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Michele stood by the window looking out of it. Yesterday hadn't been a very successful one. Groaning in frustration over her failure she replayed the past events in her mind. She had talked with Sebastian over old memories they had shared together when they still lived back home. While doing so she had managed to lure him away from Eclaire so that Destin had the opportunity to make a move on her. However it didn't go as planned since it ended up with Sebastian running to Eclaire's side and trying to calm her down. They had talked with unfinished sentences and random words but still understood completely what the other was trying to say, like an old married couple. And then there was that affectionate, loving hug. Poor Destin had just stood by watching, not being able to do anything as jealousy boiled within him.

She turned away from the window and walked over to the full length mirror. She wore the same green dress as she normally did; the one she wore when she first arrived here. The skirt reaching her knees, black lace at the skirt's hem, long sleeves, puffy shoulders and frilly neckline. Usually she wore black, knee-high, lace-up boots but this time she wore black, knee-high stockings and flats. Her curly, red hair was loose and flowed down to her mid-back like always, and she wore no jewelry except for the locket around her neck.

Heaving another sigh she sent Destin another thought of pity before smiling to herself over that hug between Eclaire and Sebastian. Just like back in the old days. Things haven't changed a bit between them, she thought to herself. I miss the old days…

Walking over to the table she opened a box full of bottles, vials, sand and liquids of different colors. I should make one in case of an emergency, she thought to herself as she looked through the contents of the box. It might come in handy should all my plans fail.

The old grandfather's clock in the room chimed 12 times signaling that it was already noon. The maids had already taken out the tea and cakes for the others to eat. Sebastian began pouring tea in the tea cups. As usual he wore the normal attire for butlers; white gloves, a white shirt, a black vest, a black bowtie and black dress pants with a matching dress jacket. While pouring in the tea some of his chestnut colored hair fell out of place. Gently putting down the teapot on the table he straightened out his hair and proceeded with cutting up some of the cake.

Sebastian handed Eclaire a cup of tea first, then Michele before giving the final one to Destin. Afterwards he handed out the cake in the same order. Finished with his chores for the time being he just stood by the table with the teapot in his hands as he always did and was required of him.

Eclaire sat on her usual spot on the sofa wearing the dress she normally did. It was a knee-length dress with layered skirt. The hem of the skirt had white frills while the hem of the sleeves had white lace. The sleeves were short, reaching her elbows, and the neckline was frilly with a blue silk ribbon tied into a bow. The dress was blue and had white lace details on the upper body part while the skirt part was plain, except for the layers and frills. In contrast with Michele she usually wore white, knee-high, lace-up boots but this time she wore white, knee-high stockings and flats. Her black, straight hair was loose and cascaded down her back and onto the seat with a braid on the side. She wore no jewelry as she seldom did wear any.

Looking over the rim of her teacup, "What's wrong Destin?" Eclaire asked.

Destin looked at her, "Nothing."

Eclaire raised an eyebrow, "It's obviously not nothing."

She could easily see something was bothering him. He sat on the other side of the sofa with a big space between them, as usual, and looked troubled. His normal attire that consisted of a light blue shirt, black blazer and matching pants looked normal and flawless. However, his strawberry blonde hair was messy and his violet eyes looked sad and thoughtful. He had been distant ever since yesterday and she wanted to know why.

Destin sighed, "Ok, fine…" Thinking back to last night he turned to Sebastian. "You're so lucky," he said.

"Yes, I am. But to what are you referring I am lucky?" Sebastian asked.

"Because you have a birthday," Destin explained.

"Everyone has a birthday," Sebastian pointed out.

"I don't…" he muttered

"A birthday is the day when you are born. You wouldn't be here if you weren't born," Michele reasoned.

"Then when is my birthday?"

"Why do you want one anyway?" Eclaire suddenly asked.

"Why wouldn't I want one?" he asked back.

"Birthdays tell you that another year has passed and that you're one year older," she shrugged.

"Don't tell me you're afraid of getting old," Michele teased.

"Yes, it's not like you will age," Sebastian added. "You chose to freeze your time and stay forever 20."

"No demon has worried about being old because we all get to chose when to stop our aging process, so why are you worrying about it?" Michele asked.

"I know, but that doesn't mean that the number stops. No matter our appearances we still become older." And a year closer to the time when one will die and leave this world… Not to mention that not all of us are demons.

While Eclaire thought that thought Destin got up and sat down on the empty space right next to her.

He looked into her eyes, "I don't have a birthday… but to me, my life began when I met you, when you found me." He looked down on her lap, took her left hand and held it between both of his, "I want to say thank you, for taking me in, for caring about me, and for the time I got and get to be with you." He looked up and into her eyes again, still holding her hand in his, "No matter how small time that is or will be." He paused, "Not to grieve the little time we have left together but to cherish the moments and years we have spent together."

