I opened my eyes and saw that Samara's arms were still around me. She was the only one I would fully trust to be by my side in this war against The Net and its Machines. Getting up slowly I looked out the window and saw that the end hadn't happened yet and the birds were singing a merry tune.

I started to hum a pop song and decided to go downstairs to make breakfast for us. Karma, the secret organization against The Net, had teamed me up with Samara and we had quickly become lovers. Something about being comrades was the reason I had found for becoming so close. Seeing my Mickey Mouse waffle maker I decided I'd use it.

"You're using that piece of crap again, Naz." Samara said and I smiled. My full name is Nazilla but most people consider that a mouthful.

"Yes, your girlfriend is being young again." I said and cooked us some waffles.

She sat at the table when I had both of our waffles ready. "You know if an Elemental came here they would reconsider you being part of Karma." She said and took a bite.

"Yeah, the highest people in Karma would really visit here. Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire would all come here." I replied. "Why don't you try and find a Machine with a soul?"

"If I do that the war might be over very soon." She said and we both nodded.

After we finished eating we got out maps and plans. We spent over an hour figuring things out.

"So what is this death wish about?" I asked.

"We're attacking a small The Net outpost. It isn't too big, but sources say it's part of a new testing facility for The Net." Samara said.

"Yeah, but why us?" I asked. "I know at least one other team that's closer to that location than us."

"The other team is probably doing something more important and I think they've had a kid."

Nodding I looked at the map. "Maybe after this is all over we can adopt."

Samara smiled and we kissed. After that touching moment I got ready quickly. The elation I felt from her made me know I could fight anything when she was around. The Net would go down and then we would be together until we died of natural causes. Dying of natural causes was something anyone in Karma wanted.

"So who's driving?" I asked.

"Me." Samara said.

"Come on, with a few drinks I'm sure you'll sober up to the idea of me driving."

"You buy after the fight."

"You're on." I smiled and got into passenger side of the car. "Netty and its Machines are going down!"