Tim O. Fletcher / Saint Helena's Circus 14

Chapter Ten

Day of the senior Prom
Day of Operation Push

I woke, dressed and went to school as though it were a normal day. I knew that I more than likely wouldn't see John, or any seniors for that matter, at school today as they would either spend the day going from beauty appointment to beauty appointment (Tara) or spend a well earned day in bed before the evenings circus (John.)

The actual day went quickly, I watched the clock as though it was a creature of myth and Jen and I snickered a bit every time we saw each other. We also made sure to only call each other by our code names, we felt like spies – it was awesome. Other than that school was mostly average, in class the teachers didn't make us do any work as most students had taken the day off so instead we made shitty Christmas decorations and sang carols. I was grateful for the fact that the day was relaxing because I knew, come nightfall, my heart would probably be thundering in my chest for hours without rest.

After school I raced home feeling both exhilarated and like I was about to crap my pants. I turned my music up loud as I started preparations for that night. I found my recently dry-cleaned outfit, my best shoes and sat them on my bed.

I knew the Prom started at 6:30pm however, arrivals were from five o'clock so at 4:30pm I went to my window to see if I could see John. His blinds were open and I could see him getting ready, he had his trousers on but was still shirtless as he searched around his room for something. I waved my arms trying to get his attention, it took a while but eventually he noticed and came to his window.

'U GOING 2NITE?' He asked me.

He really couldn't remember that I was a grade below him, could he?


As I was expecting a look of realization crossed his face.

'SORRY I ALWAYS 4GET' He replied before quickly scribbling another note,


I saw him smile at that.



He smiled and waved before letting his blinds down. I could see him standing behind them for a little longer, it looked as though he was writing in his notepad but that didn't make any sense.

I went to my desk and started writing a letter, part of Operation Push and folded it neatly when I was finished. I picked up my notepad, wrote one big message and left it on my bed next to the Tuxedo my Father wore on his wedding day.

At 6:00pm I jumped in the shower and started my own readying process, I'd planned to get to the venue around 8 o'clock.

I was ready at 7:30pm, just pacing nervously in the living room waiting for the taxi to show up. I had the two notes in my pocket and I could feel them with every movement, like they were trying to burn their way through my clothes.

A few minutes passed and I heard a beep from outside, I took a deep breath in an attempt to calm myself before locking the front door and walking briskly to the waiting cab. It was a bloody cold night and I was glad the driver had the heat blasting, as I couldn't wear a proper coat over my Tux.

"Where to?" I was asked.

"The town hall please"

The Town Hall wasn't usually the place that the senior Prom was held, however, this year it seemed every decent hotel with a function room within an acceptable radius was already booked by the time the school had gotten around to organizing the event. It wasn't a terrible choice though, the building was very old but in great condition. The exterior had the look of a small castle, complete with bell tower and the interior was beautifully decorated in 19th century style. The only downfall of the venue was the fact that there was only a very basic kitchen so catering had to be outsourced.

At 7:55pm I found myself standing outside the service entrance to the kitchen of the Town Hall. I was trying to keep myself from view as the event had a surprising amount of security. I had texted Jen from the cab telling her I was there.

God, I hoped she got the message soon; my balls were about to freeze off.

I saw the handle of the door turn quietly followed by Jen's head sticking out.

"Cinderella" she called.

"Here, Pumpkin" I said as I stepped out of my hiding place behind the restaurant's van.

"Come on, hurry up before my Dad comes back!"

I rushed through the door into the blissful heat of the hall. Jen handed me an apron to wear as a disguise until she could get me to a spot where I wouldn't be seen by any of the kitchen staff.

She led me away from the kitchen to a disused room at the back of the building.

"You can take that thing off now," she said, indicating towards the apron.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

I gulped, and shook my head. "Not in the slightest. But I'm already here, might as well make a fool out of myself"

She smiled, "Ok, right they are still only serving drinks now, dinner is very soon so if you want me to get that note to him, now would be the time."

"Right" I said as I reached into my suit pocket and pulled out the folded note I'd written earlier.

She took it from my hand and was about to leave before I realized she'd forgotten to give me something.



"Do you have the mask?"

"Oh silly me!" She said as she blushed with embarrassment. She pulled out a beautiful but simple black and silver masquerade mask from her apron and handed it to me.

"Thank you, so much for this." I took a deep breath and laughed, "I honestly couldn't be gladder that Tara insisted there be a masquerade theme on top of winter wonderland this year!"

