Years ago on the continent called Kreen, there was a war. This war killed hundreds of thousands of humans, orcs, elves, and so on. At the end the people agreed that the monsters were their real enemy.

So one war followed the next and the humans, orcs, dwarves, and elves drove creatures, that weren't like them, back. The 'monsters' asked for peace instead.

So the land was divided into five countries. The elves, humans, and dwarves recieved the majority of it while the orcs and monsters were cheated.

Wars waged in the monsters, humans, dwarves, and orcs' countries while the elves lived in peace.

Centuries would pass and there was no time of peace for anyone but the elves. Time went on and the people of Kreen devolped new weapons and newer technology. But they never stopped the wars.

A little elf was hidden under a tree root, sheltered in the rain. She saw torches coming down the path to their village. Humans, they came at least once a week, drunk. They usually banged on doors, made a rucus, and went home. But that night was different.

The little girl brushed her blonde hair back, and her pure purple eyes watched the humans as they banged on doors. When there was no answer the men started kicking open doors. She heard screams as men and women elves were pulled out of beds and out into the rain.

The girl winced as she saw the men bring out guns and shoot a few male elves in the head. The rest were dragged away with the women to become slaves.

Her eyes widened as she saw her mother dragged out in her black and red nightdress. She watched as her mother fought and then she saw a muzzle flash and her mother fall to the ground.

The girl was frozen with shock as the humans dragged away the soon-to-be slaves away. And more muzzles flashed, soon her father's body was dumped next to her mothers. The humans left the village empty.

"Mommy, Daddy," the girl whispered. She crawled out into the rain and over to her parents. "Mommy, Daddy. Mommy, wake up. Please, they've left."

The girl cried for hours until some neighboring elves came by. They saw the carnage and went to give the bodies proper burials. One went over to the little girl.

"Were these your parents," she nodded, "what's your name little one?"

"Nera." The man picked her up princess style and carried her to his home. "You're my daughter now."