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Winter POV

I was in a dark place. This wasn't unusual for me since I slept in a coffin. But I felt no wood around me and I could feel stone underneath my feet. I wasn't very sure if I should call them feet or paws anymore.

The air smelled musty so I couldn't be in my coffin. I was about to walk and see if there was a light switch somewhere when I heard a noise. A rock skittering across the floor, maybe? My white and black tiger fur stood up in fear as my blue eyes tried to pinpoint where the noise was coming from. Then I saw a faint glow.

It came from a hallway that I assumed was the entrance to this place. An elf and a human walked in. The elf lit another torch with her own which caused the others to spring to life. I wanted to hiss in pain from the sudden brightness, but couldn't find my voice.

I looked at the wall closest to the elf and saw the human that had just walked in with her. His likeness was painted on a cave wall, to the left of it was a picture of the elf. I followed the pictures left and saw a dwarf, orc, and faerie's picture. The last picture was of me.

If I could find my voice I would've gasped. Every small detail of me was painted on the wall, even the scar on my left cheek. There was writing below every picture. I took them in, wishing I could understand the different languages.

Then I settled on mine. Below my picture was writing in the native rakshasa tongue. It read, "The child of light and darkness." I was confused on that saying, but before I could contemplate the meaning I heard a gasp then a few minutes later a thump.

I spun around in my black riding clothes and saw the elf bound and gagged on the floor and the human studying the pictures.

"What is this?!" he screamed at the elf.

I could see a smile forming on her lips as the human ripped the gag away. "A prophecy, Terran," she said. "And you're apart of it." I saw some water rise from the floor and untie her wrists and ankles.

She stood, "Now if you're done with this childness, you have to go home and pack so we can find the others. I will meet you outside of your human city." Terran nodded dumbly and followed the elf out of the cave. When they left the cave with the original torch the others died out leaving me in complete darkness.

The darkness didn't last long. Before I knew it, I could feel the padding of my coffin, the wood all around me, and I could hear it opening. I opened one eye to see my "brother" Jon. He was a human vampire, he had brown hair and yellow eyes. We'd both been turned by our "father" Malcolm.

"Time to rise, Winter. The sun has fallen and night has risen," Jon said cheerfully. I smiled at him and rose, I was different from the other vampires. Jon and I were the youngest by quite a few years, but I could walk out in sunlight without fear of turning into a pile of ash.

I looked at what I'd carved on the lid of my coffin and decided what I would do tonight, "I'm not hungry." Jon started to walk as I finished, "Maybe I'll see the Keeper today."

"Why?" Jon asked as I followed him into the hallway.

"Well, the Keeper's old and he isn't a vampire. Maybe I could replace him," I lied without hesitation. No one could know about my dream/vision. Jon nodded.

We walked to the door when Nick, another Rakshasa vampire, but from a different family, came and blocked our path, "Winter, you want to ditch the squirt and come hunting with me?" Jon started to protest when Nick shot him a glance. Malcolm had hoped that I would marry Nick and start a family of my own. That wasn't going to happen.

"No, Nick, I'm going to the Keeper," I replied casually. Nick's orange and black fur stood on end, he was always mad that I wouldn't go hunting with him. I pushed pass Nick and walked over to a small house that stood on the edge of the graveyard.

A gargoyle that sat outside asked a riddle, "If you drop me off of a building I won't break, yet put me in the ocean and I will. What am I?"

"Paper," I answered after a moment of silence. The door opened and I entered.

An old voice asked, "Who is it?" I smiled as I glanced at the rows upon rows of old books.

I called, "It's Winter, Keeper. I wanted you to look at something." I pulled a piece of paper out of my back pocket, I hadn't realized I had traced the carvings from my coffin on to it. An old man came from the back. He leaned heavily on a cane with a hunched back, but his eyes gleamed as they saw the paper in my hand.

The Keeper grabbed it and eagerly read it, "Sounds like a prophecy in different languages."

I nodded, "It is, but I need you translate it for me." The old man paused. "I saw it in a dream."

He nodded and read:

Son of riches and beauty,

Gold turned to ash,

Man of skill and renown,

A beserker of Kaar,

Singer of fire and water,

Child of light and darkness.

The Keeper frowned, "This more like a list of people in a prophecy."

"Can you explain it to me?" I asked.

"Yes, the son of riches and beauty-," he paused. Before I could ask what was wrong he had walked toward a ladder and had started to climb it. He pulled a red book from a top shelf and was climbing back down. Before handing it to me he flipped to a page and asked if I'd seen any of these pictures in my dream. I looked and saw the pictures of my dream, I nodded dumbly.

"W usually consider a son of riches to be a human, elves consider blonde hair to be gold, a man of skill was considered to be a dwarf, beserkers are usually orcs, singers are faeries, and a child of darkness is considered to be a darkness. I can explain that much, but the rest is a mystery. My master told me that this prophecy would begin with gold turning to ash and watch for the time when-," he paused. "I can't remember what he said anymore. Oh well."

I thanked him and left the Keeper. At least one part of the puzzle was solved, now I had to wait for the rest.

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