Jen giggled with me before saying, "I'd best get back before someone notices I'm gone. Good luck Cinderella. Remember to wait about a minute before following me and pause at the entrance to the main room until I give him the note. No one should bother you there, you'll just look like a student trying to get some air"

"Ok, wow. I can't believe I'm doing this"

I really couldn't. I was so panicky; it felt as if my brain function was on standby.

I can do this; I can do this, I. Can. Do. This!

Seriously, what was the worst that could happen?

He could probably knock me out with one punch…

No more time left to panic, it was time to move. I made my way out of the small dusty room and down the empty corridor into the kitchen. I rushed through; trying to stay out of the way of all the staff then swung opened the saloon style door and stood against the wall just beside it. My heart was beating incredibly fast, my entire body was shaking and I was breathing too much, too fast and already feeling light headed.

I saw Jen move from the drinks table across the floor with what looked like a glass of coke on her tray. I looked around for John; he was standing in a group of his football friends engaged in what looked to be a very relaxed conversation.

I suddenly wondered if nothing more would come out of tonight than him hating me for doing this at his Prom?

He was dressed in a beautiful and very expensive looking suit with a lovely satin blue dress shirt that clung to his body. He, unlike quite a few of the students, still had his mask on. It was black and trimmed with the same blue of his shirt, obviously Tara's influence.

Jen was only feet away from him now as she moved through the crowd of celebrating seniors. I had to fight the urge to close my eyes as I saw her approach John.

"Excuse me," She said loudly.

"Yes?" At first it was obvious he didn't recognize her.

"Here is the drink you ordered"

At this point he must have remembered her as being one of my friends because he didn't object to receiving a drink he never requested.

He nodded as she carefully handed him the glass. I didn't see the note going into his palm first, but I knew it was there.

"Thank you" he said quietly before shifting the sweating beverage into his left hand and casually putting his right hand into his pocket.

He pardoned himself from his group and strolled over to a table where he put his drink down then retrieved the note from his pocket. As he opened it, I moved from my place against the wall and slowly made my way towards John as he started to read my words.


To begin with I wanted to say hello and that I hope you're having a lovely evening so far. Also, I know I told you I wouldn't be here tonight, but that wasn't exactly the truth. However, let me explain some things to you first.

This is very difficult to write, as I have no idea how to say what I want you to know. I suppose I'll just try and if it sounds a little awkward, please forgive me, I'm a bit jittery about the whole thing.

I want you to know that you are wonderful, in every possible way. You're astonishingly gorgeous, good at everything and even though you are a bit self-important you're still a sincere person. I know our 'whatever-you'd-call-it' has been a bit weird and confusing for you (and for me too!) but I want you to know that I do understand your reasons for acting the way you have in the past. However, I think it's time you grew a set. You're a man now; you don't have to answer to anybody – especially not to a Father who isn't worth your time.

I'm begging you to consider your future and think about whether you're always going to be afraid of him, afraid of who you are and always hiding or are you going to follow your heart for once instead of trying to please everyone around you?

If you decide the latter please know I'll always be there for you in whatever capacity is it you need me. If you go with the first option, this'll probably be the end of our friendship as I'll more than likely have to move schools because I'm not particularly fond of public humiliation.

You know that I like you, you know that you make me hot all over, you know that I think you're one of the greatest guys on the planet but the one thing you don't know is that..


I saw his head snap upwards, his eyes meeting mine for and instant through our respective masks before he looked at my hands and the sign I was holding.


His eyes bulged as he looked around the room. There were a few people watching me, as I'd been standing there for a few minutes holding that sign but most of the students were still oblivious to our situation.

His breathing started becoming rapid as he stood up. From behind him one obnoxious girl had finally understood what was going on and screamed out "OH MY GOD" loud enough for the entire room to hear. The quickly followed stunned silence was deafening as I waited for a reaction from John.

The previous outburst had garnered more attention on John and I, and I could tell he was panicking inside. But what would he do? Would he punch me, call me a faggot then laugh about it with his friends or would he stop playing games with himself, and me, and be a man?

By now almost everyone in the room was watching our Mexican standoff. John stood rigid, his eyes flicking between my own and the sign in my hands.

Suddenly Tara pushed her way through the crowd and stood next to John.

"What the hell is going on?" She yelled.

Neither of us said anything, it seemed John was still deliberating on what to do and I didn't dare to interrupt.

Tara leant closer to John and moved to put her hand on his shoulder when he whipped his head around to glare at her.

"Don't touch me"

Wow, harsh.

He smiled broadly and I'm pretty sure everyone in the room, including me, thought he'd lost it.

"Tara, honey, I have something to tell you."

She looked nervous; I almost cracked a vindictive smile.

