Leanne looked at Nadine and gave a cruel smile when her ex boyfriend Quazar walked in.

"There is your girlfriend."

Quazar gave a small sad smile and said "She is not my girlfriend anymore.'

Nadine felt her heart shatter again it was worse than it had when they split. She felt tears burn in her pale blue eyes. He walked out after he had gotten his Art Book. Leanne shouted after him

"Then you must get another girlfriend just better than her."

Nadine took off her glasses and laid her head on her arms and started to cry. Leanne just laughed when she saw Nadine crying.

Leanne just laughed harder when Nadine stood up tears and anger burning in her eyes. Nadine ripped off the pale blue band that she wore and threw it and Leanne then she showed Leanne her cuts and scars.

"Thanks for adding another line Leanne." She spat and walked out.

Nadine felt in pocket and took out her iPod and she put in her earphones and listned to Lost It All by Black Veil Brides. she headed to the pale blue bathroom. She gripped the knife that she had in her black boot. She opened all the taps. And watched as all of the water flowed on the floor. Nadine held the knife that was her best friend. She stared at her arms all the words that people had said to her over the years. She drew a line on her skin. She stabbed and hacked at her arm. Blood was flowing she began to feel faint from blood loss. She gripped the knife again and drew it over her arms deep enough that it was fatal.

Leanne was the one that found her with a note next to her.

It read

Thank you for the words you said they drove me the scars you see on my stomach and arms.

You did that I hope you burn n hell. You drove me to the edge all of you. First you took my best friend now you have taken me murderers.

Leanne screamed. Blood covered he floor and Nadines dead eyes looked up at her with reproach in her eyes.