Too moved to say anything Eclaire just looked at him. She felt a lump had formed in her throat and tried to swallow it. Thankfully she didn't blush but she could feel tears forming at the corners of her eyes. Chewing her bottom lip while trying to blink them away before they became evident she pulled him into a hug.

Feelings of happiness and joy welled up in him at the knowledge that she was hugging him. It had after all been a while since last time. Hugging her back he nuzzled with her hair while breathing in her scent. Marveling at the feeling he silently wished time would stop and that the moment would never end.

Michele smiled at the scene before her from her seat on the smaller sofa. Sebastian did as well while he poured some tea into Michele's teacup, having noticed that her cup was empty. "It's nice to see them not bickering again," they muttered to each other.

"Then let's give you a birthday," Eclaire spoke in a low, soft voice.

"Really?" Destin beamed.

Eclaire nodded, "Your birthday will be the day when I found you."

Two weeks have already gone by… It's been so fast as if in the blink of an eye. Destin has on several occasions tried out the different plans I made on how to make Eclaire fall for him. So far they have all been unsuccessful. He should give up already… Michele was lost in thought as she looked at her bookshelf.

Tracing her right index finger over the different book spines she let out a groan in frustration. All my plans have so far failed. I do admire that poor boy for being so persistent and not giving up… The poor boy got rejected so many times and Sebastian has often been the source of jealousy.

Feeling a headache forming she rubbed her temples in order to soothe the ache and make it go away. The good thing is that no matter how many times he tries, it doesn't push her away. But it doesn't exactly push him much closer either… The poor boy is probably used to it by now for a really long time already.

Fixing her eyes on a book she took it out and opened it. Taking out the item placed inside she put it in front of herself on the bookshelf. After staring at it for some minutes she made up her mind. So far she only blushes, gets irritated or angry, hugs him or smiles. At this rate my plan will never succeed. I have to give him this… It's a good thing I made this emergency thing two weeks ago.

With a determined look on her face she picked up the item and held it in her hand while she picked up the book. Opening the book she placed the item inside to hide it from others. If I forget to hide it I might get in trouble. I can't take any chances on that no one will find it. Closing the book and placing it back in its place her eyes drifted to the news paper on the table.

Looking at the headlines her eyes widened in shock. Grabbing it she quickly skimmed through one of the articles before running out of the room. Maybe I don't need that thing after all.

The sound of footsteps rapidly approaching could be heard in the silent room. Exchanging confused looks Eclaire and Sebastian braced themselves for whatever was about to happen.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Sebastian said in a low voice.

"Me too…"

"Why?" Destin asked but didn't get an answer as Michele barged into the room.

"Everyone, we have a problem" she yelled. Trying to catch her breath she just stood there for a few seconds before handing over a news paper to Eclaire.

Giving her friend a confused look she took the news paper and looked at it. Less than 5 seconds later the news paper had dropped out of her hands, her eyes wide open and mouth slightly agape.

A look of worry spread on Sebastian's face immediately. He put his hands on both her shoulders, "Master, what's wrong?" while lightly shaking her.

"Someone has written an article saying that I am to be married?" Eclaire muttered out in outmost shock, more like a question than a statement.

"What?!" Destin piped up.

The others ignored him for the time being trying to pull Eclaire out of her shock.

"Look at the bottom, it's that guy who wrote it too," Eclaire pointed to a name written at the end, still in shock.

Michele and Sebastian looked to where Eclaire's finger was pointing, and Michele's eyes widened as it dawned upon her who she was talking about. "That guy…!" she hissed.

"The nerve! How dare he?" Sebastian growled.

"Who is he?" Destin tried again.

Eclaire pulled herself out of it and looked at Destin, "You mean the guy I'm supposed to be married to or the one who wrote it?"

"Uh…" Destin had to stop for a second to think, "The one who wrote it"

"It's this guy Miss de Leroy had a crush on when she was younger," Sebastian informed.

"I'm still ashamed that I dated that guy…" Michele said in a low voice.

So her last name is de Leroy? Destin thought, I wonder what Eclaire's last name is…

"However, he wasn't faithful- -"

Sebastian cut Eclaire off, "And Eclaire, being the faithful friend she is, taught him a lesson," he beamed proudly.

This caught Destin's interest, "What did you do?"

"I just made it clear for him that such behavior is unacceptable and that he was a creep," she shrugged.

"Right…" Michele and Sebastian muttered slowly in unison with a long 'i', a hint of sarcasm in their voices.


"Well, Eclaire hit him in the face" Michele explained with a big smile as she recalled the events of that day. "I know violence in a woman is not an attractive quality but this one time is surely an exception."

