Catherine Willows: (Outraged) "What do you mean an allowance!? I'm the one who is getting married and by this month I will have conceived your first grandchild!"

Garth Willows: "Your sister was getting married before you, but you ended that before your sister said "I do."

Catherine Willows: "It never would have worked between them father! Eva is unfit to be called a woman much less a wife, no man will take her because of the way she is."

Garth Willows: "Catherine! You will not mock your sister after what you have done; do you obviously think that I would just give you everything because you have Rolf?

Catherine, I would soon hang myself then to entrust our family legacy to you; Eva is a strong woman, and if you were not my daughter I would have let her kill you the month before."

Catherine Willows: "How can you say that? I have been a good daughter and have done what I am supposed to as a woman!"

Eva looked into the study and saw that Catherine and her father were having a dispute over the estate of Willow Manor. Rolf sat in one of Garth's chairs, holding his head with a very sour look on his face as his wife to be and father-in-law, argued over her inheritance. Garth Willows had apparently thought long and hard as to what his

daughters would receive from him once he passed on. He would give Catherine an allowance every month for twenty years, and for Eva he would give her the manor, the

land and the rest of his profits that he had gained throughout the years. Garth was no idiot and he had proven this many times in his life; Garth Willows had won and lost many things during his youth, and he knew that his body was too tired to carry on for very long.

Garth knew that he had done wrong by Eva, and was hoping to make everything up to her, but he was not sure as to when she would ever return home.

Eva Willows: (Opens door) "Father?"

Garth Willows: "Eva!? Oh my God your alright! Don't you ever do that again, do you have any idea how worried I was!? Eva, who is that?"

Eva gave Grim's hand a slight tug as she began to introduce him to her father.

Eva Willows: "This is Grim, father; he is going to be my husband."

Catherine Willows: "Hah, you wish to give everything you have to her and she brings home a beast! Oh this rich, just perfect; I wonder what everyone is going to say when they hear of this!"

Eva Willows: (Calm) "Catherine, I'm not angry with you anymore nor am I angry with Rolf. You two can have each other; I found the one that I am supposed to be with

and it is Grim. One more thing Catherine; if you call him a beast again I will tear your heart from its rib cage."

Rolf Fredrickson: "Wait! Eva, are you really going to take him as your husband?"

Eva Willows: "Yes Rolf, I am going to be his wife and he is going to be my husband."

Rolf Fredrickson: "Humph, I always knew that there was something wrong with you, and now this just proves it; you'd rather be with an unholy beast instead of a real man."

At that moment Grim tackled Rolf to the ground and put his jaws around his neck, holding it tightly enough to block his windpipe. Catherine screamed from fright and Garth went for his rifle, but before he could shoot Eva spoke.

Eva Willows: "Rolf, I wish you no ill will for what you have done to me; I hope you live long and stay happy with my sister. Grim, let him go it's not worth it anymore."

Grim: (Unlocks jaws) "As you wish my mate."

Rolf Fredrickson: (Gasping for air) "You are mad, the both of you are mad!"

Garth Willows: "Rolf! Not another word out of you! Eva, please don't go dearest; I'm giving you everything that I have and I don't care if you choose him as your significant other. I want to see you have children and be happy."

Eva Willows: "I will be happy, but I cannot stay here anymore; I love you and I will come back to check on you, that I can promise you father."

Garth Willows: "You young man, promise to take care of my beautiful daughter."

Grim: "I promise as long as she'll have me."

Catherine: "I can't believe your actually agreeing to this atrocity; sister dear you're going to Hell for what you're doing."

Eva Willows: "Than I guess that means you'll be joining me, right Catherine?"

Not one word left Catherine's mouth; she couldn't believe that Eva stood there so calmly and without any signs of anger. Eva made her way towards the door with

Grim in toe, not even looking back once to see her father's face or to even see Catherine's and Rolf's reaction to the whole situation. No regrets, not one even crossed

Eva's mind; she looked at Grim as he followed her on the right. Grim had the look of concern and was unsure as how to break the mood.

Eva Willows: "Don't look so down Grim, I'm not angry or sad as I was before; I feel so happy that I could die in peace."

Eva smiled warmly at Grim; something that she was not able to do since Rolf had broken her heart. Grim began to feel puzzled when Eva began to cup his face with her hands, look into his eyes, and gently kiss him. Grim was shocked by this reaction; he didn't expect such a passionate response, at least not right away.

Grim: (BLUSH) "Ummm…..I take it your not mad?"

Eva Willows: "No, no I'm not; I have mourned for too long awaiting my death to come take me away, and now I have something to look forward to in life, it's you."

Grim: "Do you mean that? Do you truly love me as I love you? I'm not just some beast who is crazy for choosing a human to be my wife?"

Eva Willows: (Smile) "I love you Grim; if I have to tell you that everyday for the rest of our lives, than so be it. You were right to come looking for me, if you hadn't I might have done something foolish, and for that I love so much."

Grim: "Heh Heh Heh, well my dearest let us go home, together."

And so it was that Eva Willows had found what she had long thought was gone; it is said that Eva did return to Willow Manor as she had promised her father, but she didn't appear in human form. As the story goes Eva only appeared as a white wolf with

black ears, but despite her new look Garth Willows openly and lovingly accepted his daughter as she had presented herself. Garth Willows lived long enough to see his first

grand-children, although most would say that he looked like a child playing with a new litter of pups. Catherine and Rolf did get married, but had no children of their own; rumor had it that their first child never made it into the world alive. Catherine conceived ten times and was unable to become a mother; Rolf was severally injured in a fire and was burned on half of his face, because of this Catherine lost interest and began to find comfort in other men.

Rolf eventually killed himself at the age of twenty-seven after realizing what he had given up when he had Eva; he was found hanging in his office with a note to Eva saying, "I'm sorry." As for Catherine, she ended up in a mental hospital after catching a sever case of syphilis, she remained there for eight years until she fell out of the thirteenth story window, plummeting to her death. Legend has it that they still haunt Willow Manor, but will not come out when there are any wolves prowling around. It is believed that the wolves are Eva and Grim's descendents protecting anyone who spends the night in Willow Manor. So this how the story ends and not a word more; Catherine took Rolf and paid greatly for her sin, and Eva Willows found her true love, the beast named Grim.