"I hate you, you're a raging bitch and the only reason I continued to date you was to make my Father happy."

She looked completely taken aback and as though she was about to cry.

John reached into the inside of his jacket and pulled out a piece of notepaper. He looked at me and smiled as he unfolded it and held it up.


No. Fucking. Way.

He dropped the paper on the table behind him and rushed up to me and pulled me into his arms. I suddenly felt all the tension and fear I'd been harboring leave my body.

The crowd of seniors started cat-calling us as John brought his still quivering lips to mine and kissed me with intensity.

After he let me go, my knees a little weaker than before, he climbed atop the nearest table and cleared his throat.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, if I could have your attention please." He paused as he waited for the surprised murmurings to quiet.

"My name is John Stevenson. I am your Senior Class President and I am your football Captain. As my position requires, tonight I am supposed to give you a speech about encouragement, perseverance and the future. However, I have" he coughed slightly, "very recently come to realize something and I would like you all to know. I'm gay, which you probably guessed from my display a few moments ago. I would also like to remind you that if any of you have a problem with it, please remember that I can and will kick your ass if the need arises."

At this point a few of John's' football friends were whooping and hollering from the back of the crowd. He had their support at least.

He grinned broadly towards his friends and continued, "Now, I suppose I should do my job and give you some kind of proper speech. Ok here's what I have to say – Don't be afraid to be who you are, be good to your Mothers and FUCK ACACIA COLLEGE!"

By the sounds of cheering coming from the crowd I think John had quickly won the positive opinions of everyone in his grade.

"Settle down!" he called, trying to regain their attention, "I'd now like to thank the teachers for helping organize tonight, I'd like to God for helping me to finally get to this point in High School and I'd like to thank Tyler Evans for being the best and most patient friend I could possibly imagine."

I started blushing outrageously at the mention of my name. I was suddenly very glad almost no one here knew who I was.

"Ok, that's about all I have to say. I hope you have a good night without me, because I suddenly have somewhere else I have to be." He finished as he jumped off the table, grabbed my hand and started running out of the hall.

"John! Stop! What are you doing?"

"I'm skipping my Prom Tyler."


"Because I've been so stupid, from the very first time we spoke."

"What do you mean?"

"I love you Tyler. LOVE you. And I've been absolutely crazy about you since the first few times we conversed through our windows. I'm sorry I've been such a total jerk and I want to make it up to you. Please let me take you out on our first proper date?"

"No," I said.

The look on his face was priceless.

"I ambushed you, I outted you in front of the school. The least I can do is take you out for dinner!"

He grinned at me, I smirked back. Suddenly I realized I was allowed to kiss him whenever I wanted and that's exactly what I did.

For five minutes we stood making out at the entrance of the building. We parted only when we were both completely out of breath.

"Come on, we'd better get out of here before I tear your clothes off in the fucking Town Hall" John said, panting in my ear.

We ran outside and hailed the next passing taxi. Unspoken, we made the decision to forgo the date for now and told the driver to take us back to my house. The whole ride home we couldn't resist touching and kissing each other in the back seat. I felt a little sorry for the cabby, must have been a little awkward for the poor guy.

We reached my house, paid the driver and jumped out.

"Wait, is your Mom home?" John asked in a worried tone.

"No, she's at work tonight"

"Thank God, cause' I'm not planning on sleeping for a while" he said with a wink.

I opened the door and we both raced upstairs to my bedroom. I left the main light off and just turned my bedside lamp on.

John started undressing himself when I told him to stop.

"Why?" he asked, confused.

"Let's not rush it," I said as I slowly started undoing the buttons of his shirt. I next loosened his tie. Soon both items joined his discarded jacket on the floor.

"I'm nervous," I admitted.

"So am I" he replied in a husky tone, "We don't have to do anything you don't want to, Tyler. You're completely in control."

I smirked and bit my lip, "I'm not sure I want to be in control"

John's eyes grew darker as he breathed out a moan.

"God, the things I want to do to you…"

"I want to do the too, it's just… we're both virgins, shouldn't there be candles or something?"

John let out a long laugh and picked me up by my hips. I wrapped my legs around him as his lips once again found my own.

As though he'd forgotten, John suddenly realized I was still fully clothed and dropped me back to my feet.

"You should be naked by now" he whispered to me.

I was more than happy to oblige, I was so horny by this point that the Tux was in danger of ruin.

I undressed quickly; John devouring every new patch of skin that was revealed. Soon, I was in only my boxers, refusing to go any further until he joined me in my near naked state.

"Now you" I suggested.