Sebastian chuckled, "That's right. As the gracious lady she is, instead of slapping him across the face, she punched him- -"

"In the nose!" Michele burst out laughing.

Destin only formed a soundless 'o' in understanding as he looked at Eclaire with admiration.

"Sadly, she didn't break his nose"

"But she did bruise his ego!"

"Yes, good times, good times…" Eclaire said thoughtfully. "However, back to the problem at hand here."

"Right. I will write a letter to the paper demanding them to write a new article saying that the article they wrote is wrong," Sebastian announced.

Michele shook her head, "I don't think that will do…"

"She's right. They will demand to hear about it from the people involved," Eclaire stated.

"Then make that guy they say you're going to marry tell them that it's not right," Destin tried to help.

Eclaire and Michele gave him a sad smile, "That will be harder than you think," Michele said, "It's not that easy," Eclaire replied, both at the same time.

Destin cocked his head to the side, "Why? It's the truth."

"Eclaire holds a high status and title among our people..."

"Oh…The thought that they might get that themselves is more important than telling the truth," Destin said in a low voice as Michele's words dawned on him.

The others just nodded.

Eclaire sighed. Closing her eyes she brought up her hand up to her face and pinched the bridge of her nose as she often did when she was annoyed. It seems like I have no other choice…

Standing up she cleared her throat, "It seems I just have to go visit that little brat myself."

A small smile crept on Michele's lips. Finally, she thought.

"Master, you can't! Who knows what will happen when you set foot there? They might prevent you from leaving," Sebastian panicked.

Destin looked alarmed and ran in front of Eclaire with his arms spread out; trying to stop her from taking any step further. "Don't go back, don't leave me," he pleaded.

Eclaire's face softened and she bent down in front of him. "Don't worry, I will come back. It's just a short visit, I'll be back in an hour or so," she assured him.

Destin shook his head in disapproval, "No, you don't know what will happen. What if Sebastian is right? What if they make you stay and never come back?"

"At least take me with you," Sebastian pleaded.

"Me too!"

Eclaire just looked at them. Silently counting to 10 she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples in order to get rid of the building headache. Opening her eyes she was met by two pairs of pleading eyes. Groaning she looked away before returning her gaze at them, their pleading looks still there. Knowing she would regret it she took a deep breath before muttering in a low voice, "Fine…"

Michele had just silently stood by watching these new turn of events. She wasn't very happy about it but if Sebastian went with her then it would be easier for her to stay. No way that they would easily make Eclaire stay against her will if Sebastian wasn't with her. The young boy, Destin, was another matter. He could mean problems. A human in their world would not go unnoticed; he would be in great danger. Biting the nail on her left thumb she tried to think of a plan. It seems like I have to use that emergency thing after all…

Destin walked into the room, "You asked for me?"

"Yes, please close the door," Michele said.

Turning around Destin closed the door shut gently before turning around to face Michele. Neither said a word and just stared at each other.

Taking a deep breath Michele cleared her throat. "Destin, you can't go back with Eclaire and Sebastian," she said.

Taken by surprise, "What? Why not?" he asked.

"It's not safe for a young boy as yourself, a human even," she explained.

"But what if she doesn't return?"

"Have more faith in her," she said in a soft voice.

Folding his arms over his chest, "But I want to go."

Michele sighed, "I knew you were going to say that." She looked at him before walking over to the bookshelf and picked up a book. Opening it she took out the item she had placed in there, a small bottle.

He looked at it. The bottle was only a few inches tall and made of purple glass. Inside it looked like there was some form of liquid that was either clear or purple. "What's that?" he asked.

"This is something that will help you when going with them."


"Yes, really. It will also help you make her love you."

This caught Destin's attention straight away and he grabbed the little bottle she offered him. He eyed it warily before looking at her, "Are you sure?"

She nodded, "I am sure. This past week you haven't succeeded in making her return your feelings. That potion there will help you."

"What does it do? What will happen?" he asked a little skeptical still staring at the mystical liquid.

She gave him a reassuring smile, "Nothing bad will happen, don't worry. " She paused, thinking, bringing her right index finger to her right cheek, "A love potion will also work…" she trialed off, "But then you know her feelings won't be true." She paused to look at him, "This isn't one."

Destin looked at her and then at the little bottle in his hand before looking back at her again. "Then what is it?"

Staying silent for dramatic effect Michele gave him a small cryptic smile. "This is your only chance to succeed."

Making up his mind he slowly opened the little bottle and just stared at it for some more seconds. If this will make her love me back then there is no need to hesitate, he thought as he closed his eyes and drank the unknown liquid in one gulp.

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