must have been climbing for hours, until my head bumped something solid, which was the ceiling. I felt along the tunnel walls. There was a little ledge about three feet away from me. I pulled myself on to it and opened the door I had spotted. Light. Blinding light hit me right in the face. Blinking furiously, I staggered out on to what could only be the roof. I walked up to the woman I'd seen in my room, hoping to get some answers (by the way, what the heck was she doing up here?)

"Hello?! I wasn't done with you!"

"Honey, I'm afraid I can't tell you anymore than I already did." She did look truly sorry, so I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

"Ok, I believe you. But, could you possible know who could tell me more?" She thought for a moment.

"Only your parents could tell you my dear, and they would only come here if they were dead."

"Oh, okay. Thanks anyways." I turned shoulders slumped, heading back towards the door.

"But wait dear! Your father is here. He can tell you." She called after me. My father? He's dead?

"Yes, he is." The woman behind me said.

"You can hear me, I mean to say, you can hear my thoughts?"

"We all can. Given time you will be able to also. Now, why don't you go find your father.?"

"Yes ma'am!" I replied enthusiastically. I shot through the door and hopped on the ladder. The trip down seemed faster, when I could the floor below me I dropped to the ground. I started running down the hallway, looking into every doorway that I passed. He was no where to be found. I couldn't see the end of the hallway, so I kept running. Things got in the way, I got rid of them. Eventually I heard the voices, but I couldn't hear his. So I kept running and looking, running and looking.

I will find him. One day.