He quickly complied and I stood in awe of his body as he found my desk chair and sat down.

"What are you doing?" I asked, confused.

"Oh, nothing, just I believe you owe me a show…"


"You can't be serious. Now that we've finally gotten it together, you want me to jerk off? Like I haven't been doing enough of that the last few months"

"I'm completely serious, it's not my fault you were a little pervert and filmed me. It's only fair that I get to watch you in return."

I couldn't believe him. I would seriously not even question anything sexualhe suggested right now as long as it involved both of us. But no…

"I don't know, I mean, it's a bit weird doing it with someone watching…" I said, trying to stall.

"I know, imagine being filmed at the same time," he said wirily.

I sighed in defeat, might as well just do it.

I closed my eyes then slowly pulled my boxer shorts down. I heard John's sharp intake of breath as I kicked them away from me. I opened my eyes again and moved to lay on my bed, my knees spread wide. Slowly I started touching myself, gripping softly at first – didn't want the show to be over too soon after all.

A few minutes in I was so hard it was painful, I was stroking at a fast and steady pace. Up and down, tease the head. I was panting; my breath coming out in moans and gasps. I could see John stroking himself through his underwear and I wondered why he didn't just give up and come join me on the bed.

I was getting really close as I reached into the drawer beside my bed and pulled out a tube of lubricant. Stopping only long enough to uncap and pour a little into my hand, I almost lost it as the cool slick liquid came in contact with the heat of my cock. With my right hand still working me up and down, my left started an adventure downwards. I'd never actually done that to myself before and I was a little apprehensive but I knew how it made me feel when I saw John fingering himself so I thought it was time to expand my boundaries, especially if John and I were going to start becoming more…intimate.

My fingers reached down past my balls and at first just my index finger wiggled its way inside.

That's different…

John's eyes were glued to those fingers, watching them in jealousy as his breathing became ragged with desire.

"Come over here" he ordered.

I complied, moving off the bed and straddling his legs without removing my hand from my cock. It was a bit harder to work my fingers in from this position but I managed it and soon I was rocking back and forth pleasuring myself twofold as John rutted against me, still in his underwear.

My rhythm was becoming jagged as I got closer and closer. I shut my eyes, feeling my orgasm coming and after two more pumps of my hand I bit down hard on John's shoulder to stop myself from screaming as I came all over his chest.

I suddenly felt more embarrassed than I had before in my life. I started to climb off John's lap, not meeting his eyes when he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me in for a bruising kiss.

"That was so hot, you have no idea," he whispered.

All of a sudden his whole demeanor changed, he went rigid and pushed me off him. I fell to my knees and tried to stand up but he kept pushing me back down.

"Stay there" he commanded, his tone sent a shiver of want down my spine.

John was wielding physical dominance over me and fuck, it was sexy. He took off his underwear quickly and stepped towards me. His cock was now only inches from my mouth.

"Do it." He ordered. I stared at the bobbing organ in front of me. It was big - long and thick. How was I supposed to suck that thing without gagging?

Regardless, John was getting restless so I licked my lips and leaned forward. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, taking in the head then more and more until I had as much as I could fit in my mouth without gagging.

I pulled back, swirling my tongue as I did and quickly plunged back down. John let out a satisfied moan so I figured I was doing something right.

I experimented a little more with my mouth and tongue before John couldn't hold himself back any longer; he gripped my hair and started pumping himself forcefully in and out of my mouth.

I gagged several times as he fucked my mouth but that just seemed to turn him on even more. He was getting rougher as he got closer, my lips were already swollen and there was pre-come mixed with saliva saturating my hand as I tried to pump him at the same time. He thrust his hips faster and faster until he came with a very loud groan and I felt my mouth fill with a thick, salty liquid. The taste wasn't entirely unpleasant, just strange.

After he came back down from his orgasmic high, he fell onto my bed and beckoned me to join him.

"Wow," was all he said.

My sentiments exactly…


He seemed to be falling asleep as he pulled me flush against his body. He leaned to my ear and whispered, "I love you, Tyler" before drifting off.

"I love you too," I said back before moving John around so he was on the bed properly. I then went and grabbed a hot washcloth and wiped us both down so we were no longer covered in dried cum.

I maneuvered us both under my duvet, turned off the bedside lamp and wrapped myself in John's heavy muscular arms. Before I drifted off, I gazed at John's sleeping form; he had a content smile on his beautiful lips and looked as peaceful as I'd ever seen him. I was so glad we were, at long last, together and freaking relieved that the circus we'd been performing for each other over the last few months was finally finishing its act.

The End

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