You are my friend. It seems impossible I know. We hated each other. There was a time when we wouldn't have been ashamed to call each other 'arch enemies'. There was a time when all I ever heard you say was " here come the water works, again." Because I couldn't stand up to you anymore. "What had I ever done to you? Why did you find entertainment in my pain?" These were the words that passed through my head every night, while the tears rolled down my cheeks. That was the hardest year of my life.

"Those pants make you look fat, oh wait, you ARE fat."

"Don't where a bra, I doesn't suit you."

"If you tell the truth, I will hurt you."

"Esta stupido toilet."

Thats what I heard from you for that year. And yet after that year I grew stronger. Two of you moved away, and I moved on. I told the truth, unafraid of the hurt, and inevitably, I became your friend. Our friendship grew from that, we were best friends. I knew your secrets you knew mine. Then... you moved away.

I'm not even sure you know me anymore.